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  1. No I mean they're hovering above the ground. There's usually a bit of ground shaped like a disk where the pokemon are standing, and the pink pokemon are floating above where they should be standing. Diglett, rhyhorn and others look like they're floating above the ground.
  2. The sprites of the pink pokemon from the orange islands (starting from battle number 486) hover above the ground.
  3. No, of course not every pokémon. But the mentioned ones (Pyroar, Frillish, Jellicent, Unfezant) have a significantly different design. So I hope they can get special treatment like Meowstic, Indeedee and Nidoran.
  4. Regarding male/female sprites, I get that it's a lot of work and most pokémon are similar in both genders, but can you make an exception for the ones that are considerably different? We already have Meowstic, but it would be nifty to have male and female Pyroar, Frillish and Jellicent. Thanks
  5. When I try evolving my Mystic Clamperl into Mystic Huntail using a Deep Sea Tooth, I get an error message telling me I should use a Deep Sea Scale (which normally gives Gorebyss, not Huntail)
  6. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a bug, but there are several male Salazzles in the Alola sidequests.
  7. Oh and when I tried to evolve a male burmy into mothim, I was told if I wanted to evolve him into wormadam. I clicked ok anyway and he evolved into mothim
  8. My female shiny combee isn't evolving. She's levelled up enough to evolve but when I try I get the "at its final stage" message
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