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So I've heard that Pokémon Vortex V6, when it comes out, can potentially have live battling, which I thought was a really cool idea! Anyways, after reading a few other posts in this sub-forum, I thought of something else that could be implemented in the game. I haven't really looked into any of the pros or cons of this, but I thought of like a tournament, sort of. And special things could be given when this tournament is won. To put it clearly, it's a battle tower-like idea, but instead of a race to get more points than the others, you face off against other players. And to maybe regulate this, you have to have all ribbons collected, or have to be in a clan, or something like that. Or, we could have qualifiers, like season battle tower battles, and you have to beat them without being beaten by the team in order to enter the tournament. Let me know on what you think about this idea! 😃

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