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  1. Auke1993

    Contest Pokemon contest

    Auke1993 Quilava - Eruption Sunkern - Absorb Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica
  2. Having restarted Sidequests, I'm doing a few Sidequest battles each day.

    After being used to the big variety in Pokémon from 7 different generations in previous Sidequest battles, it feels weird almost solely seeing Rattata and Pidgey.


    It's somewhat interesting though. I'm playing through Pokémon Green at the moment with just a Rattata and Pidgey (I did let them evolve).

  3. Auke1993

    Answered my golbat wont evolve

    You need 2 hearts for a Friendship-based evolution.
  4. Just a week remaining, and then it will be Vortex V4's 1st birthday!
    YAY!!! PARTY!!!!!



      Hope to Get A Birthday Event.

    2. waybig


      ya boiiiii

  5. It will likely be a surprise to most people, but I just completed the Sidequests for the first time.
    I once completed up to and including Hoenn for the Deoxys event, and had to restart after that.
    I've stayed in Kalos and Alola for quite some time to allow for certain evolutions to take place.
    Now I have properly finished the Sidequests for the first time.
    It feels weird considering how often I play and have played this game.



      Nice Work Mate..........

  6. Auke1993

    Giveaway Giveaway

    I don't quite understand which randomizer you have chosen to choose the winners. Could you explain that please?
  7. Auke1993

    Answered Recover my accounts

    If your cousin botted using an account then that's the reason behind the ban. You're responsible for all action taken on your account.
  8. Auke1993

    Answered Upcoming AZ event and multiple accounts

    The ticket is a daily log-in reward, and is therefore only accessible for one of your accounts under normal conditions. I suppose it is possible if you use a different IP for every account then it'd be possible, although I assume that's not allowed/intended. If it was, the event ticket would not have been a log-in reward.
  9. Auke1993

    Answered I have a big issue.

    I believe so, although I'm not certain.
  10. Auke1993

    Answered I have a big issue.

    I'm no admin, but I do know the rules state that you are responsible for all action taken on your account. If you gave someone your password, you therefore took a risk. Unfortunately for you that risk ended negatively, with a ban.
  11. Auke1993

    Legendaries Trading a mega blaziken for a legendary

    At the time of writing this, you only have a Dhelmise and Pidgeot for trade. Whether it's the Mega Blaziken or the legendary you intend to trade away, neither is for trade on your account. I suggest you do that so that we can place offers.
  12. Auke1993

    General I am training Pokémon for 500

    You might want to not say that where they can read it.
  13. Auke1993

    General I am training Pokémon for 500

    That's a possibility as well. I hadn't thought about it like that.
  14. Auke1993

    General I am training Pokémon for 500

    You're training for 500... what exactly? 500 experience? Top 500 monthly ranking? What is it that your aim is?
  15. A good portion of what you've posted is from Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. Most of the new things from that game, such as the Ultra Beasts and Ultra Necrozma, haven't been added. I expect that in the next big update those Pokémon will be added, a long with most of the moves you're referring to.