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Fatih Çınar

Looking For Unique Leggies

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I'm looking for these







Mystic CobalionMystic DarkrownMystic DeoxysMystic GiratinaMystic JirachiMystic KeldeoMystic MewMystic MewtwoMystic RaikouMystic RayquazaMystic ReshiramMystic SuicuneMystic VictiniMystic Xerneas (Active)Mystic VirizionMystic ZekromMystic Zygarde





 Dark CobalionDark DarkrownDark DeoxysDark GiratinaDark JirachiDark KeldeoDark MewDark MewtwoDark RaikouDark RayquazaDark ReshiramDark SuicuneDark VictiniDark Xerneas (Active)Dark VirizionDark ZekromDark Zygarde


Giving Uniques like Dark MudkipMystic Litwick etc. Offer your unique legendary and ask how many uniques you want.





I can give normal 100 levels for unique legends.Again offer your uniques and ask how many 100 levels you want

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