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Hello Pokemon Vortex Players.
I think that having a Pokemon Vortex Mobile App would be a great idea. I do realize that there are multiple issues keeping this from happening. However if all of us come together we could make this happen. Below I am going to give some of the reasons we should make this happen. 
1. Pokemon Vortex being on the Google Play and App Store could make this game much more popular.
Games that go on mobile devices often get much more popularity than games just on one platform. This is because an increasingly large amount of people are using mobile devices as opposed too computers. This game would also have an advantage because there is little to no competition for Pokemon games.
2. Making a mobile app could make the game more money by an influx of players joining and playing the game.
This in return means this game could make more money. We need more 
players because advertisers pay for 
people seeing their ads. The more 
money this game makes the easier it is 
for Patrick to make updates for the 
game and to keep this game on the 
3. This has been a requested idea for quite some time.
The first time this was requested was
August 13, 2016. It has been almost 3 
years since this was requested and no one has given a real reason why this couldn't happen. I don't know about you guys but it sounds like something needs to happen about that.
4. Who doesn't like a good mobile game!
I mean honestly who doesn't want to play an addicting mobile app! People love easy to play fun multiplayer games. This is exactly that. This game could be a wildly popular game if brought on mobile.
I do realize that there are many reasons why this hasn't happened and I am going to address and solve those issues below.
1. A mobile app costs too much money to make.
The average mobile game costs anywhere between $25,000 and $100,000 to make. This is quite a bit of money to spend on a game however in time we could make enough to create this app. To make more money we need more players. I recommend having an event where you invite players to join the game and you get prizes according to the amount of people you invite. This could get people to join the game. (This is a separate idea so I will make another post about this.) 
2. A mobile app takes too much time to make. 
It takes 12 to 18 weeks to build an mobile app. This is a lot of time to put into a game. However if the game received enough funding we could shorten the amount of time it takes to build this app.
Those are my ideas and opinions for a Pokemon Vortex Mobile App. Have a nice day.


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1st reason the next pokemon vortex update (the big update) is coming soon where mobile players are encouraged and dragon mobile map is being released!(Mobile players get a lot of advantage!)

2nd reason many people have issue with many games on play store.

3rd reason there is no necessity I see that the app should be made the game is fine like this!

4th reason Pokemon Vortex is developed a lot and I am speaking in 2 terms here.

1st term many people are joining vortex after V4 and it's growing day by day.

2nd term After Mystery Box update the game is earning a lot also you could by Premium pokemon from store so many people buy it time to time.


Pokemon vortex is earning well and shall continue.


There is another drawback of making the app that is 


Many rivals of vortex may advertise that the app is not good or affects your system with virus and bla bla.


These can be the reasons!


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