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Furqan10 Scammed Me

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I Got Scammed by Furqan10 For 70Mbs Code (I Know U Might Think I Am Stupid)


Poke That I Lost: Arceus (Ice) x1 Rotom (Halloween) x1 Mystic Cosmog x1 Dark Cosmog x1 Volcanion x1

Details: He Gave Me A Code And It Is Not 70Mbs Code But It Is An Used Cosmog Code Then He Says Wait Then He Blocked Me.

The False Code Is:A4B0-4199-ADEB

My Poke Id That I Could Trace:


Mystic Cosmog:22463034

Dark Cosmog:22176624

Arceus (Ice):18349258

Rotom (Halloween):6668029


Volcanion:I Don't Know I Bought It While It Is A Code On PokeBay But It Is My Ot


If Any Mods/Admins Want Proof I Can Send Via Discord.

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