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  1. If you weren't there for my Vortex stream today, you missed some really epic stuff.
    It was super fun hunting on Shore's End with so many people, but after I stopped doing that so many more cool things happened.
    The full VOD will be available on Youtube in the coming days.

    1. foodviro2.0


      Sorry I couldnt make it but ill be sure to watch it

    2. Auke1993


      You got a gift sub during the stream as well.
      So you can now make use of my emote, and the two new ones that I will make available soon.

    3. foodviro2.0
  2. I'm celebrating Pokémon Day with another Pokémon Vortex livestream! Last time this stream was very interactive and popular, so let's make it even more of that! 


  3. The start of the Vortex stream is slightly delayed.
    A big incident happened in the Formula E race just now, which I need to research more and report on.
    Only after that can I start streaming.

  4. It should be random, and it is. You just happened to be lucky, or unlucky, depending on how you look at it. In the end it's all up to chance. Even if it's a low chance, the chance of something specific (such as this) happening does exist, and therefore can happen.
  5. Today is Pokémon Day. Pokémon released a 20-minute video detaling new and already announced games.
    We got multiple really cool reveals. These are my live reactions to them. 


  6. Remember. On the 27th, so Pokémon Day, I will have a Pokémon Vortex livestream on my Twitch channel!
    The stream will start at approximately 8pm GMT+1.
    You can find my Twitch here: 


  7. With Formula E's 7th season starting today, I made predictions for the first race, for the full season, and even made an FE prediction bingo.
    What do I think will happen in FE's first season as a World Championship? Let's find out.

    1. foodviro2.0



    2. Auke1993


      Indeed. I'm very excited about them.
      I recorded my live reactions to the reveal. That will be up as tomorrow's video.

  8. It's here. It's real. I'm encredibly excited.

    From this point onwards, I will go into spoiler evasion mode. Nothing that is shown in ANY trailer, Direct, press conference, leaks or anything like that should ever reach my eyes or ears. I want to find out everything when I play the games myself.

  9. A Pokémon Vortex video today with a cool announcement for Pokémon Day this Saturday. 


    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Hardieboi


      oh thanks for telling I will also try to be active on the livestream but I dont think I will come as my exams have started 😅 

    3. foodviro2.0


      imma come to the stream

    4. Auke1993


      Sounds like a plan.
      I'm excited for the stream.
      Pokémon Day!

  10. Hello Auke! I am pretty new to the game, so can i ask you a question?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. SofiX


      Why are Rotom forms (not Rotom Halloween) premium pokemon? I always thought the premiums are pokes that you can buy for real money. Are these Rotoms an exception?

    3. Auke1993


      I don't know what classifies a Pokémon as premium, and what makes them non-Premium.
      It's not a thing I've ever looked into.

    4. SofiX


      Ok. Thanks on taking your time!

  11. Mahogany Gym has multiple things that say SHELLDER!!! 


    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. Auke1993


      Aurora BEAAAAMMM!!!!

    3. foodviro2.0
    4. Rustyison


      I shall bring the wrath of the shellder clan to the vortex

  12. If I recall correctly, a move that's used is onyl 'remembered' in a trainer battle. Did this bug you find occur in a trainer battle or a wild battle?
  13. Many people have suggested a live 1v1 battle system for Pokémon Vortex. What do I think of that idea? 


  14. I'll have a new Vortex video going live in just over an hour.
    In it, I discuss the possibilities of the 1v1 battle system.

  15. I'd say this system only works well if 1v1 matches are possible where both players control their team live. At this time, such a function does not exist on Pokémon Vortex. So until that function exists, and likely has been around for a while, I don't see this being added.
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