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  1. Please listen. I won the Shiny Cosmog raffle (for once), but right before that happened, for some reason I got kicked!! I eventually got back after around 10 minutes, soon to find that the Vortex Bot had not messaged me the code. Could you please help out with this? Shiny Cosmog is amazing, one of my favourite Pokemon AND this is the first time I've won a unique event Pokemon.

    1. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      Try talking to them in the Discord. In the Forums, they probably get hundreds of things like this and random comments they have to sort through. On the Discord, you have a better chance of getting the admins' attention.

    2. sportsandmusic69


      Side note if I may add, you got kicked for cussing.

  2. Other

    Can you remix Route 3 music from red/blue?
  3. Contact me @ - follow and maybe v4 screenshots will appear in your feed. :=P:

    1. Patrick


      9 hours and still no v4 screenshots. :T_T:

    2. The Only Human
    3. eurstin


      *maybe* :T_T:

  4. Hi i am your fan and i did see you in the game!

  5. How can v4 exist when v3 is in beta? :thinking:

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    2. GodsWithin


      So we're all playing Pokemon Lake then! Good, for a fat second I thought it was just me...


    3. ViralV


      Pokemon Lake ewww. Better play Pokemon Unity xD

    4. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      Even Pokémon Cronus is better and that is ewwww as well.

  6. I've enabled it.
  7. If you scroll to the bottom of the screen (Not quite sure where it is on mobile, but probably at the bottom as well), you can change the layout back to the original we had.
  8. This little project looks great. I'm not sure if you lot are still doing it or not, but I just wanted to say thanks. We know a lot of them are not really up to snuff and we were hoping to re-do the messy looking ones eventually. It really helps when others help us out with time consuming work like this and allows us to focus on other areas of Pokemon Vortex.
  9. Did you know that the Pokemon Vortex forums will become a big part of the game in the version 4 release? If that got you interested, it may also excite you to know we're accepting forum moderation applications! As a forum moderator you will have a chance to get involved with Patrick, Chris, and the current forum moderating team in their goal to keep the forums a clean and fun environment where players can interact with each other while playing the game! Send your applications to [email protected] and explain why you want to be a moderator and how active you regularly are on Pokemon Vortex. Additional details in the application are optional. We hope to see your application soon! - The Pokemon Vortex Team
  10. Oh yea.... I have seen this first time that retired member comes back to staff.... LOL... Chris is not retired, now.... :/

    1. Chris_
    2. R3LOADED1


      Maybe Priad'll come out of retirement too :D 

    3. GodsWithin


      Priad is dead m8

  11. Hey Chris :)

    What's your salary after retirement in here.... lol xD

  12. If anyone see's Chris_. Please return him to us. He was last seen running into the woods chasing a Gastly in Pokemon GO.


    If found, please call: 1800PKMNVortex


    $5 reward if found and returned.

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    2. sportsandmusic69


      Well Pokemon GO is down for the US. I guess it couldn't handle the traffic.

    3. eurstin


      I don't mind that. That means less people will run into poles :)

    4. sportsandmusic69


      Doesn't stop me from running into a coffee table.

  13. Mobile

    Current Trainer Level: 5 Pokédex: Caught 14 - Seen 15 Eggs: 0 Team: None (Currently) Gyms Owned: 0 Pokémon: My roommate and I found a Vileplume earlier. He managed to capture it and mine ran away after I got it in the first ball. Not sure what's up with run chance and stuff like that yet. Something to be noted, the Vileplume had an orange growing circle instead of a green when getting ready to throw your Poke Ball and it didn't shrink nearly as much.
  14. A Vileplume just got away from me on Pokemon Go.. FeelsBadMan

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    2. Lunchbox


      It's First Generation Pokemon only, though.

      Also, you can't catch a lot of Pokemon in jail.

    3. seth1129400


      well if im successful in catching the rayquaza then its worth it , if not then :ph34r:

    4. Abbas