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  1. i agree, the v3 one looks more defined, whereas the v4 one is too bright.
  2. ign - glaceon001 thanks for the giveaway
  3. do you have an empty slot on your team? if so, capture another pokemon, then try again.
  4. make sure you click on the "all pokemon" tab, and look through the list. if it is a unique pokemon, then make sure you look where that type of pokemon would be alphabetically (e.g. a shadow sableye will be next to a shadow salamance, not next to a normal sableye)
  5. Bug and water both have no immunities; they can't be immune to any attacking moves
  6. whenever i look at one of my sold auctions on the "sold" tab, it displays a lower sold price than the last bid put onto the auction, e.g. my , last bid was [2,978,679], but it shows the sold price as [2,680,811] under the "sold" tab.
  7. 1. belgium 2. thibaut courtois 3. yea, but i don't usually watch it 4. yea, you're alright
  8. if you go to "change team", if you look just above the two boxes, you will see a button called "all your pokemon". click that button. there, you can choose the pokemon you want on your team and the one to take off your team.
  9. i think that it's a bad idea, because: - some people like to train on separate account - if you have a rare pokemon that has lots of experience on it, it would be much more difficult to negotiate it, since you would be trading away a pokemon that you worked hard on, and they would be recieving that same pokemon without it what you can do instead : (seems kinda stupid, but) you can have a separate area for trading experience, that has to be approved by a mod after it has been confirmed by both sides (so that it's legit)(i know it's stupid)
  10. andare what im looking for, pm me if you have either or any questions
  11. looking for &[dark (a) & metallic (k)] pm me here or on my ign glaceon001
  12. what would 1 million exp on a pokemon be worth?
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