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  1. Art

    your choice, you could save it for later I guess.
  2. Art

    What do you mean xD? Like don't know how to upload it or whether you should use it or not?
  3. Art

    Thank you and enjoy the Avatar!
  4. Universal

    This is a very old post and he hasn't been on since December of 2016...
  5. Art

    Yup on LancingUniques please
  6. Universal

    Pokémon Trade Advice Thread This thread's purpose is for community members to be able to ask for opinions or advice about trade offers of values of Pokémon they own/wish to trade for. Disclaimer: No trade values are set. Any opinions or advice presented in this thread are just that, opinions, and should not be taken as a fact. In the end, it is up to you, you can trade for whatever YOU feel is the right price. That said, feel free to ask me, or any of the community's members for advice on your Pokémon or a trade. Someone will quote you and reply with their opinion which will help you out a bit. Remember you don't have to listen to someone's opinion on the value of your Pokémon on here, you are allowed to have you own. Please post in roughly the following format so it is easier to help you. Your Pokémon (Remember to include type): Other User's Pokémon (Remember to include type): Below are some Encounter Rates of Pokémon , courtesy of Chris, to help you form some of your own decisions as well.
  7. Art

    Anything on LancingUniques please and glad you like it!
  8. Art

    @CaptainX Your request is done. What 5 Unique Non Legends will you be offering?
  9. Art

    @Nutella Navigator Your request is done. What 5 Unique Non-Legends will you be offering? Everyone else has been added to the queue.
  10. Giveaway

    Good luck with your future. IGN: Pheonix_Lancing Nice to have known ya bud
  11. Art

    The Avatar Shop I create avatars for you. Please fill out the form and request one. The price is 5 random Unique Non Legends per avatar. Examples: Request Form: Main Character (Render): Border Yes/No: Color Scheme: Specific Details: Job Queue: Prophecy
  12. Universal

    Here ya go!
  13. Universal

    You could also come to my evolution shop and get a deal there Everything is half off for you today
  14. Answered

    Seth got it right! Alolan Pokemon will not be available in the game until the release of Version 4. That said, Litten,Popplio and Rowlet and their respective evolutions were released as an event in the game already. Cosmog has also been released as a Discord Chat event.