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  1. So a while back I got a Reshiram as a daily login reward. When I used it in battles, it earned EXP abnormally fast and soon it was lvl 100. Is this a glitch or just pure luck?

    1. sas


      daily login pokemon are usually at level 50.

    2. Auke1993


      You likely were playing betweeb August 8th and 13th.


      • August 8th to August 13th - Experience earned from trainer battles will be doubled
  2. MewtwoIsAwesome2019

    Legendaries Shinies & Legendaries

    So, I REALLY want legendary/shiny Pokémon. I don't have much except Mega Swampert, Talonflame, Gabite, Florges, Dark Onix, and Krookodile. Let me know what pkmn you want in your replies.