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  1. Check your in game item inventory. Then go to the promocodes section. The store codes generally never expires.
  2. Hope you know some button called block button exists in vortex.
  3. Dear Fodn, I like your idea. I like this concept of introducing coins for seasonals. I also like your idea where you say the pokemon should be caught in that season only. But, lemme tell you the other parts as well. Some people would want to train their event pokemon they obtained long time ago. That will be a draw back there. And with the coins thing, it is that we already know the few ppl who has a lot of help from others and they do seasonals. Even tho there is one login session now but there are few accounts where people do seasons together. That should be stopped is
  4. Its a very nice idea to keep those pokes in circulation and maintaining the rarity rather than making it unobtainable. I am with it!
  5. It would be nice if they could introduce custom card for game profile just like in discord. Also increasing the word limit in the bio section would be nice.
  6. Man nice! Shuckle Shuckle everywhere........................................................................... Gg Shuckle master! When 25k Shuckle?
  7. By buying from Pokemon Vortex store located here on the forums itself. Here is the link: https://forums.pokemon-vortex.com/store/category/3-subscriptions/
  8. I guess its not yet released. When its available we will all know.
  9. If you have premium membership you can nick name any pokes that is your OT and non OT. But, if you are just a member you can nick name only your OT pokes. Nick names cannot include some abusive words or special characters like < / etc. That is for the pokemon ^ But, if you want to change your username then its impossible right now.
  10. Considering your second point there already exists a way to sort pokemon by types. Considering your last point I feel they could make a command on Discord same like the !dupes command for the duped pokes.
  11. Firstly when you are reporting please explain in detail so the staff can understand and take actions. For instance your report should contain how did that happen and when did it happen and it came into your notice? Again how can you blame them for the guilt? You need to have solid proofs to report them. If you want you can report with multiple screen shots which enhance your proof. If you do not give proper instances and proof nothing can be done.
  12. As of now Alolan region and Galar region do not drop any avatars.
  13. You can find all pokes from gen 1 to gen 7 for sure on both the maps that is legacy maps and the new live maps. But if you wanna encounter gen 8 pokes then its only available on the live maps. The same applies with legendary pokemons. For Pokemon Vortex exclusives like Dratini forms and Darkrown they appear both on legacy maps and on live maps. The criteria being all gyms should be complete.
  14. The old accounts that was created in V3 and V4 have an option to access the legacy maps. The new accounts that were created cannot access the legacy maps.
  15. This is not a bug. This happens when a player is banned.
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