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I keep getting glitches in the game whenever i go to a wild battle... it says that the pokemon is glitched and will be deleted and suddenly i get redirected to a page which says that i lost the battle... i need to know if this a bug or an error from my side... i literally missed out on catching a Dark Kyurem...:(...

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i am not able to send screenshots of this problem(cuz i dont know how to)... but let me say what it had:
You have either gone back in your browser,gone back to a previous battle in your history, or clicked the submit button multiple times.To continue to your point in your current battle,please press continue.
and when i press continue it shows that i lost the battle and there goes my money... i lost a Dark Bergmite,Metallic Bergmite,Dark Kyurem,Shadow Seel,Shadow Diancie,Heatmor... please let me know if i have to be the one doing the changes in my settings or if i have to stay away from searching in the maps... (i am frank about losing these pokemon and i wouldnt ask em back... cuz i love searching XD)

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