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  1. Hey Patrick, I did get my Daily Login reward now i.e, for today, but my bug report is still valid, as I did receive that before and it also showed at that time that I had received it on 11th (today, in my time zone) which confuses me, as I got today's reward now. See? There is a bug.

    1. edisonoyz


      your sentence structure creates enough confusion already. perhaps you could provide screenshots or phrase your sentences better.


      also, if you didn't receive your login reward, it would have been acquired in an account that first log on to that particular wifi network, doesn't quite make sense for it to not be the case.

    2. jokerjack998


      I apologize for my sentence structure. English isn't my native language. And I can provide screenshots, but I don't have the screenshots of the earlier time when I saw the bug, as I didn't consider it a serious bug, nor wanted any kind of compensation. So I can only provide the screenshots of the current time of my account.

      And coming to your second point, well I did send Patrick a 'report' about that, telling about my situation, so I am currently waiting for his reply. The reason why I put up this message is because I sent that 'report' before logging in today, so honestly speaking I wasn't really sure of my bug. But now that I did receive it, it confirms my doubt, as I last logged in yesterday (in my time zone), but the daily calendar highlighted today(in my time zone, which is 11th), along with the 'I received it already' statement. Now, I don't really remember what the server time was at that time, but as far as I know, the server time is -3.30 hrs of my time zone. Hence, considering that I logged in yesterday (10th), the calendar highlighting 11th(without the Unknown X symbol) is already a bug. Now, my bug report isn't right anymore, as I had reported a different bug before, but still, there's a bug now, which, may be different from mine. Hence, I put this message now to further inform him about it.

    3. jokerjack998


      I used to play Pokemon Vortex v2 a lot before I stopped it to focus on my studies. Only now, did I come back to play it again, so I really have quite a bond with this game, and I really just want to help here and also know what might be the problem. 


  2. jokerjack998

    Resolved Daily Login Bug

    I logged in today, but I didn't get my daily login reward. When I checked it said that I got it on another account. But the problem is that I don't use my other account anymore and I'm the only one who plays this game in my house i.e, This is the only account on my current IP. I don't use VPN or incognito nor I ever told my password to others. So I would like to know why it still shows that I received in another account, when I only logged in using one account, and for the first time of the day? I'm ok with telling the other account's user id too if required.