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I think there is need to do something with the way we are changing our team.

Lets talk about me. Lets say I have 50 zoruas and only 2 of them dont have 100lv. 

I want to change my team to exp them but its sooo hard to find them while changing team ..

I would like to rework completly the way we are changing team to be able sort all pokemons and find this low exp ones or something.

The other way it could be done maybe is to add option 'Add to your team' in 'View all your pokemon' and after that you would just choose slot were you want to have this pokemon in team for exemple.

It is really annoying and takes a lot of time now while trying to exp pokemons. Finding them takes like 3-5x more time and exping them so.

Would it be possible to do something with this?

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