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  1. H-Fly

    General What is your Dream Tream?

    My "Real Dream" Team My "Realistic Dream" Team
  2. Hmm... Don't know about it much. How about 25M?
  3. Sorry, I don't need Exp. If I'd need, I'd train it myself.
  4. I didn't understand your problem with my topic. My main nick is Fly(not just Vortex, every platform I use personally) and I decided to make my topic this way. I can train 10M exp on your but for what?
  5. Since I'm interested in events, a Pokemon with 10M exp is too much for me. Sorry. BTW guys check my new banner on first message
  6. Hey guys I finished my first job and second got cancelled. So I'm open for business now!
  7. H-Fly

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    What would you looking for, for these?
  8. H-Fly

    Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    IGN: H-Fly Number: 333 Thanks for the giveaway
  9. Why is it a problem? My little brother hunts legendaries/uniques when he has free time. All gym badges are obtained on that account.
  10. H-Fly as its written on my first messsage
  11. Oh sorry if it is a problem for you. H-Fly have been using for hunting som leggies. Your Pokemon are training at arthur44q
  12. Actually I think I won't interested in Cubones for a time. I can train 3M and a %10 bonus for Sorry but please read the answer above. rishivojjala014-2 offered 4M for a so I can train for it. It is OK for me. If Minson Soh accept my offer, I have to train his Pokemon first, but if he refuse I can gladly accept your offer. For the ones who accept my offer, please PM me for trade and shedule process.
  13. OMG it should be H-Fly like my forum nickname. Edited in main topic.