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  1. porymon

    Genesect Genesis v1


    Couldve been better. Not against the pokebay idea but couldve also had drives dropping after battles. Genesect blaze isnt that great anyway.
  2. porymon

    Universal Trade/Level up Pokemon

    What are your rates for leveling up pokemon?
  3. porymon

    Resolved Rewards itens Kanto

    The wiki shows all the items that have a chance of dropping. YOu wont get all of them after completing your SQs. If youre unhappy with what yo ugot you can reset your SQs and try again or try your luck in the next SQ region. Thank you and have a nice day.
  4. porymon

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    Hahaha Sneezebro you edited your post. You're disqualified.
  5. porymon

    Idea Achievements Ideas

    An achievement for getting an achievement? Okay.
  6. porymon

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    https://imgur.com/a/Gix29I9 IGN porymon Thanks sneezebro!
  7. Ar-key-us or Ar-see-us?

    Comment down below-

    1. Auke1993


      Originally it was Arceus, but the pronounciation was changed in English-speaking terrotories because 'arse' is not a nice word in British English.
      So for me the official pronounciation is the 1st one.

    2. eurstin



    3. strayaZilas


      first. second one sounds ridiculous to me

  8. Well I disagree. I got my first fist plate within 10 battles however it took me 120 battles to get my second one. If you claim to have done 600+ battles and not have received a fist plate, then you certainly have bad luck. As Auke said if they were easier the arceus form would lose it's value. If the palte were to be received after a certain amount of battles then all the fun would be taken out of it and would make it another version of the previous arceus events which required you to grind on SQs . If you've lost all hope for this event , then I suppose you could wait until Patrick releases them through mystery boxes (Considering there are really few of em by the end of the event and Patrick decides to "fix the trade and auction economy". )
  9. porymon

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    You forgot to add May 13 to ??? Down for maintenance
  10. porymon

    Answered when does maintenance end

  11. porymon

    General want to win $1million?

    porymon So that I can make it rain
  12. porymon

    Resolved Clock not showing

    Removals The now redundant global clock on the in-game notification bar has been removed Its part of the new update. We're in v4.2 now.
  13. porymon

    Giveaway Easter Giveaway

    I posted this even tho I knew the giveaway is over. IGN porymon