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  1. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Quick Question...

    It's not possible to currently trade items. You would have to trade the Pokemon, evolve them, then trade back.
  2. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Advanced Member Nickname Thing

    Edit Profile - Member Title - Save.
  3. sportsandmusic69

    Idea Back button for the Pokebay.

    Been plenty of times when I wanna search for a certain thing in the Pokebay to make a few purchases and having to retype everything in is annoying, a back button for the Pokebay would be nice.

  4. Just go to the Pokebay and search "Drive" and you'll find the auctions! Go and earn yourself one or multiple Genesect (Blaze)Shiny Genesect (Blaze)

    1. agha23


      Thanks for reporting us again

  5. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Account Problems

    Accounts that are banned are most likely due to cheating. The admins of Pokemon Vortex make sure to check they are 100% breaking the ToS before issuing a ban, so if an account is banned, it's been proven to be cheating.
  6. Starting June 15th 00:00 and ending June 15th 23:59, a set of promo codes for Furfrou (La Reine) will be listed on PokéBay through exclusive auctions! Each auction will only last one hour so don't hesitate on your bids! The last set of 6 will be listed June 15th at 23:00 GMT. Furfrou (La Reine)

  7. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Account

    If any account is banned, then it has been found to be breaking the ToS. The most usual case being for cheating.
  8. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Lvl Up Pokemons

  9. sportsandmusic69

    Feedback Necrozma

    Although unconfirmed, Aether Foundation scientists hypothesized that Cosmog is also an Ultra Beast, due to its ability to create Ultra Wormholes. Necrozma's Pokédex entry also states that it is "reminiscent of the Ultra Beasts", but when it was in the wild, the International Police reported that all Ultra Beasts it had detected had been caught, and Beast Balls are not effective at catching it. Additionally, Dulse refers to Necrozma as "a creature almost like an Ultra Beast" in Pokémon Ultra Sun. In the anime, the Aether Foundation, mistaking Necrozma for an Ultra Beast, gives it the codename "UB Black". Technically Necrozma and Cosmog (Along with evo lines) are Ultra Beast, but they've been in the Pokemon World and not the Ultra Beast world for so long that they've become accustomed to the world. Just like the human body has organs in it that benefited us in the old times, they are useless to us now.
  10. Don't forget that for this month there will be a weekly lottery drawing ingame for the chance to win an Arceus (Unknown). All you have to do is go ingame, go to the lottery page, buy however many tickets you want, then wait. Best of luck everyone!


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      Xd i bought so many and lost!

  11. Starting June 1st 00:00 and ending June 1st 23:59, a set of promo codes for Furfrou (Pharaoh) will be listed on PokéBay through exclusive auctions! Each auction will only last one hour so don't hesitate on your bids! The last set of 6 will be listed June 1st at 23:00 GMT. Furfrou (Pharaoh)

  12. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Need help

    If you have legendaries unlocked, then you're just having bad luck. Keep looking.
  13. Shiny Genesect avatar in the Exlusive Pokebay Auction currently! Bid and win it now!

  14. sportsandmusic69


    These Pokemon have been added to the game data but will be released in future events.
  15. sportsandmusic69

    Answered How Do I Communicate With Players?

    Whether you were joking or not, it's not a ban that we control. Patrick is REQUIRED to report anyone under the age of 13 to Discord themselves or else he can get into trouble. People need to realize that even joking that land themselves in hot water. The most I can say is you'll have to wait it out.