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I'll just post all my suggestions here:

Select all or a limit by type feature
Select all would help transfer pokemon to storages. Downside is it makes it easier to scam others.
Limit by type feature: Select certain types to trade. Ex: Only Shadow type pokemon will appear when offering on a poke.

Set a team and switch to it.
Ex: Save a team with a label Team A. In the future, if you want the same team composition, you can change your team to "Team A" in Change Team.

View All Pokemon:
Choose the number of pokemon displayed per page
Sort by level

Wonder Trade:
I think few, if any, will use the Wonder Trade. Most people will not put their spare uniques in WT, unless they are being generous, when they can trade them off with other users for uniques they want. Therefore, WT should be changed so that if a player puts in a unique, they must get a unique. Unique legendaries, unique events, and events should have their own categories as well. Depending on how others feel about legendaries, legendaries should be put in their own category.
This implementation would make WT more useful.

I'll think of more.
Most recent edit will be in red for a day.

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Reserve unique pokemon for their evolutions. Ex: Reserve 2 Dark Zorua (1 Dark Zorua and another for Dark Zoroark)
When going to View All Pokemon, there's an option "Show Reserved Pokemon". This way, we can easily put our spare uniques on trade.
Doesn't matter how its done, but some feature that lets us easily separate our spares from what we need to keep.

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