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  1. hello, first idea i send here, and i hope that it is not that bad i was thinking this morning about how many members can affort a bb or vb and that they feel bad when a ub appeared and they cant catch it, so i thought about 2 solutions/ideas to help them out. 1. maybe a extra on and off button for ub appearing, so when people dont have bb or vb they can turn it off in option tab, and when they do have vb or bb that they can turn it on, (but maybe this first solution/idea is for a new update) 2. maybe so and then letting bb and vb dropping in battles for 24 hours (like in wild battles, clan battles training battles) obvious the drop spawn should be rare, but also not too hard
  2. Waldmann

    Genesect Genesis v2


    well there are no details (yet) so maybe ice or lightning will be it this time
  3. thats also what i said, it happend with the keldeo (resolution) in to keldeo (resolute) so why not with the mewtwo aswel
  4. is it an idea to make the quiz a bit harder. like on normal cosmogs every round no picture only amount of letters in that game, and in unique cosmog maybe gues the pokemon type <- gues pokemon type came from sportsandmusic69
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