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  1. Hey! Its me again i'm interested in these: Feel free to offer it in any shiny of my trade list (except legendaries and starters) also, I was wondering if u want to trade unique legendary for unique legendary (shadow for shadow, dark for dark) .. If u are interested, tell me
  2. Well, its not on trade, but what you are willing to offer?
  3. Hey @Alys, for What do you think? I also accept Shiny legendary for my shiny starter (1x1), if u prefers
  4. Ok @SpikedCaraspace, we have a deal Add shadow xerneas
  5. I'm Interested in Shiny Poliwag and Shiny Krabby What do you want for it? Look at IGN: Bandeide
  6. @SpikedCaraspace add shiny turtwig and make an offer
  7. Offered! any of these for (I can add some regular metallic pokes in this trade) I'm interested too in and I have a bunch of non legendaries Metallic pokes. If you want, I can add on the business
  8. @SpikedCaraspace What I'm interested in your trade list:
  9. @SpikedCaraspace It depends... Arceus (Water) is a event/rare poke But we can make a deal. I looked at your Trade List .. you are willing to trade anything in that?
  10. for or other eeveelution (except happiness evolution) for for for What do you think? I have other Metallic pokes in trade. If u want to look, IGN: Bandeide
  11. @waybig You are trading anything?
  12. seems good to me! Make an offer
  13. @Alys sorry bro, the Shiny Fennekin I only trade for other shiny starter or 3 things that I don't have ... What about for and for ? For the Shiny Legendaries I accept other Shiny Legendaries that I don't have
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