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Idea New Pokedex System from Pokémon Legends: Arceus

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For those who have played Pokémon Legends: Arceus (PLA), I'm sure you're familiar with the Pokedex system that works in terms of research level (lv 1 - lv 10) based on the research tasks performed (i.e. catch 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 bidoof, bidoof use tackle 1, 3, 5, 10, 25 times, etc.) Not sure if everyone's aware of this, but if you perform ALL the tasks required for a Pokémon in PLA, you get a "Perfect" badge in your Pokedex! (https://imgur.com/JtRXkdy)


My idea for Pokémon Vortex is that we can implement a system to further complete / research your Pokedex. For example, for caterpie, you have to catch 25 of it, use tackle 25 times, evolve 5 of it, etc. If the player completes the tasks set for the Pokemon, there will be a glow around the Pokemon's pokeball in the player's Pokedex. 

There should also be an added component on top of "2,000 of 7,572 unique Pokémon" on the player's profile. It can be "Research complete for 1,000 of X Pokémon".


I see the PV system kinda working like this:


For caterpie 
* Catch 10 normal, 2 dark, 2 metallic, 2 mystic, 2 shadow, 2 shiny caterpie
* Use Move A 25 times, use Move B 25 times, etc. 
* Evolve 5 normal, 1 dark, 1 metallic, 1 mystic, 1 shadow, 1 shiny caterpie into metapod
* More research tasks, etc. 


If the player performs all these research tasks, they will get a research complete for CATERPIE (includes all variants). Players will not need to do specific research task for each variant of caterpie as that might be a bit crazy.


I know this is somewhat of a big idea but it's a dream feature of mine for PV. That's how I see new PLA Pokedex system being implemented in PV. And if this can be implemented, it gives existing / longtime players so so so much more to do and to research more Pokémon and become Pokémon masters! Wheeee~


Happy to hear your feedback 🙂 

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