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  1. omg414

    Idea Bank

    I had this idea few months back but we do not need a bank in vortex which gives loans its fun earning money through battles and Mystery Boxes!
  2. we must all thank you for the Arceus (Fighting)event it was fun testing our luck and this event was surely was in different form.


    I enjoyed the event very much!

    we hope there is events in different manner coming in the near future.

    1. porymon



      The event was cool.

      (And thats coming from me) : D

  3. My very kind friend @gaurav786 gifted me a Dark Arceus (Fighting) today and I am very happy special thnx to gaurav786 my close mate from a very long time
  4. omg414

    Contest Most damage dealt wins

    My username omg414
  5. omg414

    Feedback In-Game Clock

    the daily login prize uses server time
  6. omg414

    Idea Name change store.

    I would say no to this as scammers can change their names and scam or any other ways to misuse
  7. omg414

    General want to win $1million?

    lol you can try u r best you will surely cross 10mil
  8. omg414

    The Fighting God


    Yay another Arceus form event!
  9. Does the login prize affect our time zone? 

    1. Auke1993


      No. Things like daily log-in rewards still use server time.

  10. omg414

    Resolved Clock not showing

    Vortex update just came out today where new ultra beast where added to the game like . The general,trades chat room where removed. The clock is not seen as the clock is removed and you have to pick out your time zone in options tab which is placed towards your left hand side.
  11. omg414

    Report Someone scammed me and stole my pokemons

    Minson gave the account to MostGorgeousAsian to catch the event pokes during the therian event but unfortunately this happened!
  12. if a existing member already has donor role on his account, Now he buys premium subscription will his account type appear as only Premium or Premium and donor?

  13. Can't we change our Email in the coming update?? 



  14. omg414

    Answered Are there any new pokemon to be added?

    Yea there are many ultra beasts to be added and ,' will be added after coming of next update. There are many pokes which are not released yet they can take forms of events or exclusive auctions! ,and many more yet to be released..
  15. 1st reason the next pokemon vortex update (the big update) is coming soon where mobile players are encouraged and dragon mobile map is being released!(Mobile players get a lot of advantage!) 2nd reason many people have issue with many games on play store. 3rd reason there is no necessity I see that the app should be made the game is fine like this! 4th reason Pokemon Vortex is developed a lot and I am speaking in 2 terms here. 1st term many people are joining vortex after V4 and it's growing day by day. 2nd term After Mystery Box update the game is earning a lot also you could by Premium pokemon from store so many people buy it time to time. Pokemon vortex is earning well and shall continue. There is another drawback of making the app that is Many rivals of vortex may advertise that the app is not good or affects your system with virus and bla bla. These can be the reasons!