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  1. Auke1993

    General I dream about the quiz

    I can't say I've never dreamt about the quiz. I play it a lot, but have never had it appear in a dream as far as I can remember.
  2. I have a Pokémon Tournament server where I host regular Pokémon Tournaments, often with interesting rules and restrictions.
    If you'd like to join the Discord server, please use this invite link: https://discord.gg/RHSJvHd
    We're currently accepting registrations (until the end of the day) for our next Tournament.
    You can still join the server if you cannot or don't want to join this specific Tournament.

  3. Auke1993

    Answered Any updated training accounts?

    In that case you're likely using Pokémon that don't have immunities. In such cases, you cannot train them as easily. In V3 onwards (I believe), Pokémon can only learn moves in Vortex they can learn in the main games. Therefore, we cannot give a Charizard 4x Splash. Training accounts for all types still exist, but for types without immunities you can only effecitvely use them if your Pokémon is at or near Level 100. Otherwise using a Pokémon with an immunity alongside your other Pokémon (so a Fearow alongside a Pansear) can work to help training.
  4. Auke1993

    Answered Any updated training accounts?

    I'm not sure what you mean with 'updated', as we've had Training accounts for a long time on V3 and V4 as well. If you don't know about them yet, then that'll be it. Most Training Accounts are listed here, although new ones have been created since:
  5. Auke1993

    Event Unown Event

    What are you referring to with lack of support? As for the event, I've heard someone say that Patrick said in Discord that the clan event is delayed until a bit later. I cannot confirm nor deny the truth in this statement.
  6. Auke1993

    Universal Trade for a Lucario

    You don't seem to have the Salandit for trade. I also don't find a Pokémon that can be caught in the wild (especially while male so it can't evolve) worth less than a happiness evolution like Lucario.
  7. Auke1993

    Universal Trade for a Lucario

    What gender is the Salandit, and what is your Vortex username?
  8. Auke1993

    Yardım Squirtle Charmender Balbausar

    All starter Pokémon, including Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur are rare in the wild. This means they are harder to find than Pokémon such as Onix, Buneary and Sneasel. If you're having difficulty finding them in the wild, other ways to find them include trading for them, or buying them on PokéBay.
  9. I have a new Vortex video up!
    Click on this status update for the video.


  10. I have a simple request for whoever wants to help.
    I want to create some new Pokémon for Pokémon Contests in Pokémon Emerald.
    Please name any Pokémon that exists in Emerald along with one of these 5 categories: Cool, Tough, Smart, Beauty, Cute
    I will make your Pokémon of choice appear in your contest type of choice.
    This will all be done on livestream later today and later this week.

  11. Are you looking for easier EXP, easier ways to get the event Unown and an easier way to evolve happiness Pokémon?

    Then act now!


  12. Necrozma acts like an Ultra Beast in the main game. It may not be one, but 'some believe that it is an Ultra Beast', as stated in Sun/Moon. To stay close to that, it was decided to give Necrozma the same rarity.
  13. Auke1993

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    Awesome! If you have any other Pokémon with immunities, especially low-level ones, you can use them for good money.
  14. Auke1993

    Answered Need some money, money, money

    The bigger the difference between your level and the opponent's total level, the bigger the money reward. Using 1 Level 100 Pokémon against 6 Level 100 Pokémon gives 3000 PokéDollars, I believe. Using a Level 5 or 6 gives you the most. So outside of PokéBay, using immunity Pokémon with as low level as possible is a very good way to gain money.
  15. I have made a 2nd Youtube video for this event!
    Click on this status update for the video.