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  1. IGN porymon One day I pretended to fumble for change in front of a homeless guy. He saw it and smiled. Then I ran away. But technically, I did put a smile on his face.
  2. porymon

    Giveaway Giveaway

    IGN porymon Hope I win this giveaway.
  3. porymon

    Answered Clarification for nicknames

    I tried to nickname my Caperupt as volcanion and it got declined. Dunno why either
  4. inb4 Halloween 2018 is a Togepi (Halloween) claim event rerun.

  5. Meltan x 15 = Meltan(???)Meltan

    1. porymon


      If there were to be a meltan event in game, it should have something to do with catching dittos or all unowns. @Patrick

  6. porymon

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    I have one @chingki123 What is you offer? We could talk in game. IGN porymon
  7. porymon

    Resolved Electric Map Bug

    Correction-It took me to the grass maps.
  8. Finally achieved the perfect battling team.

    Mystic Giratina (Origin)Dark Arceus (Ice)Mystic Hoopa (Unbound)Dark Magearna (Original)Mystic Groudon (Primal)Dark Rotom (Wash)


    All with my OT too.

    Now nobady cahn defeat the gang leedah.

  9. image_11.png

    Necrozma Dawn Wings Preview.

    You're welcome.

    1. Patrick
    2. eurstin


      enjoy the ban poorboi

    3. porymon


      What ban?

  10. porymon

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    Even if the rates of the UBs get doubled, the spawn rate of a UB would be less than that of a leggie. Anyway, what I mean to ask is if the starting date of the event could be moved to say..Thursday? @Patrick
  11. porymon

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


  12. porymon

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading and PM me in game if interested. IGN porymon
  13. porymon

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Looking for events with my OT OFFERING A LOT.