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    and how did you get the code from me? nice try
  2. Got scammed when this guy asked to trade for mystic cosmog code. Unfortunately the guy was really quick in deleting his direct messages before I could take a screenshot so I can only show that I was the one who got the code and he was the one who redeemed it. He used the discord name cooltrainer. The times shown in the pictures differ due to the different timezones Here he asks me for a trade: https://imgur.com/gk5NxTL Proof that I was the one who got the code: https://imgur.com/qlgQ8Sz Here is the Vortex bot showing who claimed the code: https://imgur.com/1VqgOoP Hopefully we can put a stop to him scamming others.
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    7 million IGN: xreniteo