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  1. porymon

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    Yay Thanks a lot Patrick.
  2. porymon

    Contest Kittykats Giveaway!

    You missed the 24 hr claim window . @Maxie-MagmaPls choose another winner
  3. porymon

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    porymon choose me brah
  4. porymon

    Into The Unown


    The event has been scheduled for the 11th so if he were to surprise us it should start by now.
  5. porymon

    Into The Unown


    Meltan event confirmed
  6. porymon

    Contest Kittykats Giveaway!

    IGN porymon Meltan event obv.
  7. porymon

    Idea Content delete

    You can edit it out or report content if you yourself have double posted. Hope that helps
  8. porymon

    Into The Unown


  9. porymon

    Unanswered Forum account

    Youre not allowed to use multiple accounts here on forums.
  10. porymon

    Into The Unown


    When will the eventpoke be revealed?
  11. porymon

    General Post the Pokémon You'd Never Trade

    Was my first DP which I won thru Loki's giveaway . Also has 2 mil EXP Ive trained. Cuz Its my first OT map event poke. Cuz its a magikarp First leggie . Also my first poke to reach a mil EXP . 2 x Lvl 5. One has Chris_'s OT. The other one has Uncle_Psychic's (senpai's charmander aint going anywhere.) Also part of my Admin/Mod collection is a (LunchBox's OT) , (Priad's OT) ( TheBravoQuadrant ) And a (With Sport's OT)
  12. Deoxys forms to be in MBs in 12 hours. Yay? :/

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    2. eurstin


      Mystery Boxes

    3. waybig


      umm no that kinda ruins its exclusivity

    4. porymon
  13. porymon

    Universal [ShadowConspiracy] Trades

    Got a shiny silvally. Offer?
  14. Am I the only one rooting for another showdown tournament ?

    Comment down if you're up for one too.


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    2. Auke1993


      I've never heard of any of such Tournaments, I don't think.

    3. porymon
    4. porymon


      Oops thats a link to a comment but thats the topic. @Auke1993

  15. porymon

    Into The Unown


    Moved to the 8th of Feb and still unconfirmed? :c