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  1. I feel there should be a option to pack the promo-code of cosmog promo-code. I have no problem with the time limit that is 1 hour validity. But by packing the promo-code we will have the sense of safety. As someone else could guess the promo-code and redeem it.
  2. omg414

    Idea Few Pokemon ideas for PV

    Mate I like the existing Pikachu forms and I do not like all the above fan made Pikachu forms.. Some lack serious designs and sprites and the existing ones are good.
  3. omg414

    Unanswered Problem

    It sometimes happens when your internet is slow
  4. Happy Independence Day to all my fellow Indian mates!

    1. rotoms5


      Thank you And same to you 

    2. waybig


      Thx m8 I was inactive lol

  5. omg414

    Idea New Avatars

    I personally feel they should add shadow,metallic,mystic,dark avatars. Normal and shiny Darkrai avatar already exists so they need to add the other variant avatars too..
  6. omg414

    Contest Pory's Promo Code Contest

    and if someone wins also i don not think porymon will give some good prize
  7. omg414

    Idea New Ideas!

    Mate I did not mean that I told in the daily login calendar the always appears on the day we login. So instead of that I told it!
  8. Hi already shinyred uploaded the screenshot there, bcos I am unable to upload pls help to get my  mettalic deoxys attack back

    1. omg414


      Hope you get them back! Also trade with only trusted users mate!

    2. karthikuu


      Yes thanks I am waiting for the admins pls help and update... 

  9. omg414

    Report Oliver Skype scammed me

    You need to provide screenshots so that the staff can take action! Blaming others without screenshot will not help.. Also do these kinds of trade with trusted players only!
  10. omg414

    Idea New Ideas!

    I feel that premium members should have access to the event before 30 minutes than normal members... There should be extension for promocode expiry for premium members they should get 1 more day extra (extend date of expiry by 1 day for only premium members) I also feel that Daily Login Calendar should have different unowns on different days that is for example: On Mondays there should be On Tuesdays there should be On Wednesdays there should be And so on...... we should also have a feature when we click on certain date of login in the calendar it should should what prize we had got for the daily login... For special occasions (events/Exclusive auctions) the calendar should be highlighted in different colours... These we my ideas. Thnx for reading.
  11. omg414

    Idea Few ideas for PV

    You don't need this tho you can search in all pokemons by sorting highest experience You can connect your account on discord and this is also there Bad idea I prefer avatars how they are now! We don't need their promos.. The global top trainers show you the highest people who are owning highest number of pokemon in percentage and its also shown for battles you need to sort them XD
  12. I am really not sure if this is a bug or its already reported.. The Arceus (Ice) promos which are out on Mystery Boxes this month when redeemed it still shows edition 1 but they are supposed to be edition 2.. All the other events like Arceus (water) & (Electric) have edition 2.. This pic is taken from view all pokemon (Hypersnailgaming)
  13. omg414

    Answered Mystery box prizes

    Yes all the previous events will be available on the mystery boxes from 1st November 2019 except the seasonals like christmas,Halloween will not be there.. Even the future events will join the mystery box after the event is over hope this helps All the pokes like volcanions and zygrade forms which were part of monthly pokemon before will be back!
  14. omg414

    Genesect Genesis v2


    or or
  15. omg414

    Tartışma Avatar'ın faydası var mı _?

    Avatar oyunu hiçbir şekilde etkilemez! Sadece profilinizi geliştirmek / daha iyi görünmesini sağlamak içindir. Bazı avatarlar nadirdir, bu yüzden pokebay'deki özel açık artırmalarla tanıtıldılar. Umarım bu size yardımcı oldu