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  1. Answered Why does the attack not change?

    Pokemon don't learn new moves in Vortex through the level up system. But if you choose to evolve a Pokemon, you need to check the box telling it to change the moveset before you hit evolve. Any other moves outside of the evolve stage you need to purchase through Change Attacks.
  2. Unused Mystic Furfrou (Heart) code. Get it now!

    Started By: sportsandmusic69 Total Bids: 3 Start Price: 15,000,000 Started: 12:50pm on 14-Feb Ends: 12:50pm on 17-Feb Auction ID: #0000260402

  3. Answered So am i in the wrong here?

    If two people agree to a trade and then someone decides they want it back, then that's their fault and none of your own. You are not required to give it back.
  4. Happy Valentine's Day! Running hourly at 15 minutes past the hour for the whole day, Furfrou (Heart)'s will be listed in exclusive auctions so don't miss your chance to bid on and win one. All 6 variants will be listed at the same time and end an hour after they start then the next 6 will instantly be listed after!

  5. Started By: Exclusive Auction
    Total Bids:
    Start Price: pmoney.gif25,000
    Started: 4:01am on 13-Feb
    Ends: 4:01am on 20-Feb
    Auction ID: #0000257265


    Who will win the Shiny Rayquaza avatar? Shiny Rayquaza

    1. unknown_citizen


      The person with the highest bid till one second before that auction ends... will win! :=|:

  6. Started By: sportsandmusic69 Total Bids: 0 Start Price: 25,000,000 Started: 6:43am on 11-Feb Ends: 6:43am on 18-Feb Auction ID: #0000251959


    Shadow Mewtwo (Armor)

    1. Polaris


      Unfortunately, that's more than double the starting price of a concurrent Shadow Mewtwo (Armor) auction. :S 

    2. sportsandmusic69


      End results matter. :)

  7. Answered Hey

    Sharing accounts is fine. But if one decides to change the password or something happens, nothing is able to be done. Also, I don't believe 2 or more people can be on the same account at the same time.
  8. Friendly reminder. Make sure your browsers are currently up-to-date. Google will tell you how if needed and wondering.

  9. Answered Admins

    The page to battle admins ingame is no longer there as it was removed with the release of v4.
  10. Resolved Virus

    We can reassure you that Pokemon Vortex is not the cause of the blame.
  11. Game Staff vs. Members: The Countdown!

  12. Answered how to

    Log into the game - Hover your mouse over the Your Account tab - Click Pokebay Auctions. At the right click start auction. Then go from there.
  13. Event? Fun? Yes?

    1. Dark_Wolf


      Yes,yes and yes.

    2. Patrick






    3. sportsandmusic69


      So get to it then.

  14. Resolved Surana57 Spam Bidding.

    There's nothing wrong with offering multiple times in a row for an auction.
  15. More avatars being released would be fun.

    1. porymon


      No thank you.

      Just give us the achievement section and saved teams..

    2. sportsandmusic69


      Saved teams yes.


      Achievements no.