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Hello, This message is brought to you by cc31, a HUGE fan of one piece


Hello people. This is an idea that I thought about for some time, and thought that would come to life. I thought that a good idea to add could be One Piece themed Pokemon, all based of of the said characters personalities. I am not a good designer, so I only come here today with the ideas of the said Pokemon, but these are just ideas as to what Pokemon become One Piece themed, considering the growth of popularity in One Piece...:


Monkey D. Luffy: Infernape with Straw hat, Jean shorts, and red button coat

Zoro: Scyther holding Honedge or regular sword in its mouth, along with green bandanna on head

Nami: Raichu holding staff and wearing jeans and buttoned up stripe shirt

Sanji: Blaziken or Blaziken-Mega wearing a tuxedo with a blue tie

Ussopp: Ussopp as a Nuzleaf-Basically this

Chopper:Stantler wearing Chopper signature hat-images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQ6Tyz0R4gQXsJB6_Yo2PB-Then Wearing Maroon Pants

Nico Robin: Runerigus with Shadow-like black hair and flower skirt

Franky: Golurk (or Melmetal) with cybernetic-like limbs and Sharp edged glasses-Franky Glasses

Brooke:Brooke as Duskull-Basically this

Jinbei: Kingdra with Jinbei hair-Jinbei Hair, large fangs, and jinbei robe


I know this sounds kind of stupid, but tbh is would be kind of cool, especially Luffy

Tell me what you think in comments



cc31, a One Piece fan


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On 8/4/2023 at 8:01 PM, cc31 said:

I think Rayquaza (Kaido) could also work

I love ur ideas

I would personally love a Sabo (Charizard) or a Torkoal (Smoker) or maybe even a Guzzlord (Blackbeard)

Weezing (Smoker) goes hard

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