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  1. can I plz get my discord ban lifted it has ban 6 hours since I have been banned I loved talking to people and trading.

    Pokemon Vortex is one of my favorite games. 

    Plz Plz my discord name is airforceproud95

  2. Game Destroy a Wish

    People starting posting here more, but they were all noobs with nothing good to say so the game became super unpopular. I wish I lived in a castle..
  3. Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    IGN: Tyheamma Number: 1 Thanks, nice giveaway.
  4. General Which Top Pokémon do you own?

    I have a few top pokemon. are probably my best two. Stunfisk is at 7.3mil and Nidking around 3mil. Good idea for a thread, maybe just add a little more of an explanation as I think some members are getting confused between top; with regards to exp, and top as in, "their favourite/best".
  5. Both Deleting Banned Accounts

    Whilst "deleting" someones account may sound like an easy task, it's a little more complex, I imagine, than just simply removing something. There's a lot of history and data to take into consideration. As has been mentioned several times, changes like this will be happening before and during the beginning of v4. A lot of things are being worked on, and this is one of them. Just hold tight for now.
  6. Game Staff vs. Members

  7. Uniques Tyheamma's Trades

    Haha, yes please bro. Sounds good.
  8. Pssst. Hello. :ph34r:

    1. Lunchbox


      Pssst. Hiya. 

    2. Patrick


      Oh. Okay.

  9. Game Staff vs. Members

    No thanks.
  10. Idea Discord: International Text Channels

    I'm not sure this is the best idea. As Sneezeball pointed out, we have few members who have another language other than English as their first, who frequent the server. Also, it would require moderators to make sure nothing fishy was going on. Pretty sure none of us speak another language fluently enough, and I'm sure not translating every line of text lol.
  11. Idea Increased Legendary Rates

    Whilst I understand where you are coming from, I'm not too sure this would be a great idea. I'd love to find legends more easily because they hate and avoid me, but at the same time they are practically worth nothing when trading and that's frustrating. Making them easier to find would only serve to lower their value even more. However, I'm all for an increased chance to find uniques. Like a shiny charm sorta thing.
  12. Game Would you rather?

    I'd rather know when so I could mentally prepare myself. I think I'd live every single day in fear if I knew how, unless it was death by old age lol. Would you rather have the love of your life, or the house of your dreams?
  13. Vortex Goalz Seeing as everyone plays the game differently, I'm curious: what are your goals on Vortex? Share your goals and achievements here! How do you play the game, what do you strive to achieve? Why not share some hints and tips about how you play. My long term goals on Vortex are to complete the Pokedex and train every single pokemon to 1mil. With my favourites to 20mil. My short term goals are training my adorable stunfisk to 10mil and completing the shadow dex. I'm trying to get into trading more in order to complete the dex, and using my stunfisk when training pokemon up to level 100. That way he's gaining exp whilst my others grow too. So, please share your own.
  14. General Post Your Discord Trainer Card

    I hope you like.
  15. Answered Vortex in mobile

    I rarely play on my phone, because it's too small. But I use Chrome and I have no difficulties. Nothing is obscured or hidden. What white label are you referring to?