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  1. ign-plutonium if it is me thankyou so much
  2.  you u get lost and get your mother ****ed. you ****ing asshole. mother ****er. and btw you are a MOTHER ****ING ****. YOU SON OF A ****.

    This messages where sent to me by ASH3112 ,dont know why did he sent this.Just see for your self wht kind of players are playing this game,

    and i dont know him also

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    2. Auke1993


      Thanks for the feedback. Unfortunately the lighting isn't likely to change unless I build something really fancy. Who knows though.
      As for the fake accounts, please don't do that.
      Having a high number of subscribers is nice, but it only means something to me if they actually watch my videos. I'd prefer 20 real subscribers over 500 subscribers that never watch my videos.

    3. Together99


      bro i have a facebook page where there are more than 300 people who watch your videos

    4. Together99


      bro love you bro


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