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  1. Items cannot be traded in here. The only stuff that can be traded is Pokemons and different codes. Items can be only auctioned. Its better if you submit all the proof to the staff. Without proof nothing can be done. You can post the screen shots here on forums or message the developers on Discord.
  2. Please read the Terms of Service... And what you are asking is clearly against the TOS
  3. Recently I trained on mobile for a few days. With my experience I can say that I would most of the time click the status page or select some other pokemon in the team. Which is annoying. So, what if we had a way to lock a pokemon slot while we are training? It would be really nice. Also, I would end up selecting some other attack rather than selecting the right one. What if we had a way to lock the attack too? This would stop us from selecting another pokemon from the team or selecting some other attack.
  4. Going with your first idea there are a few positive points and negative points to be looked upon: Negative: What if people complete small regions of sidequests and then reset it and again complete it? Example: Someone does Kanto and resets and does it again. Positive: More Melmetals will be put in circulation. Instead of making it available after completion of every region, I feel its better if its rewarded after we finish the Alolan sidequests. Like 5x could be rewarded more with the actual existing prizes.
  5. Its highly suggested to trade with trusted users. The same thing applies when you are giving your poke for a exp job. But, it does happen sometimes. I suggest you to message the developers with proof and screen shots. The risk is always high when you are getting a profitable deal when the market now goes upto 4-5.5m pd for 1m exp training.
  6. I am afraid to tell that you are using the wrong category for advertising your exp rates.
  7. Any changes should be carefully done and when it comes to pokebay auctions and clan changes you have to be more careful. Mistakes can happen. But, as a duty of a leader you should have advised properly to the guy whom you transferred the ownership for a while. So, lets wait and see what happens.
  8. has 100% catch rate while catching a pokemon (Legends / staters / commons) They have 0% catch rate with Ultra Beast pokes. You must also press the continue button after using a master ball. Or it would not have any effect.
  9. For store purchase issues, you can raise a ticket if the promo codes is not delivered or there is something else you want related to store. You can also message the dev's on Discord. Raising the ticket will help resolve your issue better.
  10. Check your in game item inventory. Then go to the promocodes section. The store codes generally never expires.
  11. Hope you know some button called block button exists in vortex.
  12. Dear Fodn, I like your idea. I like this concept of introducing coins for seasonals. I also like your idea where you say the pokemon should be caught in that season only. But, lemme tell you the other parts as well. Some people would want to train their event pokemon they obtained long time ago. That will be a draw back there. And with the coins thing, it is that we already know the few ppl who has a lot of help from others and they do seasonals. Even tho there is one login session now but there are few accounts where people do seasons together. That should be stopped is
  13. Its a very nice idea to keep those pokes in circulation and maintaining the rarity rather than making it unobtainable. I am with it!
  14. It would be nice if they could introduce custom card for game profile just like in discord. Also increasing the word limit in the bio section would be nice.
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