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  1. Our 6th Pokémon Tournament is underway!
    We cannot use status. It's the Only Physical/Special Tournament!
  2. Answered Caught Pokemon not showing up?

    Did you click 'Continue' after catching the Pokémon? You have to do that for the capture to count. The same goes for when you defeat a Pokémon in battle. Only when you click 'continue' and reach the summary of results (including the EXP/Money you gained), does it get saved.
  3. Answered Answer me this!!

    To catch Alolan Forms or evolve into them you need to be in Alola or to have beaten Alola in Sidequests.
  4. Unanswered Edit profile

    This is an example of the Pofile on the Switch. The Switch Friend Code in this example is SW-8496-9128-4205.
  5. I would like to see this as well. I've had maybe one moment, although I don't remember why, that I wanted to keep the original attacks.

    1st Edition is most important with event Pokémon. Some event Pokémon are only distributed once. Therefore, all of these Pokémon will be 1st Edition. However, some event Pokémon may be redistributed in the future. These Pokémon will be 2nd edition (or whatever else Patrick decided to call it). Although these event Pokémon will still be valuable, to big collectors the 1st Edition Pokémon will likely be more valuable.
  7. Answered magnetic fields

    It's not specifically listed on Vortex where the magnetic fields are. The magnetic fields correspond to the magnetic fields in the main games. I will list these locations below. In Sidequests, you go through all main game areas. This includes the areas with a magnetic field. The 'numbers' you're referring to are the completed Sidequest battles. These are listed in Vortex as well. After a certain amount of battles you'll enter Mt. Coronet in Sinnoh (I don't know exactly which battle is which area). This number is always the same. You'll be there for a few battles, and then exit and be in a new area. While you are in Mt. Coronet in Sidequest, you can evolve Pokémon that need a magnetic evolution. The same goes for all locations listed below. For example, if you replace Mt. Coronetin what I just wrote with Kalos Route 13, then you will have the special magnetic field as well. All Magnetic Fields: Hoenn - New Mauville Sinnoh - Mt. Coronet Unova - Chargestone Cave Kalos - Route 13 Alola - Blush Mountain and Vast Poni Canyon. The specific amount of battles you need to complete to get to each area I don't know. All I have for you is the list of battles at which each Region starts and ends. Somewhere in there are the areas you're looking for. That way you'll at least have an approximation. I hope this helped you enough.
  8. Would you like to join my Pokémon Tournament Discord Server?
    We play on Pokémon Showdown.
    Here's an example of what you can expect: 


  9. Bug 31th for daily rewards

    Both the 31st of December and the 31st of January are empty for me as well. I'm certain I've logged in at least once every day since V4 started. This includes those two 'empty' days.
  10. Report Abusing

    Please take and post screenshots of what occured. Without it, there's no evidence that the mdoerators and admis can use to take any action.
  11. Writing My new book!

    I will be posting it somewhere, likely on wattpad, when it's out. I've not written any chapters yet though, a lot is still in the planning phase. The teams are almost fully worked out, and many characters and events throughout the fanfic have been decided on. I'm super excited to write and release the chapters. For now, I want to be 100% certain on a very important story element before I write any chapters. Although that story element won't be mentioned until late in the series, it's important to have correct from the first episode. So that's why I'm not posting it just yet.
  12. Writing My new book!

    I've read the first bit, and it looks good! I'm working on a Pokémon fanfic myself as well, so this will be a good read. I may be able to get some tips on how to improve mine while reading, too!
  13. Answered daily login for one account per ip?

    There is no way for multiple people on the same IP adress to get the daily log-in reward. If you'd like to share the rewards with your brother, you could alternate who logs in first on a given day.

    Yes, there are. You already mentioned Charjabug evolving into Vikavolt. Magneton and Nosepass also need a special magnetic field to evolve into Magnezone and Probopass respectively.
  15. Answered Exp

    I made a video in November discussing this exact topic. You can watch it by clicking on the video below. It covers every detail you may want to know about quick/easy EXP training.