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  1. Answered

    Wonder Trading does not work with offers. You get a Pokémon from the first Person you're matched with, no matter what that Pokémon is. To work with offers, you have to make use of the regular Trade system. Wonder Trade is so that you don't know what you'll get back until you receive it.
  2. Answered

    Legendary Pokémon are still very rare. It may take quite a long time before you encounter one. Please be patient and keep trying. Eventually you will find one.
  3. Uniques

    I'm looking for any Pokémon I don't have yet. I don't know if you have any, I've yet to take a look.
  4. Uniques

    I suppose you could also just link the page. The only unfortunate thing then is that others have to specifically look at the Kanto Pokémon on the list, which may take a little while.
  5. Uniques

    Just a hint, you can use the bot command '!missing username' in the Vortex Discord server in the bot commands chat to instantly get a list of all Pokémon you're missing. You can filter for just legendaries or event Pokémon as well. I'm unsure whether you can filter per generation.
  6. Answered

    If your account was banned, it's most likely a permanent ban. Botting is strongly against the rules, so that would mean you'll not be able to get your account back.
  7. I watched Alien: Covenant with my dad a few days ago. It was my first time in a cinema since many years ago. I really enjoy it, so I'm surprised I don't go more regularly.
  8. Idea

    I can see why you would want that. However, I don't feel the encounter rates are bad. The fact the Pokémona re legendary, and therefore rare, definitely shows. I like the current rates. Would they be increased for some event, I don't think they should icnrease by much. Just a little bit, if anything.
  9. Discussion

    I've been working towards completing the PokéDex for a while, that's been a goal for the longest. A quite recent goal that I've added is to get as high as possible in the Top Trainers list. I'm not doing as much work for that as I am with the filling of the PokéDex. However, I get quite a lot of points by just training, so they work together quite nicely. A goal I only just came up with is to have the with the highest EXP, as that's my favourite Pokémon. I want at least one, no matter what type. I don't think I'll go for any others. As it seems, my is already the one with the highest EXP, so I didn't have to do a lot for that goal.
  10. Just to be clear, I want ABSOLUTELY NO SPOILERS for Ultra Sun/Moon.
    I want to find out everything new when I play the games in November.

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    2. Auke1993


      I suppose.
      The fact I could fall back on this statement did help people realise how serious I was during the time we were waiting for Sun/Moon.
      Hopefully I can use this statement the same way.

    3. porymon


      Umm..anyway good luck and enjoy the game!

    4. Auke1993


      That's the plan!

  11. Idea

    I like the idea. It likely makes it a lot harder for someone to trade an illegal EXP Pokémon for a legal one. It allows non-botters to check whether a trade is legit or not as well.
  12. General

    It was an easy choice for me, as I really like the looks of Ultra Rare in the Cardfight Vanguard movie. Suiko, the blue-haired character is among my favourite anime characters. One could say it's my waifu. The Pokémon in my team change a lot, especially now that I'm training a lot of Pokémon to fill up my PokéDex further. Shiny Fearow is the only regular, as that's what I use to train Pokémon that don't have an immunity. It definitely has more EXP than any other Pokémon I've trained. Just one Pokémon I got from someone else is above Shiny Fearow EXP-wise. Besides that my Shiny Fearow is #1.
  13. These are my live reactions to today's Pokémon Direct!


  14. Pokémon

    My reaction video is live! See how I reacted when I watched the Pokémon Direct.
  15. Pokémon

    That was NOT the way I expected it to go. Nintendo threw us off balance not once but TWICE but that Direct. I recorded my live reactions to this Direct. That video will be up on Youtube very soon.