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  1. hope this side of the world is doing okay

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. fodnbilal


      this side of the world is dead,lol.


    3. waybig


      I diDn't GeT iT.





    4. fodnbilal
  2. If you're asking about the forum section, you just choose the winners and send them their prize by offering on a low level Pokemon.
  3. Fairly certain there was a forum section for arts etc. What happened?

    1. eurstin


      Yeah, "Art" used to be a tag. Idk where it went :/ 

    2. sportsandmusic69


      Some things were removed since they had little to no activity, so it was cleaned up.

  4. Is there a way to change the forum theme here? When I'm logged out I see a sleeker version but when I log in, it goes back to the old one. 

    1. Patrick


      At the bottom in the site footer.


    2. GodsWithin


      Appreciate it mate. 

  5. Here's my Mike Pence @flamescape I'm unsure if killing the leaderboard is the best idea mainly because the leaderboard is probably the biggest relic of pre v3 days. It's probably the most constant thing that has stood the test of time and kept people interested. People want to climb it and that's a huge part of playing the game. I think maybe nulling how much EXP contributes to you rising in the leaderboard might work. Just make it so that EXP isn't the most valuable/easiest way to climb the board. People who like EXP for aesthetic reasons can continue grinding and those who bot it
  6. didn't know you were coming back :p


    1. Loki


      I never left. I was more inactive than usual due to irl issues, but I generally sign in every other day at best.

  7. I'll answer that for you based on how the staff has responded to such questions in the past. Your account will remain banned because you did something wrong. Start over and stay clean mate. Cheers.
  8. has anyone seen @v3567 my bestest m8?

  9. PokéBay Auction Thread Pokebay is a really cool feature introduced in V4 that allows you to put up Pokemon, Items, Pokeballs, Fossils and Avatars which people can bid on. This thread serves the function of letting forum members know that you have auctions that they can bid on. It's quite simple. You can now search for an auction using it's unique "Auction ID" or the creator's username. If you've posted an auction in game, just click on the item and copy the following information so that people can look it up There is also a form that you can alternatively hand fill with
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