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  1. Universal

    Or maybe we shouldn't trade at all since u're too lazy too read the rules and rates.... Have a nice day
  2. Universal

    So clearly you didn't read the rules and rates before posting ,did you? (-_-)
  3. Hi guys!

    Check out my trade thread with some new updates


  4. Events

    for 2/3/4/5/6
  5. Universal

    porymon + + + Unique non shiny donation 5 days
  6. Trading + + + for any non shiny unique donation
  7. Events

    + + + for your any donation?
  8. Trading for donations. PM me if interested
  9. Universal

    Which christmas events could you give tho?
  10. Universal

    For the lileep..yes. But I'm mainly looking for unique cores/partials/pokeballs/fancy or something like that
  11. Looking for 3 or more shiny cosmogs Offering cosplays
  12. Universal

    Offered! Thanks
  13. Universal

    I'm looking for minor events for both of them together. Sure.Where do I offer?
  14. I have been banned from discord chatroom. Why? Is there anything I can do to get myself unbanned? Will I ever be able to play quizzes again?