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  1. General What is your Dream Tream?

    My "Real Dream" Team My "Realistic Dream" Team
  2. Discussion Charizard X or Y

    I always prefer blue flame to red. So my choice is
  3. Discussion General Chit-Chat Thread

    Are there any Middle Earth fans here?
  4. Discussion who do you like more

    8 to 7 Interesting...
  5. Hmm... Don't know about it much. How about 25M?
  6. Sorry, I don't need Exp. If I'd need, I'd train it myself.
  7. I didn't understand your problem with my topic. My main nick is Fly(not just Vortex, every platform I use personally) and I decided to make my topic this way. I can train 10M exp on your but for what?
  8. Since I'm interested in events, a Pokemon with 10M exp is too much for me. Sorry. BTW guys check my new banner on first message
  9. Discussion who do you like more

    I think Blue worked with Rockets...
  10. Hey guys I finished my first job and second got cancelled. So I'm open for business now!
  11. Universal Community Trading Thread

    What would you looking for, for these?
  12. Giveaway Dark Kyurem (Black) Giveaway

    IGN: H-Fly Number: 333 Thanks for the giveaway
  13. Why is it a problem? My little brother hunts legendaries/uniques when he has free time. All gym badges are obtained on that account.
  14. Music Rate the Song Above

    A classic one 8/10