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  1. Answered What's the value/cost of a Missingno??

    There is no "set" amount of each Pokemon. Pokemon are worth however much you want them to be.
  2. Answered when is v4 coming

    There is no set date for it. But if you must know a word: Soon.
  3. Have you logged in recently? Make sure you link your Ingame account and forums account! ;)

  4. Answered Eevee Happiness

    EXP and happiness are two different things. This guide will help you.
  5. Game Staff vs. Members

  6. Game Staff vs. Members

  7. Answered Rayquaza (Mega) and V-Create

    Yes, they learn V-Create after evolving as a base move.
  8. Game Staff vs. Members

  9. Answered Ditto?

    Ditto first has to perform the move transform first in order to turn into the Pokemon. Auto transform like in the other games are different.
  10. Game Staff vs. Members

  11. Game Staff vs. Members

  12. Answered How do you get arceus unknown

    It was also a prize for a Live Battle Tournament we hosted a while back.
  13. Game Staff vs. Members