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  1. Auke1993

    Resolved Masterball bug?

    Xurkitree is an Ultra Beast. Ultra Beasts can only be caught using a Beast Ball or Vortex Ball. Master Balls only work on Pokémon that aren't Ultra Beasts. There's been many topics asking the same question. Please look in the (Bugs) Forum before making a topic such as this, as perhaps your question has already been asked and answered.
  2. Auke1993

    Answered what is gained by training lvl 100 pokes

    The more Points you have, the higher you will be on the Leaderboard. There's no rewards for being in the Top (100) on the overall Leaderboard, but it could give players a sense of pride. If you are part of a Clan, then all of your EXP goes towards the clan's total as well. This can help your clan do well in the Clan Leaderboard.
  3. Auke1993

    Answered what is gained by training lvl 100 pokes

    Pokémon have more EXP. which gives you more Points. The fact it gives more points can be good for your ranking. This fact can then be used to trade Pokémon with high EXP, as others may want Pokémon that give a lot of Points.
  4. Auke1993

    Other Games you play

    I play a lot of Yu-Gi-Oh (also for my Youtube channel). I play various games in my Nintendo 3DS. I'm currently playing Ever Oasis.
  5. Auke1993

    Answered Use of foul language

    Where do they use foul language? If it's on the forums, you can report the post with the 'Report Post' button. If on the game, you can take a screenshot and report it on the Forums afterwards.
  6. Did this take place within an hour of the new day starting? If so, a topic on this exists already, as that'll be the same bug.
  7. Auke1993

    Resolved Cant Switch Pokemons From Team

    That's an interesting way that your team loaded. I know that for me when that page is loading, the backsprites of the Pokémon are shown below all the front sprites, making for 12 in total. After a second, sometimes even less, that's gone and I can look at my team normally. I haven't seen this before.
  8. Pheromosa is an Ultra Beast. In Pokémon Vortex, Ultra Beasts can only be caught using a Beast Ball or a Vortex Ball.
  9. Auke1993

    Answered Seasonal Trainers

    I don't know the exact details, unfortunately. My theory is that every Pokémon you haven't caught yet during that Season counts as a new Pokémon for Seasonal points, so that gives you Seasonal points. Certain kinds of promo codes can also give you a lot of seasonal points of you redeem them.
  10. Auke1993

    Answered Seasonal Trainers

    Points that go on your profile and Seasonal points are calculated differently. You get a LOT les Seasonal Points than regular Points.
  11. Auke1993

    Answered Seasonal Trainers

    Whether you get a unique or normal Porygon form depends on your position. Which form you get (Sword, Shield or Hammer) is random.
  12. Auke1993

    Answered Pokemon Vortex version upgrades

    In many years from now. V4 is only half a year old, and V3 existed for multiple years. So... 2023 at the earliest is my estimation.
  13. Auke1993

    Answered Seasonal Trainers

    The Top 5 get a random unique Porygon form. #6 up to and including #100 get a Normal Porygon form.
  14. Auke1993

    Answered about charmeleon

    Charmeleon can be found there, although it is very rare. Starter Pokémon such as Charmander are already rarer than regular Pokémon such as Bounsweet and Rattata, so it'll likely take you some time to find them.
  15. Auke1993

    Discussion Last seconders

    I'm fine with it being a possibility.