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  1. I have some ideas. They are as follows: What if we had rains on live maps? Like they could add the rain feature to the places where there is water. Also it would be very nice if we have the seasons on the maps. It would look more interesting. I feel the map graphics settings can be moved to the options tab. I also feel that there should be an option to disable members on the live maps. Because when you opt to exit full screen mode and opt for low graphics, it looks like too clustered when there are many people roaming on the same patch of grass. Also another idea where normal members can reset the names of the pokes they get through auction or trades. Like normal members can only remove the nick names of the pokes for like 5k pkd.
  2. This is against the fair game play. If you cheat your account will be banned. Try playing in a fair way.
  3. Well no one can give an exact reason why an account was banned except the staff themselves. Account is banned on following bases: 1) Scamming. 2) Automated game play. You might have broken the Terms of service (TOS) which you agreed while creating your account.
  4. An account is not banned simply. It may be some scamming issue or you might have broken the terms of service (TOS) which you accepted while creating your account.
  5. When the event details are out we will all know. As of now we do not know anything.
  6. omg414

    Answered meowth

    Meowth is on route 3.
  7. You can redo the sidequests or ask someone who is there or who will reach there to evolve it for you. Or you can buy the evolutions through auctions too.
  8. That is what I just told. In order to reach Dusty Bowl in sidequests the battle count is 1918 and 1919
  9. Dustly bowl is in Galarian sidequests. The battle count is 1918 and 1919
  10. They can be obtained upon completing Galarian sidequests. For the Alcremie forms you need their sweets to evolve. Dusty bowl is a location in sidequests.
  11. Firstly it is not hard to earn poke dollars. Secondly if things are very very easy then it will not have value and no fun obtaining them. Sidequests is one of the quick ways to earn poke dollars. Recently some time ago the money drop rate after completing the sidequests region was increased. You now get around 1m+ after completing a region in sidequests. Also players obtain poke dollars by opening mystery boxes. The way how it is running currently is fine. This would also change the structure how the pokebay is working right now. Many people would not participate in auctions as this is the alternative method. Coming to your getting out bid in an auction. If you want it anyhow pay more than the other person. To conclude I am not happy with your idea.
  12. Adding them right away will not be good. There were many ultra beasts and legendary avatars which were added. So in order to obtain them you have to catch them and it has very less chance of dropping the avatar. May be they can do it later.
  13. Pokemon vortex staff have made mobile verification necessary for members to access their discord server. You will have to verify your phone number. You will have to input your phone number and you will get a conformation code from discord team on your mobile. Then you have to type the code there on discord and verify its you. Step 1) Step 2)
  14. Your question is incomplete. Please do complete your question so people can understand.
  15. The new maps have 2 hours day / night cycle. Everyone shares the same time in this world, so it's fair that everyone can experience both day and night spawn in a reasonable amount of time.
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