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  1. Who here plays USUM and/or other Pokemon games? Recently got into those.
  2. has anyone seen @v3567 my bestest m8?

  3. Other Red_Viper's Pokemon Hunts

    @Tyheamma Trades, I believe.
  4. Art God's Signature Wall

    I rarely visit this place unless I am looking for a specific person but I happened to see this and decided why not for old times sake. I'm gonna take @Uncle_Psychic because CnC from him is always lovely. Hope you stay active here and like it mate. @xDarkx13
  5. @VITOLHow many will you gimme m8^^?
  6. Universal Pokebay Auction Thread

    PokéBay Auction Thread Pokebay is a really cool feature introduced in V4 that allows you to put up Pokemon, Items, Pokeballs, Fossils and Avatars which people can bid on. This thread serves the function of letting forum members know that you have auctions that they can bid on. It's quite simple. You can now search for an auction using it's unique "Auction ID" or the creator's username. If you've posted an auction in game, just click on the item and copy the following information so that people can look it up There is also a form that you can alternatively hand fill with the same information if for some odd reason you don't want to copy paste. Enjoy. Here is the information that you need to copy paste: Started By: Patrick Total Bids: 10 Start Price: 25,000 Started: 2:25am on 15-Nov Ends: 2:25am on 16-Nov Auction ID: #0000003055 A screenshot of abovementioned information works as well: And here's the blank form if you're that person: Started By: Total Bids: Start Price: Started: Ends: Auction ID: Please try to use one of the above three methods so it's easier for us poor souls to find your auction that we want to win.
  7. Legendaries Do you want it...? (Legends for Trade)

    Dead thread guys...
  8. With @Patrick's reputation on the line... and when we click on Dark Kyogre (Primal) we get.... ID as requested: ID: #0004791945
  9. Fixed Hidden popup

    It's getting hidden by the ad, correct? I'm guessing Patrick would have to make it so that it doesn't open up to the right but maybe towards the left?
  10. Budew Art

    @eurstin you're ugly
  11. Game Staff vs. Members

  12. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Couple of legends will be a good deal for it in my opinion. The Alolan starters will become regular starters when V4 comes out. Good luck.
  13. Idea Recent Battles tab!

    It's definitely something I haven't heard being suggested. I'll think about adding to this in case I can find some reasoning but about making it easier to battling trainer accounts: -Just add the account as a friend and go to friends and choose it from there. It could be a decent idea if anyone thought of reasoning that would convince Patrick.