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  1. Auke1993

    Resolved Discord

    This seems to me like a little joke or easter egg put in by the admins. I'm not worried by it.
  2. Auke1993

    Legendaries Training Pokemon on level 100

    With training 'on' Level 100, do you mean training Pokémon from a level below 100 to 100, or something that is already at level 100 to higher EXP?
  3. Auke1993


    What account did you use for this?
  4. Auke1993

    Events Need someone who can train Exp

    How much EXP are you looking for? Depending on the amount I may be willing to do it.
  5. Auke1993

    Contest Full Genesect Lv. 100 Contest (Closed)

    Auke1993 Cofagrigus Helping me to fill my PokéDex.
  6. Auke1993

    Contest Starter Giveaway

    1. Auke1993 2. Quilava 3. Unfezant 4. Yes. Thank you.
  7. My daily promo code today was a Virizion. A Legendary. I won't complain.

  8. Auke1993

    Answered Seasonal top trainners

    The regular point system (as shown on your profile) and the Seasonal Point system work differently. Seasonal points go up at a different rate.
  9. Auke1993

    Answered Vortex Store

    If you already knew the answer to the question, what made you ask the question in the first place? Was it a hope that it would be reversed?
  10. Auke1993

    Contest Cosmog Giveaway

  11. Auke1993

    Answered What is the chance of this happening

    That'd be a 0.008% chance per step, and a 0.024% chance every encounter. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Map_Encounter_Rates
  12. Auke1993

    Answered When is PV daytime?

    The server is based on the time in the UK. You can see the server time at the top of Pokémon Vortex when playing. Between 7am and 7pm it is daytime. Between 7pm and 7am it is nighttime.
  13. Auke1993

    Answered How to increase happines?

    It's for every battle. So if you want to just increase the friendship level of a Pokémon, going for weak trainers or wild battles will likely be the fastest way.
  14. Auke1993

    Feedback Volcanion Sprite

    I think I like the v4 sprite a bit more.
  15. Do you use Vortex in a public location such as a school or library? A daily log-in reward can onyl be obtained once per IP-adress. In your case, someone will have used the same IP adress that you used before you, and claimed the log-in reward for themselves.