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  1. Art

    and that will be yes , made that from cool text , only want me to get examples? i use gimp
  2. Art

    probably your right , i was waitin for marky to realize that a render only has checkered white and grey blocks not a beautiful background
  3. Art

    no probs , though it will be tough but i least gotta try!
  4. Art

    marky , i will make it tomorrow cuz right now im studying so tomorrow!
  5. Art

    to be honest its ninety nine percent awesome
  6. Art

    nice bro!
  7. Art

    dont think so,
  8. Writing

    guys vote for me! i wanna be antagonist !
  9. Art

    ill be your competitor !
  10.  Visit my first banner shop ;) and yea don't forget to order . Thanks :D 

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      the number u dailed belongs to zeus , kindly dont call him, thank u"

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      You did not call.

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      lol number null


  11. Hi Guys , And today Some exciting news for you and me and for me it is that i have learned making banners and for you it's exciting that i am gonna make them and also for .... (open all spoiler down below for last 4 words) Start opening up : So , down to business and im not gonna make those old time texts arts that i maked from a website , this time no jokes , real deal! : So enjoy and post below! NOTE : ALL OF MY WORK , Credit goes to @GodsWithin , because he just made an amazing topic in which i learnt this , so give him dem reps!
  12. Art

    i dont even know! lol jk urm............ buhahhahahahahhahahahahah , LOLZ just learned everythin about it my first gimpy thingy ^
  13. Art

    BRo , nice tips , And thanks ill be lookin forward for this! @GodsWithin Bestest thanks Aw man , this was so hard my mind almost exploded making it : Results are : i turned this : in to this : actually made larger pic but in forum it displays so tiny