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  1. Pokémon

    Beautiful "banner"
  2. Game

  3. Hello @Patrick please say hi :o I am in need of love 

    1. Patrick
    2. ViralV
    3. GodsWithin


      <3 I can die peacefully now 

  4. Universal

    Ya Pheen what the frick?!? 95 views and 0 replies??? You're terrible at this kys
  5. Idea

    They aren't under appreciated. I bet they're lot of other people who feel more "under appreciated." Wiki Editors are recognized for their contributions...Finally they did have a role on discord but Patrick removed it because he kept having to give it back to them whenever they got kicked.
  6. Pokémon

    Aw guys kiss and make up
  7. Universal

    Never have I ever seen a better offer
  8. Both

    I already asked for something similar like this but it isn't viable
  9. Events

    Normal Rotom Pokedex for 2 Unique Waters?
  10. Universal

    @Mystery_Man for all your fossils?
  11. Events

    Fam let me peace in auction
  12. Game