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  1. omg414 You should probably stream it on Discord so everyone can see what people win. Thankyou for the giveaway
  2. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indian mates! 🇮🇳

    1. eeveecuteness


      Happy independence day!! 

  3. Only the staff has the right to decide who is innocent and who is not. We cannot assume things or jump into conclusions. Its a very complex case. Me or you cannot decide who is innocent and who is not. We have to wait for the staff. As I said this is a complex case because its ages of rivalry and cunningness. They partner up and one of the partner decided to cheat. All we can do is wait. Also it would be nice if Geezgod comes up with a report or proof. You are a third person. We will have more clarity when the person himself makes the topic and explains the situation and he can tell us what exactly happened.
  4. You should never give your password to anyone. The disadvantage of sharing accounts and passwords turns out to be a scam in many cases. And he does not need your password to send any promocodes. They can either send it to you on Discord or you can get it through in game message system and you could redeem it. Just telling that you got scammed will not work. You need to provide proof.
  5. Also if you are not the original trainer you cannot nick name the poke unless you have premium membership.
  6. It mostly happens when you do not complete the battle fully. Maybe you forgot to click the continue button.
  7. 1) How if there was a way like exclusive auctions run every hour in the month of October? So, in a day 24 random Unown avatars would be put into circulation. 2) How if it was awarded defeating a clan leader in clan battles. Criteria being the clan leaders from top 100 clans.
  8. You can see your seasonal rank in the seasonal board even when you are not in top 100. It does show up when you have done something in that seasonal for it to count you in. The others what you asked is not visible in members tab. But, you can see your local and global rank in Discord by checking your card. I feel it will be nice if you can see your rank for other things on members tab.
  9. Its always suggested to get trained from trusted trainers. You will have to give evidence like the screen shots containing the chat with the guy. If you have the id of the poke you can track its status if you are on Discord. Without any evidence nothing can be done.
  10. There is no option to delete your account in the present or don't expect it to be there in the future. Patrick has told several times that is never coming. If you don't want to play just don't play. When you feel like playing then come back again.
  11. That is not a bug. We got level 5 legendary pokes during the Christmas Hatchathon event.
  12. Items cannot be traded in here. The only stuff that can be traded is Pokemons and different codes. Items can be only auctioned. Its better if you submit all the proof to the staff. Without proof nothing can be done. You can post the screen shots here on forums or message the developers on Discord.
  13. Please read the Terms of Service... And what you are asking is clearly against the TOS
  14. Recently I trained on mobile for a few days. With my experience I can say that I would most of the time click the status page or select some other pokemon in the team. Which is annoying. So, what if we had a way to lock a pokemon slot while we are training? It would be really nice. Also, I would end up selecting some other attack rather than selecting the right one. What if we had a way to lock the attack too? This would stop us from selecting another pokemon from the team or selecting some other attack.
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