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  1. sportsandmusic69

    Answered trade

    Pokemon can only be sold or traded. The trade system is for offering Pokemon for Pokemon. Pokebay you can sell Pokemon or other things for money. Other than that, you cannot really sell them for other stuff.
  2. sportsandmusic69

    Resolved Master Ball Failed?

    Beast Balls work on Ultra Beast only. Master Balls work on all non Ultra Beast Pokemon. Vortex Balls work on all Pokemon, regardless of UB or not.
  3. sportsandmusic69

    Answered How to gain ranks in forums

    Once you've hit the Hyper Poster rank I believe, you can change the rank name. This does NOT mean to spam though.
  4. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Retrieve an account from 2015

    No, with the start of v3, all accounts were wiped and had to be recreated by the users themselves. The good news is there won't be anymore restarts like this.
  5. sportsandmusic69

    Answered How do I buy more Pokeballs???

    https://wiki.pokemon-vortex.com/wiki/Home This may also help with any future questions you may have.
  6. sportsandmusic69

    Answered how do I catch Pokemon?

    In order to catch a Pokemon, you must throw a Pokeball of some type at it. Weakening the Pokemon by lowering it's HP through battle will increase the chances.
  7. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Mystery box

    Item Inventory - Promo Codes.
  8. sportsandmusic69

    Answered How does the Pokémon premium shop work

    As long as your payment was processed and accepted, it should be instant. All purchases, items or Pokémon are sent to your in-game inventory as a promo code to the account you specified when checking out. If you have a problem with a purchase, there is a specific support ticket system for store customers, you can find it under the store tab.

    I have the count of the cheat is sikaomaissika and the screenshot of my pokemons but i cant to attach 

    i really want my pokemons back

    1. eurstin


      Use https://prnt.sc/ to upload screenshots. 

  10. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Email

    You currently cannot change your email. This will change in future updates.
  11. sportsandmusic69

    Bug my level 100 pokemons disappeared while playing

    Could you be a bit more specific? Account name? List of Pokemon affect? Etc? Also, please do not create the same topic multiple times and only use one forum account, not multiple.
  12. Finally hit level 40 in Pokemon GO.



  13. sportsandmusic69

    Answered Servers: 1 & 2 ?

    The servers are not based in Latin America but you will still be able to play Pokemon Vortex anywhere around the world that offers any type of internet connection.
  14. sportsandmusic69

    Yardım BAN

    Redhanded means that you were watched and caught. Your only option is that you may start over with a brand new account.
  15. sportsandmusic69

    Answered I was banned

    Botting = Cheating. Cheating = Banned.