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    2. seth1129400


      @sportsandmusic69 do we have to create an outlook account cause i am redirected to that outlook 2007 tab and it wants me to make an account on it o.O

    3. sportsandmusic69


      No I am not retiring.

      And no it's just an email, copy the link and put it in whatever email you use. If you click the link, it generally auto takes you to Outlook.

    4. seth1129400
  1. Answered

    Try another browser and see what happens.
  2. Answered

    Working fine for me. Any certain names you've used?
  3. Gen 2 is out in Pokemon GO!

  4. On a side note, Gen 2 coming out for Pokemon GO in a week. RIP my legs.

    1. Harsh Vardhan

      Harsh Vardhan

      Yeah , I know about Gen 2's release aswell .

  5. Answered

    You get the item from completing the Hoenn Sidequest, so if you had already completed it before the event, you'll need to reset your Sidequest.
  6. Answered

    Once you've finished all the missions in the event page, you will be able to use it to change your Deoxys into it's Attack, Defense, or Speed form.
  7. I can guarantee that this event IS TORTURE. ;_;

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    2. Mystery_Man


      One for you as well ;) ur so nice ... Unlike somepeople here who are extremely egoistic xD

    3. beccpich
    4. Uncle_Psychic
  8. Key Items - Meteorite: Oh my.

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    2. MichaelAnthonyWoodsonJr.


      @Scheryar Saqib me excited fr event as well. Me knew that the item that pat showed to everyone on Discord had something to do with that event. Now, I think the scavenger hunt is getting that meteorite,

    3. v3567
    4. Seiya Chan
  9. Public Announcement! While you may enjoy using profanity at your house, please keep it out of here. I have plenty of soap to go around. Arceus (Grass)

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    2. xShadowz_


      i need soap

    3. v3567



      I have plenty of soap to go around.

      And a lot of users have plenty of salt to go around. :P


    4. GodsWithin


      I'll send some over V, clearly some forum members are exhibiting their lack of this necessary mineral...

  10. Resolved

    This will be fixed in v4, don't worry.
  11. Giveaway

    Pikachu - The Electric Mouse Pokemon.
  12. Answered

    There is no "Strongest Pokemon". A Caterpie has the ability to beat something like Arceus. A better idea, pick the Pokemon you like the most and go with that.
  13. Report

    Notice: Never give your password to anyone else under any circumstances. representatives will never ask for your password and you should never give it to anyone who does ask for it.
  14. Answered This should help.