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  1. Universal

    I don't think you should be discussing other trades in @Nutella Navigator's trade thread
  2. Experience

  3. Experience

    Nah doesn't sound fair to me make it 400k after +50k
  4. Experience

    So 350k after +50k?
  5. Experience

    EXP service 550k (+50K free = 600k)
  6. Game

    0 : )
  7. Universal

    No thanks
  8. Universal

    Cant add anything more
  9. Universal

    Which event could I get for both of 'em together? @Nutella Navigator
  10. Universal

    Thanks guys! BTW I don't think this thread is a good idea. For example if I say that I got offered an Arceus for my Bidoof ,I post it here and one of the community members says it's an extremely good deal,I try to trade it but the guy whom I'm trading it with reads the post and changes his/her mind since it would result in his/her loss.That way I would be letting a huge opportunity slip out of my hands.Wanted to say this before it actually happened to someone.(Prevention is always better than Cure) Let me know if you guys agree with me.
  11. Universal

    My pokemon Other user's pokemon-
  12. Game

    Suit yourself
  13. Universal

    What If I add dark metallic and shiny kyogre primals? @Nutella Navigator
  14. Universal

    for Shiny Cosmog?
  15. Giveaway

    ENTRIES ARE NOW CLOSED!. Only 8 reps? Come on guys what are we? Mr.Selfish? The winner will be decided by @demonstriker in a few hours. Please be patient and try not to ask unnecessary questions. Good Luck to all of you guys and to @demonstriker for his future.