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Legendary and shiny for exp

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For 50,000 exp

Shiny CaterpieShiny PidgeyShiny PonytaShiny SlowpokeShiny GastlyShiny DrowzeeShiny SpoinkShiny SwabluShiny Seviper


For 100,000 exp

 Shaymin.gifx1   Mesprit.gifx1     Regirock.gifx1   Cobalion.gifx1     Terrakion.gifx1  Mewx2

For 300,000 exp

   Dark%20Celebi.gifx1    Metallic%20Cobalion.gifx1   Shiny%20Azelf.gif x1Metallic Suicunex1




There will be more to come 


(ign takashi96)


leave a reply if interested

Nothing is set in stone i do negotiate           


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