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The great exp shop by hhh123

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Hi guys its seems that i have opened a new experience training shop to train all your pokes with my  required rates so lets get started!



All forum rules apply.

No use of harsh language.

I will do a maximum number of 10 mil exp per pokemon , if u want it to be higher then give me another poke so i can do the rest exp on that poke.

i will take my time and will return your pokes , so plz dont ping or ask me when will my poke be trained?

I also dont bot , for the users who think i do , plz dont visit my thread and post that i bot or you will be reported. 




1 legend = 250 k

1 unique legend = 500 k 

1 primal = 5 mil

1 unique primal = 7 mil

kyurem forms normal = 6 mil

kyurem forms unique = 10 mil

pikachu jedi or christmas normal = 5 mil

pikachu jedi or christmas unique = 12 mil

oldest pikachu cosplays normal = 16 mil

oldest pikachu cosplays uniques = 20 mil

arceus water normal = 13 mil

arceus water unique = 19 mil

vivillion pokeball / fancy = 5 mil

unique vivillion pokeball / fancy = 10 mil

arceus electric normal = 10 mil

arceus electric unique = 15 mil

unique togeweens = 25 mil

unique rotodex = 35 mil

zygarde complete = 15 mil

unique complete = 25 mil

normal rotomween = 2.5 mil

unique rotoween = 6 mil

missingno= 20 mil

unique missingno= 35 mil

                                                             Current jobs:


@jrBking's   Dark%20Mewtwo.gifto 3,500,000  ( 1,100,000 / 3,500,000 ) 

                                                                               Jobs completed:


None at the moment

                                                                          Waiting list:


none at the moment

                                                              My  Other useful topics:


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9 hours ago, GodsWithin said:

Rotom%20(Halloween).gifis worth way more than 3 mil just for your information. I don't know how much you're paying him but just saying.

i recommend my rates @GodsWithin , mr.famous and everyone else have there own rates so i have my own too , i hope u dont mind but plz dont post like these^^^ in my topic. i would appreciate your cooperation!

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