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  1. Ah, okay. Thanks. Didn't knew about the update so I was questioning. I didn't caught the one and now I know that wasn't a mistake. Thank you!
  2. While searching thru the Scorched Sanctum I found a Rolycoly with a green plus next to the PokéBall that shows I already caught one. What does this plus mean? Was it one with Pokérus or something?
  3. Oh btw, I figured out the page of Mega Mewtwo Y is mostly the one from Mega X. Things like its typing and sprites were used from the other form.
  4. Btw, do you keep the info on the wiki as it is now or also with extra info of day/night or grass/water?
  5. I see it now. I was a little too rushy haha. Thanx. I already made an own schedule of where everyone was found, but especially the rare ones I missed (even with 24 gamehours on the same location haha). I will use the wiki now and for the map I only miss the Unown Cave but I already have all the Unown (except 1 and 0) so that doesn't matter for now. Thanks btw to everybody who reacted
  6. Okay, at least one thing I already discovered. The nameless small cave between Route 7 and Lava Ridge is Craggy Stairway
  7. Is there already made a location guide, like we had in v4? I saw in the Wiki most Pokémon already had their location, but for example the gen 6 Pokémon still had the v4 Maps as location. Plus I don't see any complete list like we used to. No rush if it's in development, just asking if so. Same about the map itself. I saw locations like Craggy Stairway and Unown Cave, but no idea where those are. NB, is it possible to get the "rebattle opponent"-button back at gym battles? It's kinda annoying if you have to go back to the main page all the time if you are grinding. Thank
  8. Edit: I now went to the next area of the list where it should evolve and finally they did now. It's still strange that not every map on a magnetic field give the opportunity, but now i finally could evolve all my Nosepass and Magneton and the Charjabug I already had. Hopefully it is better on the maps where you have to evolve Crabrawler haha
  9. Hmmm.... Okay, strange it doesn't work on any of the area's. But okay i will believe it and try the first one on the list
  10. Mt. Coronet (Center) or just Mt. Coronet? Did you know the specific name of the location and did you just push the evolve button to do it or did you like battle there first or something?
  11. Those are the numbers yes. But I'm at Mt. Coronet (Center) at number 1274 which isnt in this line but Mt. Coronet is a magnetic field. It can't be that one of the parts of Mt. Coronet is magnetic while the other isn't.
  12. Well no. It didn't. That's the reason I asked this question
  13. He better could give the answer instead of doing such a worthless thing like that
  14. Well no. It didn't. That's the reason I asked this question
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