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  1. Okay Guys the winners are : @Rian_Lihka 1st Congrats! @Vishalrox2 2nd Congrats! @Vibsrox 3rd Congrats! @Uniquepikachujedi 4th Congrats! @TheLonelySavage 5th Congrats All winners Please put something scrap pokes like For trade ill offer their prizes! (and also sorry for late results)
  2. ok thanks bilal my network (internet) was off yesterday because of not paid bills my father paid them today so im gonna be announcing results in an hour!
  3. OK if luck goes with you Well no problem! thanks! HMM YOUR WELcome~!
  4. like the video and comment your ign on it/ did you guys commented on my video link and liked it?
  5. Hello guys its time to get an Event giveaway on the run ! Lets get on with it!
  6. @fodnbilal @adrsh2146 @KYNO @Minson Soh @Registration @TheLonelySavage and finally @godlybob RESULTS : List Randomizer There were 7 items in your list. Here they are in random order: rise evo minson registration kyno adrsh fodn bilal bob Sorry for making you guys think i cheated by not pasting screen shot here but i swear my life i didnt cheat! as for winners IM OFFering! @sportsandmusic69 and @Uncle_Psychic close this thread!
  7. Your Mool chand? or minz soh? Yes got your sub like and comment! Thanks MATE! bro dont double triple post you might get warning points from a moderator for that!
  8. OK! Surprise for all of you! RULE CHANGED : Giveaway ends on 7th sept means tomorrow !!!!! ANd another surprise is that i will be hosting a another giveaway tomorrow so sit back relax!
  9. yes Enter ign here on forums and Comment on my video , link ^^^^ and like it!
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