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  1. Still alive mate?

  2. porymon


    So yesterday, I tried to start a few avatar auctions by going-Pokebay > Start Auction>Avatar. When I clicked on the Blaziken avatar, the one I wanted to auction, it ended up auctioning MY PRECIOUS ANORTIH AVATAR which was the first in the list. Im very sure that I clicked on the blaziken avatar cuz it went red..you know the entire option became red. The same happened a few minutes ago when I tried to auction a Blissey avatar but instead auctioned an articuno avatar which was second/became first after the anorith incident. The 2 avatars which I lost were very dear to me which I got after opening A LOT of mystery boxes. (I dont have screenshots of it cuz It didnt occur to me then but you can see both those avatars up for auction and I did curse a bit in the in game chatroom.If you still dont believe me you can try doing the same, hopefully the same will happen) Mods please look into this and compensate for it by giving me dem box promos.
  3. porymon

    Report Haris327 Bribunny Bendoverbabe

    So you do admit you scammed Haris of his money? Nice
  4. porymon

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN porymonz
  5. porymon

    Report Scammed by Kev11

    Well, He gave my pokes back to me after seeing this. So someone please close this now. By the way he still claims that he lost the money from his bank.. Here is the message he sent me - Promo code 9 minutes ago There take your Pokemons back I gave you the promo code and it didn't work I went to the bank and checked it took away £9.58 away from my account and now everyone is saying that I'm a scammer
  6. porymon

    Report Scammed by Kev11

    He was supposed to give me an arceus fairy promo code after I offered the pokes but he ended up giving me a false promo after he received the pokes Here are the screen shots- https://imgur.com/a/KGNSF3l Thanks a lot @EliteCrafters3009 for helping me out. Please look into this Mods and Admins.
  7. porymon

    Events Demon Trade thread

    Ive got ).What would you be willing to offer?
  8. porymon

    Giveaway Cosmog not-ending giveaway

    ign porymon None for the past few ......... months
  9. porymon

    Giveaway final giveaway

    IGN porymon Thanks mate! WHAT IT ENDED ALREADY?
  10. porymon

    Answered How to gain ranks in forums

    "I'M THE ACE TRAINER Y'ALL!!!" The answer to your question is, you have to post a certain number of posts before you can decide your own rank. Not sure what the current number is. Yours truly, THE ACE TRAINER.PEACE.
  11. Missingno.I thought the Ditto bug (where it doesn't transform into the opponent during wild battles) was gonna be fixed with v4's release? Missingno.

    1. Patrick


      Well you thought wrong because it's not a bug. It simply isn't added to wild battles just like status effects.

    2. porymon


      Huh, so is it ever going to be added?

  12. porymon

    Feedback Request To Update Maps........

    @KILLERTRAINZ @KILLERTRAINZ-KING Oh boy You have 2 forum accounts? Pretty sure thats not allowed
  13. porymon


  14. porymon

    Feedback Request To Update Maps........

    All those are from another Pokemon RPG. Pretty sure they have copyrights over it(Or maybe not..I recognize some of those from the Naruto and Zelda games I play on my DS) Also Donor account roles are no longer available to current users.(They were given to all those who donated for Premium Pokes in v3)
  15. porymon

    Resolved Social Profiles Character Limit

    Edit Your Social Profile Enter the end of your social links, not the whole link