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Clicking "View Trades" from map defaulting to user "1"

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When you go to any of the maps and click "XX members on this map" and View anyone's trades, it defaults to user "1".  - Fixed


EDIT: Since I've already made a post, I'll go ahead and mention a few more bugs I've found in my 48 hours of playing instead of making new posts.


1. Whenever I login after the game times out, I can't use any potions I have unless I buy any item from the Pokemart.  Once, the game gave me 255 Hyper Potions for buying one Super Potion (this was on the first account I made).  Whats weird about it is, my Item Inventory tells me that I have the Potions, but I can't use them when I first login. - Fixed in v4


2. I don't know if this is a glitch, bug, error, or just an update, but yesterday I was receiving 6,000 EXP for beating trainers with 6 level 100 Pokemon, now I'm only receiving 3,000 EXP. - This wasn't a bug, it was double experience previously


3. On the Fire map (the one on the bottom left), every now and then when I move to the map above, my character will just walk off the map and walk forever while encountering Pokemon.  This has only happened to me twice. - Fixed

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