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    3. GodsWithin


      I followed him so he's at 70 now :P Have a nice day.

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      @GodsWithin yung god why u following so hard?

  2. You do know your "Bandwidth" is Rekt, do you? :P


    1. iZeus


      It's better now.

    2. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      @iZeus You're handling it..So it might be. :)

      Still stopping a bit..

  3. Chris a person named rimfire is cheating he is getting legendaries every second I have reported this but I don't have any evidence the screenshots I have I don't know how it upload them please can you look into the matter now itself he can be caught red handed right now please reply

    1. Chris_


      Thanks, we'll look into it.

    2. josephlegendry


      Thx I was afraid I will be banned thank God

  4. Don't know what this is? Read this.
  5. Thanks to everyone who came to watch Fate/Zero. Next week's anime binge selection thread is up.


    1. iZeus


      It was fun. :^_^:

    2. v3567


      How about sitcoms too?

  6. The poll doesn't come till Friday, meanwhile you can reply to the thread with what anime you want to be in the poll. Edit: Fate/Zero 2nd season will be in the poll automatically so you're good.
  7. Don't know what this is? Read this first. Want to know what's been watched already? Go here. It's simple, reply with what anime you would like to see in the poll for next weeks anime binge at The top 5 most suggested anime will be added to a poll on Friday GMT (Vortex time). I'll be starting the stream on Saturday at 12:00 PM GMT. Fate/Zero 2nd season will automatically be going into the poll this week for people who want to finish out the series. If an anime is too long and we can't finish it before the stream ends, then it will return to the poll for next weeks vote. Movies will be allowed to be voted on and because they are short, we will just go to the 2nd most popular of the poll after the movie. No uncensored nudity. Swearing is fine. No Boku no Pico No One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, or Fairy Tail. They're huge and everyone has most likely seen it, watch them on your own time.
  8. Streaming Fate/Zero all day: we'll do proper votes for anime before next weekend.

    1. iZeus


      It's all good.

  9. hi chris... i believe somone banned me from the discord server, im sorry could u please unban me? i dont really think i did anything wrong but if i did im sincerely sorry...

  10. Chris_

    Idea Negative Reputation?

    It existed in the past, people abused it, there are no plans on bringing it back.
  11. Chris_

    Answered Discord Ban

    I went ahead and unbanned him. For any mods that read this in the future, go back and unban people who you have banned unless they have done something truly bad, don't be biased about it - preferably around the 24 hours mark. Also, just to clarify, these forums are for any questions related to anything Pokemon Vortex.