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  1. Hope everyone has a fun weekend playing Pokemon Vortex! :)

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    2. Becky
    3. sportsandmusic69


      Uh no. That's the correct answer and the answer you're being given. Don't like it, stay off then. But if you want a better one then indefinite.


      Learn to behave and act like a little common sense and then you can come back. Until then I'll just assume you're throwing a temper tantrum because you can't have your way and will treat you accordingly, by ignoring your little outburst.

    4. kingtyger2011


      thats ok i'll find a way around it sence u wanna be a little kid and think oh im mr macho i'll find a way around the gate

  2. Administrator no spam means? Please tell me what should I do.

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    2. nsd2003


      But when I was banned was Patrick online. I had spammed many times before also.


    3. nsd2003


      How can I ask Patrick to unban me?

    4. Yetinemo


      Ask him on the forums? I mean where else?

  3. Answered Bid Cancel

    No. The only way for you to earn your money back after making a bid is to have someone outbid you on that item.
  4. Administrator i was banned from discord because I typed !nextquiz continuously what should I do now

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    2. nsd2003


      I don't think I will ever get my own cosmog

    3. kingtyger2011


      what ever helps u sleep in the day time kiddo and i have adhd so if u feel like correcting me make sure your my parent first before u correct me or judge me mr macho

    4. sportsandmusic69


      Lol ok little kid. You can keep ranting all you want or not, don't care. Act like a brat or not, don't care. :) I don't even care if you respond to this or not, it'll get ignored as I have better things to do than to little to children rant.

  5. Answered tapu bulu

    This guide will allow you to determine if you feel it is rare or not.
  6. 2 new Furfrou forms are now in the Exclusive Pokebay auction! Check them out and snag this one of a kind Pokemon!

  7. The first exclusive auction has started on PokéBay! It is for a Shiny Celebi Avatar, this avatar is available no other way so don't miss your chance to bid and win it. Auction ID: #0000046315

  8. Mystery Box Giveaway winners have been selected. I have sent the ingame promo codes out to the winners ingame so please check your messages.

  9. Giveaway Pokemon Vortex Mystery Box Giveaway!

    @himanshu24092002 @RaZoR @elcasador @xxxREDRUMxxx @EchoCHALLENGE Congratulations! Yall are the 5 randomly selected winners! I will message each and everyone of you with your own Mystery Box code!
  10. Resolved Cannot catch pokemon

    This is not an error. Ultra Beast can ONLY be caught with a Beast Ball or a Vortex Ball.
  11. Answered Why doesnt jangmo-o apear?

    The Pokemon is in the game. It's just in a rarer tier vs something like Zubat which is common.
  12. Just a is the final day.


  13. The Pokémon Vortex store is now fully automated! All purchases made will have your promo codes delivered to your in-game account inventory within 60 seconds or less.

  14. Answered Type-Null?

    Ice maps. This link is also helpful even if it's a work in progress.