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  1. kexiod

    Answered Banned

    Does this mean all our progress and the money we put in is gone for ever?
  2. kexiod

    Answered Banned

    We use smoke a bunch of weed and watch cheech and Chong while exp grinding but that al we use. We're Dutch so the weed is legal but I don't know anything about those things
  3. kexiod

    Answered Banned

    Hello, My account is banned this afternoon. And I want to know why. It happend after my roommate was farming some exp for us. We want to become number one of the season. I wanted to check the progress but I got a banned notification. My roommate couldn't log in either. Can someone help me we've spend a lot of hours in it. It was alot of fun and we don't want to grind everything again. Does this also mean that we are totally banned from playing Pokémon vortex? Is the 125 euro we put in also gone to waste ? Greetings Ruben and Chris (kexiod)
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