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  1. Universal

    ill do it later ok?
  2. Goku sure is getting kicked by beerus 


  3. Universal

    good topic bro , i just wanted to help and stuff , take a look at my ign = hhh123uniques , choose whateva u want from it , and i aint taking any charges , for free u know , reason is i dont really need them mainly so they r just for show
  4. Master%20Ball.png Shiny Rayquaza (Mega)

    Level: 100
    Experience: 1,000,000

    Number: 384M

    Dragon Ascent
    Dragon Claw

    Type: Dragon.gif Flying.gif

    Owner: Commander-Rayquaza7

    Original Trainer: luqman4387

    Happiness: heart.png heart.png heart.png maxheart.png [?]

    Shiny Rayquaza (Mega) is at its final stage of evolution.

    feeling proud!

    1. leander4
    2. v3567
    3. hhh123


      ive been doing it for long time lately

  5. Universal

    my shadow pikachu phd for shiny rockstar or 2 unique completes above? or shiny water and normal libre or rockstar for phd shadow?
  6. Universal

    not happening uh we dont really know rates , i dunno , 3 unique leggys for one?
  7. @Tyrexx and me started a hunting thread which is linked below 

    so feel free to give some orders because we hunt for fun!

  8. derp a derp a derp drip dripo derp Shiny Bidoofi got u at last

  9. Answered

    guys it happening to me too , but im using UC browser instead of google , then it works
  10. Discussion

    my current strongest =
  11. Game

    good account i found it useful
  12. charmander lvl 5 female up for trade on ign = Panzer-25 (my ign spare shinys)

    1. Karol Pawlowski

      Karol Pawlowski

      no point it wont count towards the quest

    2. hhh123


      yes , just joking around

  13. Events

    you gotta be kidding me , lol , those pokes for all events and donations lol
  14. Idea