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  1. 3ahrukh4nsari

    The Fighting God


    yes you can
  2. 3ahrukh4nsari

    The Fighting God


    I got 3 fist plates pretty easily, haven't even done 100 battles in total for sure. @VITOL A L S O If any one wants to get his/her arceus evolved to fighting type, I have a spare plate..... Offer your price. IGN: 3ahrukh4nsari
  3. 3ahrukh4nsari

    The Fighting God


    Awesome event...
  4. 3ahrukh4nsari

    The Fighting God


    can we find the plate by doing sidequest battles ?
  5. When I try to open pokemon vortex website it says 
    Database Connection Failed
    Is it something wrong from my side, because all other websites are running completely fine.
    Please help, I haven't done my daily logging today..

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