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The idea is adding daily quests it will have 3 easy ones and 2 hard one...
EG: 1. Catch 5 pokemons
      2. Win a auctions
      3. Train a pokemon to level 46

Hard 4. Catch a Dark Turtonator (Male)

      5. Catch Pichu (Male)
The completion of All Quests will earn pokedollars from 150k-300k or a rare pokemon like bagon, eeve or unique starters or legendary(only for people who finished all gyms and frontiers)which are not unique legendary only works if done all quests

New players have a chance to trade and get money easily
Players who get legendary pokemon can start they own trade shops in forums
Everyone gets a chance in winning Patrick's Auctions

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The best idea EVER!

I hope Patrick sees this

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