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  1. As to your first question, I have no idea. But I can answer your second question, and the answer is no, nothing special has been revealed yet. The next event we can expect is May the 4th, and as far as I know (don't trust everything I say btw), there's no info on anything later than that. Hope this helps!
  2. Maybe you've applied some sort of setting to your chat? Did you recently play around with the settings? Even if not, try changing the settings up. Hope this helps!
  3. Agreed, and maybe Impidimp could work better as well. I have a couple ideas: Dialga Kingambit? Steelix Drapion?
  4. That's cool...but imagine Grimer (Gollum)!
  5. I've thought of another idea - Fantasy tie-ins! We already have Star Wars Pokemon. Why not add Fantasy Pokemon? This might be a little hard to achieve, but I believe that Fantasy Pokemon could be added to the game. Me being a huge fan of Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, I would love to see LOTR or LOTR-esque Pokemon added into the game. Also, we could add like a story-based event introducing these characters, where you're in your own fantasy story! Here's my idea of a story. Here goes: "New scientists have discovered ancient runes that, when decoded, told the story of a legendary race of Pokemon who were raised by mystical creatures up in the mountains. These Pokemon are very valuable, and, after these mystical creatures have become myths, learned the way of the creatures to preserve their culture." So anyway, players could compete to uncover the mystery of these Pokemon, and get a reward out of doing this, like receiving the Pokemon. Hopefully I'm not being too obnoxious with these ideas! 😅
  6. All of these ideas are great! I'd like to add a couple: 1. Construction! I think it would be great if, as a community, a map/route could be constructed. But, like Patrick mentioned earlier, this would be hard to maintain, as people LOVE trolling (human tendency, I guess). So to control that, an authorization system can be implemented. Handpicked players can construct a map as a team, and, if someone gets out of control, their construction privileges will be lost. 2. I've already posted a topic on this, and I'd just like to point it out - tournaments. 3. Pokemon Vortex has already taken inspiration from other Pokemon games, like Pokemon Go (Meltan Candy), so I think this idea is worth a shot! How about Pokemarts (OR they can be bought from the Vortex Store, like Mystery Boxes, or the Season Shop) also sell Pokemon booster packs, boxes, ETBs, etc. and another competition in the game is to see who has the best cards? So like an entirely new cosmetic overall. Cards can also be sold for Pokecoins (is that what the currency is called? idk). 4. Lore/Secret Quests. I would LOVE to see secret things, like an entire new story, implemented into the game, and all players would be frantically searching for clues around the map to solve this story. And once this story is solved, you'll uncover some great secret like a new themed Pokemon (An example I've made: Darth Maul Crobat). Welp, that's all my semi-creative brain can think of. Are these good ideas?
  7. So I've heard that Pokémon Vortex V6, when it comes out, can potentially have live battling, which I thought was a really cool idea! Anyways, after reading a few other posts in this sub-forum, I thought of something else that could be implemented in the game. I haven't really looked into any of the pros or cons of this, but I thought of like a tournament, sort of. And special things could be given when this tournament is won. To put it clearly, it's a battle tower-like idea, but instead of a race to get more points than the others, you face off against other players. And to maybe regulate this, you have to have all ribbons collected, or have to be in a clan, or something like that. Or, we could have qualifiers, like season battle tower battles, and you have to beat them without being beaten by the team in order to enter the tournament. Let me know on what you think about this idea! 😃
  8. yo can i join? i'm active 5/7 days of the week.
  9. That's true... we haven't seen anything for a while (no offense devs!).
  10. I've been thinking, it feels like forever since there was last an event in PV. But just my thoughts. How do you guys feel?
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