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  1. With the release of v4, certain Mega Stones were removed from purchase while certain ones were left in the shop. You may find the other Mega Stones as a possible prize drop from Sidequest or even purchase them in the Pokebay from other users, which generally go pretty cheap.
  2. When Pokemon Vortex went from v2 to v3 in 2014, all usernames and data were wiped, therefore you'll have to start over from scratch. (Future reference, any updates will no longer require fresh starts)
  3. Please read this and edit your post, not trying to be rude. If you cannot put pictures, simply post what you're trading. It'll help and look less spammy.
  4. You should pick the one that you like more, but i personally prefer Y, but I know a lot of people like X.
  5. Because you shouldn't have broken the rules in the first place, aka cheating. Because if they do it once, they'll do it again, and it's a waste of time to give them multiple chances.
  6. Are you looking to make a trade thread on our beautiful forums? Make sure you check out this guide before making one to avoid any confusion!


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    2. Chris_


      Can you edit the thread so it's using .png images instead of .gif. It won't let me edit the thread because it's closed.

    3. porymon
    4. sportsandmusic69


      @Patrick so you like being forced huh? ;)

  7. People acting like the Pokemon series is done and over with just because Ash won an official league. He'll still travel to new lands, still win/lose battles, etc.

    BUT it IS nice to see him finally win a league. Lycanroc (Midnight)Lycanroc (Dusk)

  8. Pokemon Vortex does not own the Pokemon images or names therefore, plus there are no official contract to owning a certain Pokemon I believe, maybe asking permission to Darkrown (Not entirely sure) by a small chance. But also I'm 99% sure Patrick doesn't care either way. Playing the game, spreading the word, and being a good (Not a toxic player) person ingame is all he really cares about in the end.
  9. Accounts cannot just be permanently deleted. Your best bet is to just leave it and forget it. But we do wish you the best in life.
  10. It would be nice if we are offering multiple Pokemon on a single Pokemon in another players trades, instead of having to load all the Pokemon and sort through them, we could do something like search certain Pokemon or names. For example if someone has a Shiny Charmander up for trade and they want legendary Pokemon, a search box where I can offer a Mewtwo, Dark Ditto, and Shadow Bulbasaur instead of having to load all the other Pokemon.
  11. As @Auke1993explained. Also, please use the correct sections and tags when making a post.
  12. It is currently being worked on. There is no timeline as to when it will be finished as Patrick hates putting timelines on things that aren't finished.
  13. Happy Birthday old man.

  14. Shiny Genesect (Ice)How many did you get of Genesect (Ice)? Let me know in the comments.

    If you're still wanting one, I can change the form from a normal to Ice for you for $600,000. Just message me ingame.

    1. Auke1993


      I managed to get three.
      I have one more standard Genesect to transform, which I do not have the Chill Drive for.
      I didn't have the other two Genesect I could've used had I had more Chill Drives.

    2. Jinnx


      2x Dark
      3x Normal
      3x Metallic
      4x Mystic
      1x Shadow
      1x Shiny

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