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  1. As per given info, the new varieties of pokeballs released in v4 i.e. dive ball, net ball, dusk ball, moon ball etc. give the same capture chance as an ultra ball if their respective conditions are met while ultra balls always give a high capture chance. Now these new balls are priced 5k while ultra balls are prices 1.5k. Since ultra ball is more effective and useful, I suggest that their price be increased while lowering the price of these new balls. They maybe case sensitive but they are good in their own conditions. This will also promote the usage of new balls since those will be cost effective. I also suggest adjusting the price and power of nerfed moves like Punishment, Explosion, Reversal etc. Else these may confuse the players greatly while building teams.
  2. It seems like a bug while I was doing sidequests. I selected a particular attack but upon continuation another move was executed. Suppose I chose Brave Bird, the move button was highlighted, but when I continued the battle it was shown that Flare Blitz was executed instead and dealt damage was that of Flare Blitz and on next turn Flare Blitz got highlighted. This happened quite a few times and with almost all of my team's pokemons at least once. Is a pretty annoying phenomenon while fighting something as strong as level 150 legendary. Please check it and thank you for v4 and looking into this matter.
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