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Anti-Scamming Guide

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This guide is aimed in particular at new and younger members, though veterans may still find it useful.

Hello and welcome to the 'Anti-Scam' guide. Here I will explain what 'scamming' is, how it is different to 'hacking', popular and recent scams and provide you with some top tips to keep your account safe. xD

Pichu.gifWhat is a scam? Cleffa.gif

A scam is when people try to 'trick' you into giving them your account or your pokemon. When you are scammed, you are responsible for providing the scammer access to these things. This is different to 'hacking' where a hacker can gain access to your account without any participation on your part. Your Pokemon Vortex account cannot be hacked.

As previously mentioned, when you are scammed, no matter how convincing the scammer was, it is your responsibility to keep your account safe. If your account or pokemon are taken from you, don’t expect to get them back. Read this guide and avoid it in the first place.

Azurill.gifHow to avoid a scam. Magby.gif

Account Partnerships

Recently, I have received an increasing amount of messages about people who are being scammed by their 'partners'. A partnership is where one or more people have access to the same account. Normally, you will receive a message from someone asking you if you would like to share an account. This person then asks for your password, which you give them so that you both have access. However, rather than working on the account, they log in and change the password therefore locking you out! You can avoid this scam by doing the following:

1. Do not share an account with someone you don't know. If someone messages you asking to share your account, decline, no matter what they offer you. It is most likely they just want access to your account to steal from you. If they become abusive, ignore and report it.

2. If you are going to share an account with a friend, suggest making a new account, rather than giving them access to yours. Then you do not risk losing anything.

Account partnerships can be successful, but be wary. Also consider how you will react if something goes wrong such as a botting partner, or one who decides to trade your prized pokemon without your knowing. These are things it would be wise to discuss.

Giveaway Scam

You will all know that occasionally the Vortex admin are kind enough to run fabulous giveaways. :D Some scammers use that as an opportunity to try and scam you. You will receive a message that explains you have won a giveaway, but must reply with your password, or change your e-mail in order to claim it. This is NOT true. Vortex staff will never ask for your password. If you receive a message of this kind, report and ignore it.

Lending Scam

This is another common scam, where someone will ask if they can ‘borrow’ a pokemon from you. They normally say that they need it to beat a gym leader or something similar. However, once they get the pokemon from you, they have no intention of giving it back. Be wary before lending pokemon to people you do not know. Occasionally, this is a genuine request, but more often they just want a free pokemon from you.

Fake Representatives

Some users pose as a member of the pokemon vortex staff or admin, and make up a story where you need to give them your password or change your e-mail to a different one. Vortex staff will never ask for your password. If you receive a message of this kind, report and ignore it.

Togepi.gifTop Tips to keep your account safe. Igglybuff.gif

1. Have a strong and secure password. Pokemon is not a good password, aDgh9876 is.

2. If you have trouble remembering, and need to write your password down, write it down in a safe place.

3. Do not give your password to anyone.

4. If you log into your account on a public computer, make sure you log out once you have finished.

5. Do not share an account with someone you don’t know.

6. Do not change your e-mail to one that someone has asked you to change it to. They will be the owner of this e-mail address and then be able to request your password, which will go to their e-mail account.


Keep safe and have fun! If you are every wary or unsure, feel free to message me on the forums or in game. I’m always happy to help! 


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