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  1. Idea

    its still a thing but most of the suggestions arent satisfactory enough for a redo ;/
  2. Universal

    change your avatar man wth is that
  3. Idea

    Lovely idea,will recommend just a little less complex on the musical part tho,all of us arent pros at that like you
  4. Universal

    I do highly recommend to avoid borrowing accounts for doing hunting please stick to the account you are using yourself,it leads to scams and unnecessary altercations which were otherwise avoidable,thank you
  5. Unanswered

    yup it is very likely that it will get banned,provided his claims are true However only Patrick can check whether the account is legit or not Id suggest you to make a new account and start afresh on that
  6. Answered

    try a different browser/the app or try reinstalling chrome @seth1129400?
  7. Universal

    trading mystic cosmog for events (not any of the following :xmas mons,normal jedis,normal electrics,normal waters) pm me
  8. Giveaway

    Uncle_Psychic 7 cosmogs-5 normals,1 mystic and 1 shadow thanks and good luck~
  9. If you're playing this event , on which Mission are you in ? :v

    1. Uncle_Psychic


      what makes you think I am? =p 

    2. Harsh Vardhan
    3. eurstin


      @Uncle_Psychic your meme thread would suggest that :/ 

  10. PV

    3rd one is not relevant,edit the 1st and 4th one they are inappropriate in terms of length and the 4th one isnt relevant either
  11. PV

    all event related memes go here as and when they occur you should specify which event while posting em I'll start Deoxys event(warning-do not read if you wanna discover task details yourself):
  12. Digital

    yeah past one ofc
  13. Digital

    great to have you back you werent very active apart from your art thread though :<
  14. Shop

    1. Banner 2. Render: (no border/text required)5. Additional comments/requests: I like c4ds :3
  15. Digital

    yeah I remember because it was me who had requested it