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  1. Art My Art [Seeking feedback]

    Added two more pictures (They are added into the spoilers, it's the two last pictures)
  2. Art My Art [Seeking feedback]

    it's kinda funny because i always thought my old forum name was something with venom, but it turns out it was viper. lol.
  3. Art My Art [Seeking feedback]

    On this account or on the past one? I think I did a few of the forum games back then, but yeah, I was mostly active on my art thread - I did get a lot of requests and people wanting to know how I did it and such, so I felt like it was enough activity for me And great to be back, too bad I kinda lost my old accounts though - I'm kinda sad about that tho'.
  4. Art My Art [Seeking feedback]

    Oh lol, well that's why I said it would be fun if someone could recognize some of my past works.
  5. Art My Art [Seeking feedback]

    Yeah, I have. I don't recall his name, but I did take requests for the v2 forum. I think my name was something with Viper - as I found one of my own old signatures that I had in the forums. It's the last one in my pictures. I wish I had a strong memory just like yours, remembering a name such as unstopable44151
  6. Art My Art [Seeking feedback]

    Thanks for your compliment, I am currently in a somewhat busy week with my uni - but I'll probably do requests, just like I did back then.
  7. I'm just going to remove this thread now. I'm closing this. You can PM me if you want to see my art on Deviantart.
  8. Feeling creative. Smeargle

  9. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    Oooh okay - then it makes sense. Thanks for letting me know. I did not know this.
  10. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    I don't remember - that's why it would had been a bless, if someone recognized me through the forum and if they knew my trainer name, then they could had told me so I could log in. ;-; But I am somewhat confident there was either 007 - or mustiih involved in the name. I had a Shiny Suic. with approx.500k - 1m xp, I think.
  11. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    My trainer name was not Venom, but my forum name was Venom.
  12. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    My name was not VeNoM - I think it was more like just "Venom". I made signatures, did this VeNoM also do so?
  13. How do I upload a signature?

  14. Discussion Introductions and Conclusions

    I'm OldVenom. I used to play on this site a while back, but I went inactive. During my time on this site, then I would create signature for people, and I went by the name "Venom". If anyone recalls, do let me know. It would be nice to recognize old faces again.