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  1. Report abusive messages I got today

    Thank you for reporting this, and sorry that you were abused. Do not let this put you off enjoying the auctions. I suggest that in the future, you block players who use this language and send you such messages. Never reply to them, as it just provides them with the attention that they want. Well done on winning the auction.
  2. Fixed Map problem

    Can you explain in more depth? Which map is not loading? Are you using a phone, computer or laptop? A screenshot would also help.
  3. Pokemon Vortex V4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Welcome to the official Pokemon Vortex V4 FAQs! With the introduction of V4 we have been treated to some fantastic new features such as a clan update, avatars and nicknaming Pokemon. As everyone is eager to experience these features, we have put together this helpful document. This FAQs has been split into categories for easy browsing. Press Ctrl + F to find something specific. Avatars What is an avatar? An avatar is an image, in this case of a Pokemon, that you can use to represent yourself. How do I obtain avatars? Avatars can be obtained, or unlocked, in a variety of ways. They are provided as sidequest prizes, daily login prizes and you can buy them from PokeBay. Avatars can also be gained by buying and opening “mystery boxes”. How can I use my avatars? You can browse and select an avatar for use by viewing “your profile” and selecting one from the drop down list underneath the “avatar” header. PokeBay PokeBay is a virtual auction house, working much like many others across the internet. It provides users with an opportunity to buy and sell any items, Pokemon or avatars across Pokemon Vortex. Any item can be put up for auction, allowing players the chance to bid on, and win some exclusive and otherwise unobtainable items. How do I put something up for auction? In order to put something up for auction, you must first go to the “PokeBay” page. This can be done by clicking “your account” and then “PokeBay auctions”. The next step is to click “start auction” where you will be given the option of selecting what it is you would like to sell. Simply chose either “Pokemon”, “item”, “avatar” or “promo code” and select which of these you intend to auction. Finally, chose a duration for your auction and a start price. The start price can be no lower than 25,000. How can I bid? Simply select “Browse Auctions” and you will be able to see all the auctions that are currently available. In order to bid, click on the item/pokemon/avatar you want and enter an amount. The amount must be higher than the previous bid. I just lost an auction, will I get my money back? Absolutely, your money will be returned to you if you lose an auction. Your money is also returned to you every time you are outbid. Nicknaming Pokemon How do I nickname my Pokemon? You can nickname your pokemon by viewing “Your Pokemon Team” and clicking the icon that resembles a pencil. You can then enter any nickname you like, and press “Submit”. Nicknaming a Pokemon costs 20,000. Help! I can’t nickname my Pokemon! You can only nickname a Pokemon if you are the original trainer (OT). Trying to nickname a Pokemon that you are not the OT of will result in this message: “Sorry, you need to be the Original Trainer of a Pokémon to nickname it.” Why isn’t nicknaming instant? Before a nickname is visible, it must be approved by a moderator. While there is usually always a moderator online, we’re very busy people, so the time scale of approval may vary. My nickname wasn’t approved, why? If your nickname was denied by a moderator, it either contained profanity or was otherwise inappropriate. Deliberately submitting profane nicknames will result in you no longer having the capability to use this feature. New Clans How do I join a clan? You can join a clan by either browsing the “clans” section, and choosing one by clicking on it, or if you receive a clan invitation. You can browse and accept these by clicking “requests” at the top of the page. How do you delete a clan? If you are the leader of a clan, and would like to delete it you must first remove all the members. Once you are the final member of the clan, click “leave clan” and the clan will be automatically disbanded (deleted). I am the leader of a clan, but don’t want to delete it. However, I would like to leave it. It is now possible to pass the leadership role on to another member of your clan. You can do this by viewing you clan, and selecting a new role for each member using the drop down list underneath the “options” header. Once you have selected a new leader, you are free to leave your clan. What is a skills branch? Each clan has a skills branch. Grass, water and fire are currently available as a skills branch upon creation. These will be features that are developed in the near future. Ultra Beasts What is an Ultra Beast? Rarer than a legendary, Ultra Beasts are new Pokemon introduced to Vortex. The following Ultra beasts are currently available: Nihilego, Pheromosa, Buzzwole, Xurkitree, Kartana, Celesteela and Guzzlord. How can I catch an Ultra Beast? Catching an Ultra Beast will take a lot of patience, due to their rarity. Once you have found one, an Ultra Beast can only be caught using a “beast ball” or a "Vortex ball". No other method of capture will work. Where can I get beast balls? Beast balls are a possible prize once completing the Alola sidequests. You may also be lucky enough to find them using PokeBay, depending on whether users choose to auction these rare balls. Where can I get Vortex Balls? Vortex balls can be obtained by "Mystery Boxes" which you an buy from the store. You may also be lucky enough to find them on PokEbay. Where can I find an Ultra Beast? Ultra Beasts can be found across the maps, and do not depend on the night and day cycle. They can be found at any time during the day or night. Please see the location guide for the exact location of each Ultra Beast. Night and Day Cycle How can I make it night/day time on the maps? The night and day cycle is now automatic. There is no option to change it yourself. The cycle changes according to server time, which can be seen at the top of the page.
  4. In preperation for V4 I'm getting a clan together - The Mob. It's gonna be the best. Ask for details, if you're interested. :ph34r:

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    2. eurstin


      Mob related stuffs :ph34r:

    3. v3567


      Why don't you call it "Big Hairy Bullies" instead?

    4. Tyheamma


      The Mob is a clan. :D

  5. General Looking Forward To?

    I'm most looking forward to catching the new UBs. But I'm also looking forward to sniping all the goodies on PokeBay.
  6. Contest My game and last grand giveaway

    No. You can't leave! Who will I give warnings to on the forums if you go? 1. Mewtwo would win, because he has armour. I don't see Arceus wearing armour now. 2. Suicune, Raikou and Entei. 3. Has to be the Kanto "starter" trio. Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle. 4. Darkrai. 5. 28 IGN Tyheamma, and thank you for the giveaway. Much generous.
  7. Lmao, now that would be one cruel "trick". I like the way you think bro. Not long until next Halloween I guess, then I can try it out.
  8. Art Panini Palace

    I really like your style, especially the use of colour. The horsea is my favourite - so adorable!
  9. Good thinking! But I can guarantee if we had done that, the first kid that came along would have taken it all. You know what kids are like for sugar.
  10. What is wrong with your countries? I'm in the UK and it's pretty popular here, mainly for young children. There are a few parties dotted around, and some "scare" attractions for adults. It's pretty fun. Unfortunately we couldn't participate this year, because I forgot to buy sweets for the kids. Instead we turned all the lights off and hid upstairs.
  11. Giveaway Soup's 6th Giveaway! *Ended*

    IGN: Tyheamma Let me win or you're banned boi.
  12. Answered Were can i upload a signature?

    Any image uploading site. Try Imgur.
  13. Giveaway Tyh's Halloween Giveaway

    1st Winner: @nemesis741 2nd Winner: @KYNO 3rd Winner: @Zen_AKA Congratulations winners. I'll offer your prizes now. If you don't have anything in your trades as required, I will draw a new winner tomorrow. Thanks everyone for the amazing jokes. Especially @Dark_Wolf. Seeing as I liked yours the best, you can choose something random from my trades. Hope you all have a fabulous Halloween!
  14. Well, it's time to rig my giveaway in favour of people I like! Good luck everyone. ;)

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    2. Tyheamma


      Don't make me give you a warning point. Because I will.

  15. help me


    1. Tyheamma


      What do you need help with?

    2. v3567


      Deez nuts! Hah! Got 'em!