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  1. Art God's Signature Wall

    dodge/burn and depth mate,I told you plus what is that render placement and overcrowded c4ds :l
  2. Game Staff vs. Members

    minus won
  3. Art God's Signature Wall

    would be so relevant if Pat brought the signature section back on the forums is it time for Uncle_Psychic,18,to start a revolution?I think yes
  4. Game Staff vs. Members

    we go again
  5. Art Biscuitman's Sprite Thread

  6. Art Biscuitman's Sprite Thread

    pixel over wartortle and blastoise this work is superb btw
  7. Mobile Pokemon Duel

    Pokémon Duel is a free-to-play digital board game developed by Heroz and published by The Pokémon Company. It was initially released for Android and iOS devices in Japan under the title Pokémon Comaster in April 2016. It later released in other territories in January 2017. Players use teams of six Pokémon figurines and must reach their opponent's side of the board. Imo it involves a combination of both luck and skill,I started playing it only today and seems quite addicting what are your thoughts on this game?have you played it yet?-share your experience

    12 ign:Uncle_Psychic thanks
  9. Mobile Magikarp Jump

    JP 6.6k rn,started today reeled a shiny magikarp,hope I can beat the quick league
  10. Game Staff vs. Members

  11. Game Staff vs. Members

  12. Art How Do You Art?

    Art does me
  13. Sports Football Forever

    https://fantasy.premierleague.com/ also,I improved my team
  14. Game Staff vs. Members