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  1. This idea is really bad. You are just thinking in the point of the buyer. Also think about the seller. Pokebay works like the higher bidder in specific amount of time wins it. Your idea is just against how the pokebay works. In short you mean to say you want to get things for low priced from a buyer. Well this should not happen its just like you taking advantage of the buyer. If others have the potential to pay higher let them win the auction.
  2. If you are the owner of the clan or the co-leader I guess you could do it. For doing that you will need to have the clan on forums and you need to be in it. So you change your clan pic on forums it gets changed in game too.
  3. Firstly pokemon vortex staff do not support multiple contracts. This is the rule which is put up on discord so that everyone knows it. The rule is- We do not support multi-part contracts. All trades must be performed within a single action without conditions for other trades and without any need for trust. (i.e. "I will bid if you offer" is not supported) You are on discord so you should make some effort to read them. Secondly trade with the person you trust.. Thirdly, why did you want to do it in so called 2 parts? You could give it a single shot. Its been so many days and you bring up the issue now. It would have been great if you bought the incident when it happened. At last as you yourself agree its your mistake so there you know it.. Are you starting any #Mee2 movement here? Obv people get scammed they report lol... So, at the end the fault lies on you. Hope you do not fall for these traps next time.. I am no admin to say what can be done with that fellow but lets wait and watch. Also please report in a single go.. We are not watching any TV series to see different parts.
  4. The recent Arceus event was Arceus (Dragon) event. The previous Arceus event dates back to the Arceus Trifecta event which was held in 10th anniversary. In future if you want to know about the events which was held in vortex you can always check it out on wiki. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Events
  5. I would tell you not to do the transactions involving real money. Firstly, these strangers may just scam you. Secondly, it involves the movement of your personal details. Thirdly, You do not event know that stranger in real life. Never met physically or virtually. This is just a game just enjoy it rather than selling your achievements to others for some $$.
  6. There is no entry point to other maps through Dragon maps.
  7. I am sorry could not go through all your screenshot due to lack of time. But let me give you a short summary. Pokemon vortex does not encourage multiple contracts like you bid 1st then I give you poke and stuff. This is extremely at owner's risk. Secondly, Trade with the only people you know. Be careful next time you trade. Scam is a scam be it a small amount or big amount. So, now its in the hands of staff to decide.
  8. It is no hint for something as far as I believe. It is just a part of map design just like the bridge or house kind of thing.
  9. Try clearing your browser history and cache. Do use the lasted version of Chrome if you are using one.
  10. Answering to your point 1. Yes they may come soon. No set dates or time. Answering to your point 2. There is no option to sort like that (They may add the sorting option with legends I cannot confirm that). There is only some ways in sorting your pokemon that is.. Based on their type dark,electric,water etc. Alphabetical. Numerical. EXP (Highest). EXP (Lowest).
  11. My chat bar has gone missing from a week now. How is it possible my chat bar is there on one account and not there on another account? Staff please fix this as soon as possible.
  12. Never give your password under any circumstances.. Probably report him. You need to provide screen shots so the staff can take any actions. After you are done providing the screen shots block him..
  13. I highly disagree with you.. Ice stone was once very costly but now the value has little dropped that is 3-3.5m for an ice stone is very fine. It is very nice that the things are getting changed.. So, we are going with the flow with the latest way of evolving them. I must say you need to take sidequests in a more sporty manner rather than crying about them here.. It is very fun doing sidequests also the pokedollar drop rate has increased.. This is why Patrick gave you time to get the Glaceon and use all the items which you had..
  14. Mate Poipole comes under the list of ultra beast pokemon. You need a beast ball or a vortex ball to catch ultra beasts. Remember- Master balls have 100% catch rate with all pokes including legends excluding ultra beasts. Beast ball have 100% catch rate for ultra beasts and it can only catch ultra beasts. Vortex ball has 100% catch rate for any pokemon be it ultra beast or a legendary pokemon or a normie map pokemon.
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