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  1. Are the necrozma forms out yet?


  2. I have also put a pokeball up. 0002999095 is the auction id
  3. Ign porymon. I'll take the shiny necrozma You can offer it on my metallic magikarp uft. Thanks.
  4. Leaving 4real. Selling my stuff for 25k .

    Sent pass to @eurstin

    1. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      Porymon ded.


  5. Money transfers would be a better idea
  6. Spent 15mil plus on this week's lotto.


  7. Doing BIG auctions before I go inactive. Go bid on em.

  8. porymon

    Legendary Finder

    Pls find me a shadow arceus lvl 67 Will pay 100k
  9. Tons of beast balls at 25k each Ending tomorrow

  10. Yes.. But you must be the highest bidder when the auction ends
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