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Just an idea - Some unreleased Pokemon (aerodactyl fossil and kabutops fossil may be good candidates here) can be set as "Pokemon Vortex Milestone Rewards". See below for some sample milestone reward structures. These Pokemon should be awarded as the Pokemon itself (not promo code) so the account with the milestone achievement will be the Pokemon's OT. 


Unique Pokemon Count (maybe OT Unique Pokemon Count to prevent the transfer of Pokemon from one account to another to claim multiple rewards) 

2,000 - Kabutops (Fossil)

3,000 - Dark Kabutops (Fossil)

4,000 - Metallic Kabutops (Fossil)

5,000 - Mystic Kabutops (Fossil)

6,000 - Shadow Kabutops (Fossil)

7,000 - Shiny Kabutops (Fossil)


Battle Wins 

5,000 - Aerodactyl (Fossil)

10,000 - Dark Aerodactyl (Fossil)

25,000 - Metallic Aerodactyl (Fossil)

50,000 - Mystic Aerodactyl (Fossil)

100,000 - Shadow Aerodactyl (Fossil)

250,000 - Shiny Aerodactyl (Fossil)

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