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Complete Pokédex (Gotta Catch 'Em All)

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Hello Everyone!


Trying for some time to complete my Pokédex, but seems like i need a little help 9_99_9


Here are my dupes (as soons as you make an good offer i will put the pokemon uft) :






Dark BeldumDark DrifloonDark Foongusx2 Dark HeracrossDark HonchkrowDark JoltikDark KlefkiDark KoffingDark RattataDark RelicanthDark SeelDark SkiddoDark StarlyDark StunkyDark Throh x2 Dark Torkoal




Metallic AzurillMetallic BanetteMetallic Binacle x2 Metallic BronzorMetallic Combeex2Metallic Cubonex2  Metallic Dedenne x3 Metallic DeinoMetallic DittoMetallic DrilburMetallic Drowzeex3 Metallic DruddigonMetallic GligarMetallic GrowlitheMetallic InkayMetallic LaprasMetallic LitleoMetallic MiltankMetallic PanchamMetallic PansearMetallic Pichu (Notched)Metallic Ponytax2 Metallic SandygastMetallic Skarmoryx2 Metallic SolrockMetallic TorkoalMetallic Trapinchx2 Metallic Unown (W)Metallic VolbeatMetallic Zangoose



Mystic BergmiteMystic BonslyMystic DewgongMystic Drilburx3 Mystic DruddigonMystic FerroseedMystic GirafarigMystic Helioptilex2 Mystic IllumiseMystic KangaskhanMystic KecleonMystic KlefkiMystic PawniardMystic PhanpyMystic PlusleMystic Pumpkaboo (Large)Mystic Ruffletx2 Mystic Sandshrewx2 Mystic SawkMystic ShelmetMystic SigilyphMystic SolosisMystic TynamoMystic Unown (K)Mystic Unown (Qm)Mystic Unown (V)Mystic Vanillitex2 Mystic Voltorb




Shadow AlomomolaShadow AudinoShadow BlitzleShadow DedenneShadow DittoShadow DrilburShadow Durantx2 Shadow EkansShadow ElectabuzzShadow FarfetchdShadow FurfrouShadow GirafarigShadow GligarShadow Golettx2 Shadow HelioptileShadow HypnoShadow InkayShadow Kangaskhanx2Shadow Koffingx2 Shadow KrabbyShadow LedybaShadow MaractusShadow MiltankShadow Minior (Meteor)Shadow NatuShadow NosepassShadow Oricorio (Sensu)x2 Shadow PachirisuShadow PansearShadow Phanpyx3 Shadow PonytaShadow RuffletShadow Sandshrewx2 Shadow SawkShadow ScraggyShadow SeviperShadow SkarmoryShadow SpindaShadow SpiritombShadow StantlerShadow Unown (E)Shadow Xatu




Shiny AudinoShiny Bearticx2 Shiny BonslyShiny Castform (Water)Shiny CombeeShiny CubchooShiny DhelmiseShiny DiglettShiny DrifloonShiny Druddigonx3 Shiny DuskullShiny FinneonShiny FoongusShiny FurfrouShiny KrabbyShiny LarvestaShiny LitwickShiny MagikarpShiny MalamarShiny MiltankShiny NatuShiny Oricorio (Sensu)Shiny Pachirisux2 Shiny ParasShiny Pawniardx2 Shiny PhantumpShiny Pidovex2 Shiny PinecoShiny RattataShiny RoggenrolaShiny SableyeShiny SalanditShiny Sawkx2 Shiny SeelShiny SkarmoryShiny StantlerShiny Stunfiskx2 Shiny SwabluShiny SwinubShiny TorkoalShiny TrapinchShiny TropiusShiny TympoleShiny Unown (B)Shiny Unown (C)Shiny Unown (Ex)Shiny Unown (H)Shiny Unown (I)Shiny Unown (J)Shiny Unown (R)x2 Shiny Unown (V)Shiny Unown (Y)Shiny Unown (Z)x2 Shiny VenomothShiny VoltorbShiny Zorua




Normal Legendaries



AzelfCelebiDarkraiDarkrownGenesectx2 GroudonKeldeoKyuremx3 LandorusRaikouRegiceSuicuneYveltalZekromZygardex2 


Unique Legendaries



Metallic DeoxysMetallic JirachiMetallic YveltalMystic CobalionMystic GenesectMystic VictiniShiny DarkraiShiny Kyurem


Also, I Have 6x Vivillon (Icy Snow), and i'm looking for other Vivillon Forms.


  • Unique for Unique
  • 1 Legendary for 2 Unique
  • 1 Unique Legendary for 3 Uniques
  • If I'm missing more rate, just make an offer and I'll consider :D:D


There's a lot of pokemon that i don't have, so i'll just put the list here and check what you can offer


https://paste.ee/p/fD01i  (God Bless Bot Commands!!!)



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