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  1. Like I said, I didn't ban you. I'm not really active in the "clan scene drama", so I don't know the situation. Sorry.
  2. Ehh. I'm sorry guys, but I was kinda joking like. I haven't banned anyone for weeks. I didn't even know what you were talking about. So direct your hate elsewhere.
  3. alguien que tenga bola bestias para intercambio 
    Doy Rayquaza original rayquaza

  4. Editions refer to the occasion or the time that the Pokemon was caught/claimed. A first edition Pokemon shows that it was obtained the first time it became available. For example, a first edition Caterpie (Christmas) is one that was caught during the first event it was available. A second edition Caterpie (Christmas) is one that was obtained during the second run of that event.
  5. Could you please explain how this "giveaway" is going to work? Do people need to offer on your Pokemon before or after entering the competition? Because if it's before then this may be considered as an attempt to scam people or just an outright trade.
  6. I am totally in favour of EXP being reset after trading. I feel that at the moment the global top trainers only goes to show it's easy to reach the top ranks if you have the connections, or the rare Pokemon to get EXP. Top ranks should reflect the effort that people have put into their accounts by working for their own experience and using their own time. It's not particularly fair that users are able to rise so quickly just because they have friends quit, or all start to merge accounts. Battle count, experience and uniques should make up a good account not someones ability to negotiate a trad
  7. @Kousheyo2004 you need to stop double posting. If you need to make another post, edit your previous one rather than creating a second one.
  8. @IKmaster100 please stop double posting, this thread is absolutely full of it. So much, I don't even have the patience to fix it all. Also, if you are getting complaints, I would suggesting finishing off your current training "jobs" before taking on more more work. To everyone else, just be wary when taking part in this kind of thing, you trade your Pokemon and trust these "shops" at your own risk.
  9. I'm trading my Metallic Volcanion. If you have an offer, PM me here or discord. 

  10. Thank you for reporting this, and sorry that you were abused. Do not let this put you off enjoying the auctions. I suggest that in the future, you block players who use this language and send you such messages. Never reply to them, as it just provides them with the attention that they want. Well done on winning the auction.
  11. Can you explain in more depth? Which map is not loading? Are you using a phone, computer or laptop? A screenshot would also help.
  12. Pokemon Vortex V4 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS) Welcome to the official Pokemon Vortex V4 FAQs! With the introduction of V4 we have been treated to some fantastic new features such as a clan update, avatars and nicknaming Pokemon. As everyone is eager to experience these features, we have put together this helpful document. This FAQs has been split into categories for easy browsing. Press Ctrl + F to find something specific. Avatars What is an avatar? An avatar is an image, in this case of a Pokemon, that you can use to represent yourself. How
  13. In preperation for V4 I'm getting a clan together - The Mob. It's gonna be the best. Ask for details, if you're interested. :ph34r:

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    2. eurstin


      Mob related stuffs :ph34r:

    3. v3567


      Why don't you call it "Big Hairy Bullies" instead?

    4. Tyheamma


      The Mob is a clan. :D

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