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  1. Answered Alolan Marowak

    I tried to evolve my Cubone into Alolan Marowak but when I try it to evolve it I only get the regular Marowak. How can I evolve it into the Alolan form?
  2. Answered Magnetic Field

    @Auke1993 Dank je wel. Ik vermoedde al zoiets.
  3. Answered Magnetic Field

    Vikavolt is one of the only Gen 7 Pokémon I incredibly like. So I was happy when I caught an Grubbin. But for the evolution into Vikavolt the Dex says it has to evolve near a magnetic field in the sidequests. What? What does this means?
  4. Other Monster Ranch?

    Did you btw saw my message on the game Patrick?
  5. Other Monster Ranch?

    Oh okay. My bad. I just read that Vortex used to be the new Pokémon Crater, just like Battle Arena was. Sorry.
  6. Other Monster Ranch?

    Maybe a bit out of the blue question, but in the time Vortex was called Pokémon Battle Arena, there was also a link to a familiar game with Pokémon like creatures called Monster Ranch. Now I know that this game is out of air, but does anyone maybe know a link to an archive or something where you can go to the Monster Library (their form of the Pokédex) to see the creatures they designed, like Aquaff, Nindageon and Acophyte? I couldn't find it anywhere but maybe someone over here who played that also can help me. Kind regards, Henky
  7. Title says enough. You can't get any Alolan Pokémon, expect the Cosmog event.