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    Magearna Scavenger Hunt


    O DAYUMM!!!!
  2. They cost the same in the vortex store. With the upcoming changes people would prefer to spend their money on boxes rather than premium pokes.Hence the mb PD value does up. PPs become undesirable and their PD value drop. This beocmes unfair to those who had previously purchased PPs.
  3. Just a suggestion- I feel that that the sale of Premium Pokes (Formerly known as Donation Pokes) should be stopped. With the introduction of all event pokes to Mystery Boxes from the 1st of November onwards..the value of these MBs is likely to go up. This'll result in the dropping of the value of PPs. It isn't fair as PPs have to bought with real money too.( Currently 12 Mbs are worth approx 24 mil which is twice the value of a PP.) In v3 and in the early stages of v4 DPs were worth about 30mil PD each. Then MBs became popular and the value dropped to about 25 or so mil PD. Until a year ago PPs were worth 15-20 mil PD ( I believe the avg. value as shown by disc bot was 18m then) then the MB changes came along and now PPs are worth 12-13 mil PD. I feel that after a few months (after the new MB change comes into place) the PP value will drop drastically. Thus I suggest that PPs be taken off the Vortex Store. I do not suggest changing the PPs as the cycle will only continue. (Not against the MB change btw) Please do comment.(so that the Admins can take notice of this) I understand that opening MBs is a gamble but that wont stop people from opening them. I also understand that each player can value his/her PP at any price..but most people new and old players to the game alike go by the avg. value shown by the Vortex Bot in discord)
  4. https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Events#Spin2Win_-_Diglett_.28Christmas.29_Event https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Events#Christmas_2017_-_Arceus_.28Ice.29_.26_Dugtrio_.28Christmas.29
  5. No. Its a seasonal event poke. Did you not read what he wrote?
  6. Certain leggies have special attacks tho. Dialga has Roar of Time, Palkia has spacial rend Arceus has judgment and so on. These attack are usually pretty effective while battling.
  7. Heyo GANGMATES! I'll be giving away the following - (A) winner(s) will be chosen soon All you have to do is comment down with your IGN and ping Becca. Good luck!
  8. You have to let the Jscript load. You have to wait for the site to load before clicking on a tab.
  9. Well the SQ prizes definitely need to be improved..but EXP might not be the solution.
  10. porymon


    P.S THis thread will be kept open until future updates.

    • Budew is not a choice. It's a lifestyle.
    1. porymon


      When life gives you budews, you-rstin.

      GET IT??? :><:

  12. As mentioned the giveaway ends when someone actually gets the promo code. When he/she dos you will also be awarded.
  13. Well the new armor looks messed up as it is The mega form would be too much. Crystal forms already exist in game but are exclusive to SQs. Also what are crits?
  14. None of your ideas are good except the one where you can view previous dailylogin prizes
  15. Hey guys! Welcome! I've decided to host another contest cuz . Prize- (TBD) (It'll be something big tho) To enter, all you have to do is - 1. Post your IGN 2. Post a valid promo code (claimed or unclaimed) that has PORY or P0RY in it. All the four characters must be together. Giveaway ends whenever someone gets it/ Prize is a But if you get something close enuf and no one else gets it then youll win a coo promo code. Like a really coo one. (Hint: You can keep packaging and unpacking a promo you already have to change the code) Good luck and get going!
  16. IGN prymon Fabyo. Vietnam. bro ples sand jelli.
  17. porymon

    Genesect Genesis v2


    Ples dont let it be another pokebay event
  18. Patrick is a bully.

    1. porymon


      Skipped a metallic and a mystic steel today.

      Im done with the event. Ffsss

    2. waybig


      I Know the feeling mate...sped past a rockceus this morning....





  19. porymon

    The Arceus Trifecta


    Awesome event Pat! Definitely on my list for the top 3 map events.
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