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Ancient Pokemon  

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  1. 1. Should Ancient Pokemon Return?

    • Yes! i love them and really want to see them again! Even if their status is different than before.
    • No, they are a thing of the past- Pun intended :)
    • Yes! And it would be really cool if they were rarer to find than other forms (50x, 100x, etc).This would make them very special to find and provide more excitement on the maps :)
    • Other (List idea below)

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I was thinking about what I miss, any changes I want or any ideas about how to make the game a bit more interesting. One things that keeps coming to my mind is Ancient Magikarp.  These sprites were so cool looking, and even if they return with different statuses, I think a lot of other players agree it would be really fun to have them back. One idea I have as well is that they could be rarer than any other form... Maybe like 10x or 100x the rarity of shiny/dark/metallic/mystic/shadow? This would add a new element into vortex and I know people would love it too :) Feel free to provide feedback/support.


Edit: I guess comments are disabled on this poll for some reason, its too bad since its better to hear feedback... One person (Other) did recommend a newer form (Crystal/Prism) instead of returning Ancient.

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I do believe it would be amazingly fun to have yet another form in-game, but increasing rarity seems a bit outrageous: IIRC, unique forms are ten times less common than normal forms, and Legendary Pokemon are ten times less common than unique forms. While this may be (and probably is) incorrect, it's still a gauge worth noting when considering the rarity. Maybe, for a different boost, since you didn't add an idea for one in your post, is to have them with 25% better accuracy, or maybe immune to status effects like burn or sleep.

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On 2/20/2017 at 0:41 PM, SquirrelKing CabanaBoy said:

Bring Ancient Pokemon back as an event Pokemon- they shouldn't be listed in the Pokedex, but if you have an Ancient form of a Pokemon than it would count as Metallic in the Pokedex. They should have the same effect as Metallic.

Why metallic?

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