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Lots of Ideas (with images!)

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So, since I have a ton of ideas I might as well plop them down here because I find quite a few things on this site frustrating.

I'll put them in little categories for easier access to what each thing is. I also have no idea how to code so some of this might not even be possible or would require a lot of reworking.


-Easy Usage-

These are minor little nitpicks I have that could make the experience on Pokemon Vortex a little smoother.


1. "Open Link in New Tab" on Everything

Often I find myself right clicking to open another tab in Pokemon Vortex, and am greeting with no "Open link in a new tab" so I have to manually go in and open another tag to go to the website. Granted this is a minor inconvenience at best, but it'd just be nice.


2. "Go Back"

Similar to the 'open in new tab' I'd love a 'go back' feature on PokEbay. I often search specific items on there and find a few I want to bid on simultaneously. Since I can't open them in a new tab I have to just click on them, then go search it again in order to find the second item and reinsert all of my search fields. Similarly, I'd love to see something like this on the Trade Center and the Gym Battle/Frontier Battle/etc area and when evolving a Pokemon. (Or just a 'Return to Party' button for that)


3. "Go Back" 2 - Because I didn't have a better name for it.

This would be a sort of rewind feature. I can't tell you how many times I've accidentally skipped past a shiny or a legendary that I wanted to catch on accident

In order for this to not be abused, it'd have to take into account if you've been in a battle or not since using it. So you can't just infinitely spawn legendaries and probably only work within a 1 tile radius.


You accidentally step past a Pokemon, press button, it shoots you into a battle with the last Pokemon you encountered and since it should detect if you've battled or not, if you've already battled the Pokemon it wont work.


-Better Trading-

Since I had quite a few ideas revolving around trading, I figured I should give it its own category.


1. Trade Multiples

Similarly to how you can offer multiple of your own Pokemon in a trade, I feel like you should be able to ask for multiple Pokemon in a trade. This would make bulk trading easier and allow people to trade back and forth more smoothly. Trades that happen this way would obviously only be able to be done with two people, of course. 


2. Send Gifts

This is less 'trading' and more giving people stuff.

I'd love to be able to send over items and Pokemon to people in a way differently to PokeBay. This option could be added to sending a message and attaching the Pokemon/Item(s) to it, or work similarly to promo codes, which is a tie in with a later idea of mine.*


*See 'Other' 1.


3. Multi-select

This could also apply to PokeBay and the boxes as well, but I decided to put it here.

Multi-select would work pretty similarly. Let's say you're looking for the same Pokemon in two different types.. I.E. Metallic and Shiny Dragonite. Instead of having to search both separately, you could multi-select Metallic and Shiny and see them both at the same time.


4. 'Mark' Trades

This is kinda simple, but I think you should be able to mark trade Pokemon you're interested in/want to get back to. Obviously it'd go away if that Pokemon went off the trade center, but it'd be nice to have a little list.



These don't necessarily fall under anything


1. Items to Promo Codes

This could work with my 'Sending Gifts' idea in the Better Trading category. I'd love to be able to convert an item into a promo code, maybe for a fee, so we can send over that item (or item(s)) to other players. 

I.E. Lets say I have 10 Mystery Boxes, and I want to give away one. There could be a button that says "Promo Code" which will ask you how many you want to put into the code, and who you want to send it to (if anyone).

If not, it could then go into your inventory where you can give the code away, sell it, etc.


2. Better Box Sorting

I feel like there's a lot that can be done with Pokemon Storage. I'd really like a 'Sort by' option when switching Pokemon into my party so I don't have to scroll through a crap-ton of my Pokemon that I don't want to use just to find the few I do. Again this would work with Multiselect if implemented, and could definitely see a sort by level option being extremely useful when looking to train Pokemon (even if its just highest to lowest level and vice versa)

Another thing that would definitely help but is kind of a different idea entirely is having different boxes. One that shows up when sorting Pokemon into your party, and one that doesn't. I'd love to have a little checklist of Pokemon that don't show up when I open my party because I'm either already done with them or don't know what to do with them since they're cluttering up everything, but I want to keep them.

Separate/sort-able boxes in general would be wonderful.


3. 'Keep me logged in'

I'd love a simple 'keep me logged in' button when logging on. Whenever I open a new tab (due to not having the 'open link in a new tab' option, might I add) it makes me re-login. 


4. Remove Pokemon from your Party

I don't know if this is a thing (if it is then someone please tell me, haha) but I'd love to be able to just remove a Pokemon from my party and have less than 6 on my team at a time. Even if its just a 'send to box' option. 




That's all I got! Hopefully some of these will be implemented~


Here are some images of what it could look like




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