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  1. Nope. As long as the numbers add put im good. But it would be ideal if there isnt too many pokemon to prevent any complications
  2. Hi , you've turned off your message chats. Anyway, my rates are 8mil EXP = 1 DPS or 12 Mystery Boxes. Do let me know if you're interested.
  3. whats your ign my man? contact me via discord or pokemon vortex so we can discuss privately
  4. ign? or you can message me instead
  5. Contact me and we can discuss privately Discord : BruceWanye PokemonVortex IGN : BruceWanye
  6. suthinpoke

    Experience Training Pokemon!

    Hi , do you have discord? If you do , contact me @BruceWanye , I'm interested in buying your services , DM me to discuss , thanks
  7. suthinpoke

    Experience Demon Biggest Xp shop

    Hi, do you have discord? If you do , contact me @BruceWanye , my display picture is of a retarded cat. I would like to buy your services , serious buyer