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  1. hi there i sent you message on game pls check it
  2. i try to send you message but your message is turning off i sent you friend request we will speak there thanks
  3. Hello Everyone, I look my inventory and i think to trade my legendary pokemons. I make list and i am looking for Some Experience Pokemons. If someone want to trade with me he/she will write on me on game. My IGN is LosG3mbler1907. These are list pokemons: -Normal Zapdos -Metallic Ho-oH -Normal Celebi (x2) -Metallic Latias -Mystic Latias -Normal Yveltal (x3) -Mystic Yveltal -Normal Tapu Lele (Traded) -Normal Tapu Bulu (x2) (Traded ) -Mystic Tapu Bulu -Normal Cosmog -Normal Darkrown -Normal Latios -Normal Phione -Normal Shaymin (x2) -Metallic Shaymin -Shadow Shaymin (Sky) -Normal Shaymin (Sky) -Shiny Cobalion -Normal Cobalion -Shadow Virizion (x2) -Dark Landorus -Dark Reshiram -Normal Reshiram -Mystic Reshiram -Normal Zekrom (x2) -Shiny Kyurem
  4. mew mewtwo mystic cobalion mystic landorus mystic regigigas x2 mystşc zekrom palkia phione x2 raikou regice regigigas x3 reshiram x3 rotom Shiny Celebi Shiny Cobalion shiny diancie shiny genesect shiny jirachi shiny kyurem shiny manaphy x2 shiny registeel shiny reshiram shiny zekrom terrakion tornadus virizion x3 xerneas active yveltal zapdos zekrom zygarde all in trade list. i am looking exp and unique pokemons. if someone offer find me on game losgambler1907
  5. I am looking For Stakataka Tapu Fini Tapu Koko and Necrozma's. I am putting so much poke's for trade list. if someone want to be a trade with me. please look at my profile LosGambler1907 and write me on game.i will answer everyone to deal
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