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  1. Selling: Chill Drives! Got a Genesect but no Chill Drives or no time to win them? PM and I'll turn your Genesect into a Genesect (Ice). Each Drive will cost $750,000. PM me if interested! Shiny Genesect (Ice)

    1. Auke1993


      I haven't been able to get my hands on any Chill Drives, so that sounds like a good idea.

  2. sportsandmusic69

    Idea New Idea for Discord Vortex bot commands!

    Nobody is gonna be able to guess the promo code unless you post it or all but 1 digit.
  3. a hack tool was being used with my account "warmachine99" without my knowledge and i aplogise for it...

    i kindly request you to unban my account and it wont happen again.....

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    2. warmachine99


      its been a day now.....pls unban my account.....

    3. Sneezeball
    4. omg414


      @warmachine99 Ban is a ban so they will to do it as you have broken the TOS rules

  4. sportsandmusic69

    Genesect Genesis v2


    The fact that people still think this is for the Blaze form. Oh you poor children.
  5. The point of the Pokebay is for players to sell unwanted things, Pokemon, people who collect money over EXP, exclusive auctions, and many more. There's a reason it exist and differs outside the Pokemart. Not everything should be an instant quick buy.
  6. sportsandmusic69

    Feedback Not happy with new Mystery box update!

    If anything, this makes things rarer with everything not making something show up every 10 years for a month.
  7. The Pokebay is having a ton of rare auctions going on! Head on over ingame to check it out now! Rare Furfrou forms found that are auction only exclusive and rare shiny avatars! Shiny Furfrou (Matron)Shiny Rayquaza

  8. sportsandmusic69

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    I personally say Mewtwo (Restricted). The reasoning is because with the "armor" he's given, it was meant more of restricting the power of Mewtwo to prevent him from becoming too strong to escape.
  9. My account (ExpertGamingYT2) was banned yesterday and i don't know why could you please reply why and unban the account? 

  10. sportsandmusic im telling the truth about Auke1993 he lied to me he said he didn't have any shiny pokemon and i checked his pokemon and video and that he had a bunch of shiny and a shiny legendary so there no reason to give me a waring

    1. Auke1993


      It seems you misunderstood my post.
      With 'I'm looking for shiny Pokémon that I don't have yet' I meant that I do have some, but not all. I'm looking for the few shiny Pokémon that I am still missing.
      I apologise for this misunderstanding.

    2. Yet2.0


      it's ok

  11. sportsandmusic69

    Report Scammer Schwull

    You need to post actual screenshots of what happened, not just "wait until they come online" Posting no proof but yelling you were scammed makes it look like you're lying.
  12. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Account banned?

    Rules of Play By registering an account on Pokémon Vortex you agree to the following rules of play: You may not buy or sell anything on this website for real money. This includes but is not limited to Pokémon Vortex accounts, inventory items, promo codes or individual Pokémon. You may not use any software (including browser debugging/developer tools, browser extensions and macro/hotkey tools) to automate any aspect of gameplay. You may not access, or attempt to gain access to any account that does not belong to you. Attempting to scam, phish or manipulate other users through in-game messages, Discord, forums, or by any other means is not acceptable. Altering the code (including but not limited to the user interface) of Pokémon Vortex is not allowed. The website must be used as provided without any visual or mechanical alterations. Violating any of the rules of play may result in action(s) being taken against you and/or your account. Depending upon the severity of the violation and evidence we hold, we may decide to restrict your access to this website (including a permanent ban of your Pokémon Vortex account(s), past, present and future) to protect the integrity and fairness of the game for all other players.
  13. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Auto Renewal Of Premium Membership Before Expiry

    @RaZoR I'll mention this to @Patrick to have him look into it.
  14. Final day coming up for the Burn Drives! Last chance to get a Genesect (Blaze) for a while! Act now! Shiny Genesect (Blaze)

  15. sportsandmusic69

    Report Got scammed

    @PS45 Upload through a image sharing website and on here post the URL of each screenshot. Or use the paperclip/clip button.