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  1. Unfortunately without proof of the conversation where the deal was made it is very hard for admins to help you. There is a chance that without images someone is speaking the truth, but at the same time someone could be misusing the situation if help would come easily without images being posted.
  2. Do you have evidence of your conversation with this user? Posting screenshots of that here can helps us look at the situation, and may help an admin to assist you.
  3. It sounds like you are asking for a position of administrator or moderator. To my knowledge Pokémon VOrtex is currently not hiring for these positions. Even if they did, please do not expect gift cards or premium accounts to be given out for free. That's not how Pokémon Vortex and its staff work.
  4. Calling all Formula 1 fans. I have created an F1 Fantasy League for friends, colleagues and myself. If you'd like to join it, you can use the following link and code.
    Code: 62272e9447

  5. All Pokémon with type immunites have very effective training accounts for them. Those without immunities will naturally have it more difficult, but can also beat their type's respective training accounts at high levels.
  6. It's really simple to earn the money to get weak moves. In addition, with you not having specified how you want to make these teams, and the details of what they will include, I agree with VITOL that this sounds quite a lot like a scam. If not intended as such, I strongly recommend sharing details of what you intend to have your training accounts look like, and what you need the PokéDollars for.
  7. There have indeed been times where it's taken very long to find a Legendary Pokémon, while at other times I've found multiple in a few minutes. I can see your point, but at the same time I don't think it should be changed. If it's changed, maybe it should increase slightly in chances to encounter a Legendary, but that'd be it. Personally I like how it is now.
  8. If people want to trade, most of the time they have it for trade already. I know I only put things up for trade thtat I want to trade, and nothing else. I'd prefer not to be bothered by people asking for trades when those Pokémon aren't for trade.
  9. Meltan Candies can, at this time, only be obtained through the Pokémon Vortex Discord quiz.
  10. The maps are not a live depiction of where everyone is. To my knowledge, the characters are in the location they are in the moment you load into a map. Showing all of their moments would cost a lot more processing power from the server, something which is likely hard to allow.
  11. Do you have evidence of the scam, preferably in the form of screenshots? Without that, it is very difficult for Pokémon Vortex staff to take action.
  12. I don't know what the cause could be. Pokébay shows my time for me, and I have it set as something else than server time.
  13. You cannot deposit Pokémon in a way that gives you less than 6 Pokémon in your party. You can swap Pokémon with those in your party/box, but only if you already have a party of 6 Pokémon.
  14. You can appeal your ban, you just did. We're just letting you know the same thing that the eventual admin will tell you, as we have seen other ban appeals and replies to it. You're allowed to make a new account and start fresh, just as long as nothing illegal happens on it.
  15. If botting on the account occured as you say, the ban will certainly not be undone.
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