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  1. Budew Art

    @eurstin you're ugly
  2. Game Staff vs. Members

  3. Bug Map doesn't load properly

    Try clearing your cache?
  4. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    Couple of legends will be a good deal for it in my opinion. The Alolan starters will become regular starters when V4 comes out. Good luck.
  5. Idea Recent Battles tab!

    It's definitely something I haven't heard being suggested. I'll think about adding to this in case I can find some reasoning but about making it easier to battling trainer accounts: -Just add the account as a friend and go to friends and choose it from there. It could be a decent idea if anyone thought of reasoning that would convince Patrick.
  6. Game Staff vs. Members

  7. Game Keep One, Change One

    Green Day
  8. Experience hhh123"s exp center reborn!

    Take a guess...?
  9. Game Keep One, Change One

    Time management
  10. Would you guys like a live stream link to Mayweather vs. McGregor today?

    1. eurstin


      was to be plundered

  11. Idea Pokedex Update

    You gonna catch that Mystic Buzzwole boss? @Patrick
  12. Art God's Signature Wall

    There you go, hope you like it. Queued. Queued. Queued. @Patrick
  13. Art God's Signature Wall

    I am pretty sure I declined the offer of all your uniques and I did one of your orders, just not the second one.
  14. Art God's Signature Wall

    I use GIMP to make my tags. All credits to U who taught me everything I know. Class lad he is. I make these for fun and practice. If you request one, I may make one for you depending on my mood. Mainly just gonna update with stuff I made that I think looks good. --- --- --- Here is the request form (not all will be accepted but give it a shot) Render (Link one or name of the character) : Text: Subtext: CnC always accepted. Let me know your thoughts on em, eh?