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    Just another player in your game for two!
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  3. Attention everyone! Double EXP is now live! It will end sometime Sunday afternoon.

    1. eurstin


      *hugs vortex staff*

    2. fodnbilal


      yeah thanks Pokemon vortex.

    3. eurstin


      By Sunday afternoon, are you referencing the server's timezone?

  4. Since donation Pokemon are up and running, which one(s) have you gotten? Or do you plan on getting certain one(s) soon?

    1. Mark Thompson

      Mark Thompson

      I plan to get Shadow Meloetta . Or maybe A Unique Hoopa (Unbound).

    2. sas


      I plan to get each and every donation pokemon but don't have enough money to buy a single one. 


  5. Feedback

    This is the same concept that's taken from the Wonder Trade in the actual Pokemon games. If you don't want to Wonder Trade, next time be a little more patient and take your time to avoid something like this.

  6. Meloetta (Aria) has been thrown in to the donation mix! But that's not all, you can also get all of the previous donation Pokémon too!
    Donate now for your choice of Arceus (Fairy), Mewtwo (Armor), Giratina (Origin), Hoopa (Unbound), Magearna (Original) or Meloetta (Aria).
    $10 each for your choice of type out of Normal, Dark, Shiny, Mystic, Metallic or Shadow.
    When you donate, just send a message to Patrick in-game with the PayPal name and email address you donated with along with which type of Pokémon you would like then wait for your promo code(s) to be sent back. It's that simple.

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  9. Congrats on becoming an Admin.

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    2. iZeus


      inb4 God says I was expecting you to return my Social Media Editors job.305256863518162955.png

    3. Hangman1122


      wow administrator , so only unclesychic is moderator now 

    4. GodsWithin


      And Tyheamma, alright then Zeus be like that 

  10. Good morning everyone.

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    2. Patrick


      He doesn't like your greetings.

    3. sportsandmusic69


      He doesn't like happiness.

    4. iZeus


      @sportsandmusic69take my blessings you admiboi:P 

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  12. Game

    Friends only get in the way of goals, aka the goal of yall reaching 20.
  13. Game

    Yall shall lose. An ant cannot move a mountain.
  14. Game

    @GodsWithinfeel free to do a score update.
  15. Game

    @GodsWithin this is terrible.