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  1. Auke1993

    Universal Mew

    An update to my previous post, as sometimes it's misunderstood. I don't accept every offer. It's possible I decline because someone else made an offer that's better, or because I feel a person's offer has a (much) lower value than the Pokémon being offered on. However, if you offer at around the same value and I don't have the Pokémon yet, I'd say there's a good chance I accept.
  2. Auke1993

    Universal Mew

    I currently have Mew for trade. Feel free to make an offer you feel is good enough. Please do note I'm only looking for Pokémon that I do not have yet, as I want to complete the Pokédex.
  3. There's nothing wrong here.


  4. What makes you believe the Dusk Ball isn't affected by time? Did you get access to the code of it, or is there research that went into it?
  5. If with cheats you mean illegal things, then yes. But use those and your account will be banned. If you mean legal tricks, then those exist as well. Easy/quick EXP for example can be obtained by making use of training accounts. Especially using Level 6 Pokémon with immunities are helpful for this.
  6. In what way were you training your Pokémon? Could you detail that please?
  7. One of my best friends in Pokémon lives in Celadon City. Today you'll get to meet him.


    1. Anitalove


      hey i saw that u r having a utube channel feel great of u

    2. Auke1993


      I do indeed. Thank you.
      Most people here know me for the VOrtex videos I upload, but I have other videos too.
      This Pokémon Blue walkthrough is currently my biggest project.

    3. Anitalove
  8. We did it! Our starter can finally be called by its true name!


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    2. Auke1993


      The last Pokémon you battle before going back to the area where you want to encounter Mew is important. That Pokémon's Special stat decides what you encounter.
      I'm unsure how randomizer settings may change this though, I've not tried it in a randomizer.

    3. POKENWR


      Wait I fixed it now new shows up but I need to go catch Mew and that's going to go be hard

    4. Auke1993
  9. Unfortunately, you can only access Legacy Maps on accounts created before V5 was introduced, so on accounts that had access to the legacy maps previously. If your account was made two days ago as you say, you will only have access to the new 'live' maps.
  10. That, and a full map, are things I'm currently working on.
  11. An account name in the game cannot be changed. You can create a new account with the name you'd like, but that'd mean you have to start from scratch.
  12. Have you ever heard of the Tree Sap Pokémon?
    Well, now I have.


  13. Trainers to battle, moves to learn, trades to complete and a luxury cruise ship to have a party on. Our Pokémon Blue adventure continues into Vermillion City!

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    2. Auke1993


      I did watch Pokémon Chronicles.

    3. POKENWR


      Did you watch every single Pokemon episode if you did wow but I have a knot watch every single Pokemon episode yet

    4. Auke1993


      I've watched all standard episodes.
      There's likely a few banned episodes I haven't see, although I know for certain I've seen the Porygon episode.
      There's also a few Special episodes I haven't seen. I've also yet to watch the Volcanion and new Lugia movies.
      Outside of that I've watched every movie and episode out there.

  14. It may be in more places, but I know that Dratini is a rare encounter in Fungal Cavern, in the part of the cave closest to Red-Rust Canyon. Dratinire and the other Vortex-exclusive Dratini are Legendary Pokémon. Dratinire is on Route 6. Dratinilic is on Route 13 at night. Dratinice is on Route 15 at night.
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