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  1. These are what I have: what can i possibly get? thankies.
  2. Bug Catch Pokemon Error

    Can confirm, happens with attacks as well.
  3. Answered About the Magneton and special magnetic

    No, not the number of battles won. VITOL's answer above is right.
  4. Experience EXP Trade Thread

    Do you still have for trade? I have 500k and I can even add 300k+ to that.
  5. Answered About the Magneton and special magnetic

    Alakazite and the other non-pokemart megastones are chance rewards from sidequests. Still looking how to evolve my Magneton yet too.
  6. Idea Rarity

    Have to agree with Auke here, I too think the rate is fine as it is. Even the encounter rate of legendaries now is I would say okay, even tho I can only stumble on one every hour or two. If more than anything there should be some sort of "Vortex-exclusive" pokes or something that can only be found on the maps so that there is incentive in actively looking for them.
  7. Answered Spawn Rates for Starters

    As per v4.0 changelog: See also this for more info regarding encounter rates: Clicky!

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  9. Fixed Evolving error

    when I try to evolve with that it throws out an "HTTP Error 500" what gives? Edit: I do have a deep sea tooth of course
  10. Answered how to capture an ultra beast?

    and all this time I thought Master Balls also worked against them...
  11. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    ign: xMasterKevz fave color: RED!
  12. Uniques Kittykats Ho-Ho-Holiday Shop

    I'm really new to this, anyway, I have , , , . Im planning on trading with your event pokes, so what can I possibly get? Thanks in advance. Edit: ign: xMasterKevz