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    !claim porymonz Haven't received my earlier claim.(Not in a hurry..just wanted to remind you)
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    Mount. Pokemont?
  3. Giveaway

    Redeem porymonz As it controls time and looks cool too
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    !claim porymonz Thanks!
  5. Giveaway

    porymon is the strongest dark type as It controls time and is Psychic as well as dark type.
  6. Universal

    No. Need events for it
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    Offer on UFT on IGN porymondex @TECGAMERS
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    !claim porymonz Thanks for the earlier poke
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    Trading for other donations PM me if interested
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    porymon Arceus (water)
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    porymon 14 I'm addicted to Vortex
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    IGN - porymon Rayquaza mega
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    My promotion event is over. And tag me the next time you wish to trade with me