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  1. Art God's Signature Wall

    There you go, hope you like it. Queued. Queued. Queued. @Patrick
  2. Art God's Signature Wall

    I am pretty sure I declined the offer of all your uniques and I did one of your orders, just not the second one.
  3. Art God's Signature Wall

    I use GIMP to make my tags. All credits to U who taught me everything I know. Class lad he is. I make these for fun and practice. If you request one, I may make one for you depending on my mood. Mainly just gonna update with stuff I made that I think looks good. --- --- --- Here is the request form (not all will be accepted but give it a shot) Render (Link one or name of the character) : Text: Subtext: CnC always accepted. Let me know your thoughts on em, eh?
  4. TV / Movies Favourite Animated Shows

    Anyone watch Inzauma Eleven?
  5. Universal Pokémon Trade Advice Thread

    What KYNO said
  6. Universal God's Trade Frontier

    offer on LancingLegends please
  7. *poke* what's up mah dude


    1. GunMagazine


      Heyyy my guy, how you doing?

    2. GodsWithin
  8. Game Staff vs. Members

    *sarcastically applauds* 1
  9. Answered Are there EV's in Pokémon Vortex?

    Here's is an "EV" you can train... Nah, Vortex doesn't have EVs implemented and I don't think we plan to!
  10. 2nd Kutta Giveaway - Attack Form

  11. Here's to 2,500.

    1. BeastyRex


      You're a "show-off".

    2. TheLonelySavage



  12. Universal Biscuitman's Trading Thread

    Accepted all offers, you accidentally offered twice with two sets of non legends on Shiny Tornadus so I had to decline one offer on it. Choose another legend from LancingLegends for the remaining non legends
  13. Art Banner(s)-Fever!

    These are butt ugly but nice try
  14. 666 reps is my ultimate goal

    1. eurstin


      *nobody gives rep, just likes*