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  1. i am trading Metallic diglett (Christmas) for exp training. i made deal with user (ign: xX_21Fire_xX). Than send my Metallic Flareon (My OT) for exp training (till 3.4m exp). He trained Pokemon a bit. Than he said me he is sick. He send my Pokemon his friend for training (ign: Kingcool42069). He not train my Pokemon. Now send it pokebay for sale. They stole my Pokemon. Our deal: A couple of day later. Our last talks: Auction:
  2. Ok. Waiting your offer then i will accept
  3. My trade list Metallic Azumarill, Dark crobat Dark Manaphy, Dark Shaymin (Sky), Metallic Lugia, Metallic Manaphy, Metallic Mew, Metallic Suicine, Shadow Shaymin, Shadow Victini, Shadow Regice, Shiny Celebi, Mystic Mesprit, Dark Moltres, Metallic Celebi, Metallic Entei, Mystic Suicine, Mystic Cresselia Unique Legends for Unique Legends or Pokedollars Unique Legends or pokedollars for Happiness Pokemon Needed Legendaries: Tapu Koko (shiny), Tapu bulu (shiny), Tapu fini (shiny), Landorus (dark), Heatran (shiny), Registeel (shiny), Victini (shiny), Latias (shadow), Latios (Metallic), Thundurus (shiny), Articuno (mystic), Coballion (shiny), Groudon (dark, Metallic), Arceus (shiny Metallic dark shadow), Type Null (mystic), Diancie (dark, dark) if you want to trade just PM me. ign: SCUDERIA
  4. do u want dark latios mega or shiny latias mega?
  5. I have Dark Latios Mega and Shiny Latias Mega . What can I get for them? Can I get unique events?
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