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I have an idea of "name changes" that I think many people have problems with names they use now like typos, strange names, retarded names, or their own names lol. (btw I've got that typo one xD)
This is the idea I have.
- in each account has an option "first name change will cost free" and then if you want to change your name again then you have to pay some money.
- the amount of money I recommend is "10 million". yes it's 10 milion :')
- for the third use and more will be enforced "cost increase"
my first change will be cost free, my 2nd change will cost 10 mil, the 3rd change will cost 11 million, the 4th change will cost 12 million, and so on.
(or free, 10 mil, 15 mil, 20 mil, etc. to prevent people changes their name multiple time)



(sorry for my English, bcs it's not my native language)

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