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  1. I have a few Pokemon up for trade, anyone can offer some Eevees and list a pokeball for 500k x the number of Eevees
  2. Normal or any variant, will pay 500k each. IGN is doug1997, discord is dboss8249.
  3. For 2 normal eevees yes! If they are level 4 happiness.
  4. Also see my new post ULTIMATE VARIANT LEGENDARY SALE!!!
  5. I am trading all my variant Legendaries I have saved up over the last year, all you need to have is any type of Eevee with level 4 happiness and you can have your pick! Hurry though, first offer wins! Search trades for doug1997storage to see what is still available. Dark/Mystic/Metallic = 1 Eevee (Level 4 Happiness) Shiny/Shadow = 2 Eevees (Level 4 Happiness) These Legendaries include... Darkrown: Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic, Shadow Tornadus: Shiny, Dark, Mystic, Metallic, Shadow Zapdos: Dark, Mystic, Metallic, Shadow Phione: Shiny, Mystic, Metallic, Shadow Giratina: Dark, Metallic, Shadow Tapu Fini: Dark, Shadow Reshiram: Mystic, Shadow Zamazenta: Shiny Keldeo: Shadow Manaphy: Dark, Mystic Enamorus: Dark, Mystic Registeel: Dark, Metallic Palkia: Mystic, Metallic Victini: Mystic, Metallic Virizion: Mystic, Metallic Type-Null: Mystic, Metallic Dratinice: Mystic, Metallic Dratinilic: Mystic, Metallic Genesect: Dark Entei: Dark Darkrai: Dark Dratinire: Dark Cobalion: Dark Thundurus: Dark Moltres: Mystic Lugia: Mystic Regirock: Mystic Shaymin: Mystic Arceus: Mystic Latias: Mystic Kyogre: Mystic Groudon: Mystic Dialga: Mystic Heatran: Mystic Mewtwo: Metallic Zekrom: Metallic Landorus: Metallic If there is interest in Variant Starters as well, let me know and I can put some up for trade.
  6. Hey everyone, I'm looking to buy Eevees that have been trained to Level 4 Happiness. Offering 1 Million PDs per Eevee, hoping to buy at least 10 per person but will buy more!
  7. I'm definitely super excited for Gen 9 and Gigantamax as well, so many more Pokemon for the dex! I definitely hope the idea can be considered in a positive way and not as a complaint, I would love to see the game grow with more active users and I think this could be something that would contribute to that.
  8. I wanted to bring up the topic of communication with the player base by Patrick and the team. This is not a complaint about Vortex or the amount/speed of new content, only a discussion of whether we might be able to hear more of what is being planned for the game. I love playing the game and I think the updates and events have been great (the Marshadow event was extremely fun). I will probably continue playing regardless, but I think there are possible changes that could make a big difference to player interest as well as increasing the popularity of the game to new players. I believe that there is more that could be done letting players know what is coming, I know that events are usually announced a few weeks ahead of time, and that there are yearly events that people can count on, but even this information is only available on the discord. I know that there are people working hard on keeping the game running, thinking of new ideas, and creating updates, but the players usually don't have any idea of any of this. I think there would be a huge advantage to looking at putting out communications along the lines of... - Gen 9 is a (high/medium/low) priority for the game right now. We are hoping to activate this feature in (Spring/Summer/Fall/Winter) of 2024. - We are currently planning on having around (5/10/15) events this year besides our repeating yearly ones, some of the events could feature (Regieleki, Regidrago, ...). - Other features we are actively working on include (Seasonal Updates, Gigantamax mechanics, other user features...). These messages can be pretty general, and definitely don't have to be binding. It would be silly to expect to know the exact date of a Gen 9 release a year ahead of time, but I'm sure there are general ideas and targets that could be shared. I'm sure that all the jokes and comments of "Gen 9 when?" and "Gigantamax when?" on discord are frustrating to the development team. But I think there is a reason that people spend so much time asking. When people know that there is something big coming, but not whether it will come in 2 months or 2 years, it can be hard to ignore. In summary, I think the pace of events and updates is great, and I think that when new features come out, they work really well. I just think that giving players some idea of where things are going could be really helpful for the success of the game, give players things to really look forward to, and prevent some people from losing interest. Thanks to the whole team, and sorry for the long post!
  9. I found someone to help, but thank you!
  10. Hey, I am looking for someone who could evolve my OT Spewpa set into any of Vivillon (Garden, Jungle or Savanna). Willing to offer 1mil pd or any duplicate legendary on my account for each set. Message/friend me at doug1997 in game. Thanks!
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