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  1. charizard > charmander @sportsandmusic69

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    2. sportsandmusic69


      Nobody likes that fat mutant Wooki looking thing.

    3. Chris_


      *screeches in wooki*

    4. Yet2.0


      how do you feel someone calls you that sports huh

  2. You have 69 followers...

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    2. Nutella Navigator
    3. GodsWithin


      I followed him so he's at 70 now :P Have a nice day.

    4. eurstin


      @GodsWithin yung god why u following so hard?

  3. You do know your "Bandwidth" is Rekt, do you? :P


    1. iZeus


      It's better now.

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @iZeus You're handling it..So it might be. :)

      Still stopping a bit..

  4. Chris a person named rimfire is cheating he is getting legendaries every second I have reported this but I don't have any evidence the screenshots I have I don't know how it upload them please can you look into the matter now itself he can be caught red handed right now please reply

    1. Chris_


      Thanks, we'll look into it.

    2. josephlegendry


      Thx I was afraid I will be banned thank God

  5. Thanks to everyone who came to watch Fate/Zero. Next week's anime binge selection thread is up.


    1. iZeus


      It was fun. :^_^:

    2. v3567


      How about sitcoms too?

  6. Streaming Fate/Zero all day: https://www.rabb.it/chrispkmnvrtx we'll do proper votes for anime before next weekend.

    1. iZeus


      It's all good.

  7. hi chris... i believe somone banned me from the discord server, im sorry could u please unban me? i dont really think i did anything wrong but if i did im sincerely sorry...

  8. Chris_

    Archive Negative Reputation?

    It existed in the past, people abused it, there are no plans on bringing it back.
  9. Chris_

    Answered Discord Ban

    I went ahead and unbanned him. For any mods that read this in the future, go back and unban people who you have banned unless they have done something truly bad, don't be biased about it - preferably around the 24 hours mark. Also, just to clarify, these forums are for any questions related to anything Pokemon Vortex.
  10. Hey Chris, you asked me to do a Route 3 remix. Would you like it to be like a concert band piece, or more like a digital/synth sound?

    1. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      If concert band, then would you like it to be a mainly brass with a little woodwind or woodwind with a little brass sound

    2. Chris_


      It's up to you, friend.

    3. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      Alright, I'm gonna have fun with this one. I'll get it done ASAP, after I get Uncle Psychic's done.

  11. Please listen. I won the Shiny Cosmog raffle (for once), but right before that happened, for some reason I got kicked!! I eventually got back after around 10 minutes, soon to find that the Vortex Bot had not messaged me the code. Could you please help out with this? Shiny Cosmog is amazing, one of my favourite Pokemon AND this is the first time I've won a unique event Pokemon.

    1. SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      SquirrelKing CabanaBoy

      Try talking to them in the Discord. In the Forums, they probably get hundreds of things like this and random comments they have to sort through. On the Discord, you have a better chance of getting the admins' attention.

    2. sportsandmusic69


      Side note if I may add, you got kicked for cussing.

  12. Contact me @ https://twitter.com/chrispkmnvrtx - follow and maybe v4 screenshots will appear in your feed. :=P:

    1. Patrick


      9 hours and still no v4 screenshots. :T_T:

    2. The Only Human
    3. eurstin
  13. Hi i am your fan and i did see you in the game!