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  1. I've reported all bot posts the moment I saw them. I recommend you do as well (in case you're earlier than everyone else). The earlier the mod team knows about them, the earlier the posts can be deleted. There's a decent chance there's malware or something else bad in there. I can't be certain, as I never checked. I want to be safe. I report, then leave it. With how regular it has been recently, I do believe some kind of security update should be applied. That's assuming that's possible. I don't know how the programming of Forums goes at all.
  2. To my knowledge, once a timezone is chosen within Pokémon Vortex, it cannot be changed. I also recall being strongly warned to make certain the correct timezone is chosen.
  3. Just like how 'they' can be used to refer to a person whose gender you don't know, 'itself' or 'themselves' can work for Pokémon. Even if you know their gender, it can be correct. By using 'itself', it can apply to all Pokémon, as opposed to just genderless Pokémon. I theorize that this message was chosen to save on programming in text lines. Having one line that works for all Pokémon seems logical.
  4. I don't know why you were banned, but can say that bans are normally not undone. This I find interesting. It's hard to create problems or break rules when you aren't in Discord. If you're banned somewhere, it's hard to break the rules there. Am I perhaps misunderstanding something?
  5. Normally screenshots would be needed, but here all you'd need to do to verify most of the story is to look at the reactions on HyperPanther's recent posts. Alternatively, you could look at the forum accounts of the people that supposedly spammed these reactions, and see where they most recently reacted. That should give an answer as to how bad this is.
  6. It seems to have happened here as well. It's legal to dislike a post, but to spam-dislike is not okay. Spam in general with the emote responses is not allowed, so it's good you placed the report.
  7. We should just be careful and not blindly trust anyone we don't know.
  8. When creating a report thread, please make sure to be as informative and thorough as possible. At minimum a report must include the scammer's username, the scam message, and a screenshot as proof. Please show the screenshot(s) here.
  9. After a hiatus of some time, the Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke is back!

    Let's see which Pokémon will make it through the episode this time.


  10. At this time, neither poll option is correct. It used to be a happiness evolution during the Greninja (Ash) event. However, you cannot perform the evolution now. You'll have to trade for it, or get it via PokéBay.
  11. Take a screenshot of the conversation as proof, and post it in your report. With that, staff members can cake action against the user.
  12. You should NEVER give ANYONE your password. Based on the username you said they used, they are likely sending the message with the intent to scam you. Do you have screenshots of your conversation with this user? That will help Vortex staff deal with the user.
  13. Their post doesn't even have logic. You have to tell them the password for them to know it's appropriate. Well, if you need to tell them the password, how do they know your current password is not appropriate? It makes no sense.
  14. I want to stream Pokémon. What would you like to see on stream today?

    1. Pokémon Reborn (a Pokémon fangame)
    2. Pokémon Black/White Randomizer Nuzlocke
    3. Continuing the Pokémon Blue Nuzlocke (which was on hiatus for some time)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Auke1993


      Very much a story game.
      It's a Pokémon game in a custom region with a custom plot, with a more heavy theme.
      Here's an example of a heavy theme in the game: https://youtu.be/HU-Qj1XSXC8


    3. HyperPanther


      Oh then I choose Pokémon reborn

    4. Auke1993


      The stream will be tomorrow instead.
      Something came up today that didn't give me the time I wanted for a stream.
      So far, combining the votes from the three places I asked what to stream, Pokémon Blue is winning.

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