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  1. omg414

    Unanswered Are there any new pokemon to be added?

    Yea there are many ultra beasts to be added and ,' will be added after coming of next update. There are many pokes which are not released yet they can take forms of events or exclusive auctions! ,and many more yet to be released..
  2. 1st reason the next pokemon vortex update (the big update) is coming soon where mobile players are encouraged and dragon mobile map is being released!(Mobile players get a lot of advantage!) 2nd reason many people have issue with many games on play store. 3rd reason there is no necessity I see that the app should be made the game is fine like this! 4th reason Pokemon Vortex is developed a lot and I am speaking in 2 terms here. 1st term many people are joining vortex after V4 and it's growing day by day. 2nd term After Mystery Box update the game is earning a lot also you could by Premium pokemon from store so many people buy it time to time. Pokemon vortex is earning well and shall continue. There is another drawback of making the app that is Many rivals of vortex may advertise that the app is not good or affects your system with virus and bla bla. These can be the reasons!
  3. omg414

    Giveaway Easter Giveaway

    I bid 21mil on shiny La reine code My ign omg414
  4. Are you new to the game and you dream about having a Mystery Box pokemon of your own and you still have got none??? OR You want a Missingno. Pokemon of your own?? For all your needs we present 6X Missingno. Promo code giveaway!!!!!!!! How will you enter this contest?? Just follow 2 simple steps- 1) Join our Discord server where we run giveaways most often. Our server link https://discord.gg/dkZSxKB 2) Find #Giveaway Channel in our server and react with the Tada. Also note- 1) Each Missingno. Promo code giveaway lasts for 4 days. 2) If you win 1 time you cannot enter second time this is for a fair chance for everyone! 3) Some people are banned from our server for spamming those people will not be able to enter the server. Have a good time! ALL THE BEST!!!!
  5. We will be giving away a . The giveaway begins on 15th at 10:00 AM (IST) April Monday and ends on 16th April Tuesday! how will you enter?? 1) Join our discord server https://discord.gg/dkZSxKB 2) React to tada in #giveaway channel. DO NOT HATE MONDAYS AMY MORE AS WE WILL BE GIVING AWAY MORE ON COMING MONDAYS!!
  6. omg414

    Giveaway Giveaway!!!

    Congo @adrsh2146 (jo$h) You won Missingno. Promocode.. Every one see you next time in the same server !!!!! Join our server for more giveaways!https://discord.gg/dkZSxKB
  7. omg414

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    he is rarely online these days i am talking about fodn
  8. omg414

    Idea Fan-made Mega Evolutions

    yes after that they can but i do not like fan made megas
  9. omg414

    Giveaway Marky's Giveaways #BFTL

    The answer of question The owner of pokemon vortex is porymon
  10. omg414

    General Pokemons that We Are Missing!

    I found my after many long days!!!
  11. omg414

    Contest Shadow Fairy......with exp

    who won?
  12. omg414

    Giveaway Giveaway!!!

    1 last day left for giveaway to get over make sure you all enter!