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  1. Uniques

    You need 6 Pokemon list UP FOR TRADE. That is a forum rule.
  2. Clan

    I have thought long and hard about this. First : You can't share potions... Second I would like to join, IGN is Pa3ick and I would like to be called, "Dogandmusic69" ty.
  3. Universal

    Depends which ones you choose? Choose 4 and we will see. @hhh123 Can you offer Mystic Buizel, Mystic Flabebe (Orange), Mystic Growlithe, Mystic Heatmor, Shadow Aipom, Shadow Darumaka, Shadow Flabebe (Red), Shadow Happiny, Shadow Goomy, Shadow Illumise, on a crappy poke UFT on IGN Pheonix_Lancing
  4. Universal

    I can give you three really rare legends like the Shiny Rayquaza and stuff or 5 mid rarity! Ok? Reported, Patrick will now ban you. Thanks so much! I will let you know what I need. Thanks for being a good friend! What IGN do you want? I have a main account, legend storage, spare uniques storage and event storage. @Uncle_Psychic <_>
  5. what is your username


    1. GodsWithin


      LancingLegends for legendary Pokemon.

  6. Universal

    If you trade them to me, yes.
  7. Universal

    Welcome to my new trade thread! I am trying to complete my Pre-Evo Dex so check my wishlist for Pokemon I need! Please offer whatever you want! I really need to complete the Dex so I probably will accept it! I can trade my spare Unique Non-Legends for your Unique Non-Legends too! Every 4th-5th successful trade with me will get 1-2 RANDOM Unique Legends!
  8. Idea

    Seems kinda fun thing for geeks who have the time. Not a lot of practicality to it though.
  9. Universal

    Hey Eurstin, Do you have bulk unique non legends for trade?
  10. Universal

    This is kinda old but yes, he PMed me and admitted that he was lying. Basically he used IE to change what it looked like and to an SS to brag lol.
  11. Universal

    No worries, I don't need legends anymore but I do need bulk non legends! Do you have any?
  12. Answered

    Clear Cache, Cookies and History for Chrome. Then try.
  13. Answered

    It is working for me.
  14. Idea

    Not a good idea at all. You can't assume Vortex knows about music. That's akin to me associating each unown with a football player and asking the community to figure it out.