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  1. Thnx a lot for  being with me. I enjoyed my stay here. I am very grateful to all of you. Yes I am quitting. Does that mean I do not finish saadi's job? No I finish his job and quit the game. Everyone gets a chance to pick any 3 pokes which you guys like.


    Note- I am giving away the pokes only to my close mates other who ask will not get.

    1. fodnbilal


      Ill ask u a favor instead of 3 pokes. Just dont quit.

  2. Dive balls are usually good on water and ice type pokes.
  3. I am not sure if these editions are right. Please do correct me if I am wrong. What I spotted is that Arceus (Rock) should have edition 2 but here it's edition 1. Also this Mystic Zygarde (Core) should be edition 4. There was event of zygarde. Then was a re run and it also appeared in montly mystery box poke and now it's again here. I have only spotted these now. There may be more.
  4. Happy Birthday!

    1. sportsandmusic69
    2. porymon


      Happy Birthday !!!!!

  5. Greetings from omg414 (KBC)! Just completed 1 year on account omg414. This journey has been great. But, without you guys it would be impossible! I would like to thank a few people and the order is random. Firstly I would like to thank all my clan members- @fodnbilal for adding me to a wonderful clan and supporting me so much. @Oblivi0n for being very friendly with me. @Saadi for helping me even out my EXP. @IMMORTAL_ for being a very close friend of mine. I would like to ask sorry to you as one day I was pissed off and blocked you. But you are a good friend of mine. @adixx for giving me EXP jobs and being friendly with me. @BlackGoku for being a very good mate on clan server and helping me. @Quintonboy1 For giving me many EXP jobs and being very very friendly with me. @Lavalampemand for giving me EXP jobs and being very friendly with me. @Diazepam for motivating me in quizzes (Mewtwo Evolution). @deeanirudh for motivating me so much in the events. @HyperSnailGaming for streaming the games I like. (Assassin's Creed II). Of course the list is not done yet.. I would like to thank @Patrick for making such a wonderful game and appreciating me for some of my forum posts. I would also like to thank @strayaZilas for helping me for wiki edits. I might have missed a few that does not mean you guys have not helped me. Thanks for bearing me this far.................... LOVE YOU GUYS!
  6. Arceus forms are always events and will be there on Mystery boxes from next month.
  7. omg414

    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


    This reminds me of the old V3 days where we had the other scavenger hunt in Feb. I tried so hard to catch that lev 5 mystic Dratini female but never found one. I cleared all missions till mission 5 but after that was all bad times. I even tried catching that same on my mobile and even on laptop but was unsuccessful. Hope this event is not like that hard scavenger hunt. I remember I had bunked on 9th Feb cause the scavenger hunt would start. But, unfortunately the event was postponed. R.I.P that attendance for the day.
  8. If you are playing this game from V2 then it's sad cause everyone has to restart in V3 and all V2 stuff was deleted. If you are playing from V3 then you should be very happy cause V3 got carried forward to V4 all your things are safe. But bdggg is not registered may be you typed your username wrong.
  9. It's working 100% fine here. May be some fault at your end. If you tried using vortex at 7:15 (server time) its the back up time and it would not work for everyone for around 3 minutes.
  10. Removing premium pokes is a bad idea. They can stop the current ones and introduce new store pokemons / premium pokemons.
  11. There is no point of sending the screenshots. Trading the account for real money is against the Terms Of Service (TOS) which you agreed while creating your account. Never trade your account for real money.
  12. You need to be very careful while trading for codes. This is entirely at your risk. Instead of offering first you should have asked him to send the code. You need to provide screen shots so that the staff can take action. Blaming the person without any proof would not work.
  13. Still wondering what are the events that will be obtainable through the Mystery boxes from November 1st 2019? This forum post will help you to know which event will be available. The following pokes will be obtainable through Mystery boxes from 1st November 2019!! All the previous events that is- Volcanion Piakchu cosplays they are - Pikachu (Belle), Pikachu (Libre), Pikachu (Ph.D.), Pikachu (Pop Star) & Pikachu (Rock Star). Kyurem forms they are - Kyurem (White) & Kyurem (Black). Zygarde forms they are - Zygarde (Core), Zygarde (Partial) & Zygarde (Complete). Vivillon forms they are - Vivillon (Pokeball) & Vivivllon (Fancy). Arceus (Water). Rotom (Pokedex). Arceus (Electric). Deoxys forms they are - Deoxys (Attack), Deoxys (Defense) & Deoxys (Speed). Arceus (Ice). Arceus (Dark). Floette (Eternal). Keldeo (Resolute). Therian forms they are - Tornadus (Therian), Thundurus (Therian) & Landorus (Therian). Arceus (Fighting). Genesect (Blaze). Arceus Trifecta forms they are - Arceus (Grass), Arceus (Steel) & Arceus (Rock). 18. Genesect (Ice). every past event Pokémon will be included and as events are rolled out and end, that Pokémon will join the Mystery Box Pokémon pool. New Arrivals! 1) Magearna Available from 1st November 2019. Faq's 1) Why is Christmas and Halloween events not added into this list? Ans) They are seasonal event pokemons. They will not be obtainable through mystery boxes. 2) When is this update into action? Ans) You can get all previous event pokemon's through Mystery Boxes from 1st November 2019. 3) Where can we get Mystery Boxes? Ans) You can buy them from the Pokemon Vortex store or buy they through Pokebay auctions. 4) Will the future event be added into the rarity pool? Ans) Yes, each and every event poke will join the Mystery Box rarity pool, except the seasonals like Christmas, Halloween etc. 5) Why is Porygon forms not in this list? Ans) You can obtain Porygon forms by placing in top 100 in a season. 6) Why is Furfrou forms not in this list? Ans) Furfrou forms are always pokebay exclusive auctions and will be back on pokebay from time to time. 7) Why is Cosmog not in this list? Ans) Cosmog is obtainable only through Pokemon Vortex Discord quizzes. Hope this post helped you guys.
  14. You can click on certain poke and drag it. Then you can move them.
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