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  1. Auctioning Pokemon with exact 53,000 exp for £53,000 pokecash. 

    Check them out on Pokebay Auctions. 


    Ign= 11sas1 

  2. Metallic Rayquaza (Mega) Metallic Rayquaza (Mega)


    Auction start price = 25000 only. 

    Auction Ign= B1B


    Vortex Balls and Beast Balls 


    Auction start price = 1200000 only. 



  3. sas

    Answered Accidentally Reset Gyms

    That is impossible. You can't reset gyms.
  4. sas

    Ultra Beast Bonanza


    @Kawish this is the upcoming event
  5. sas

    Answered Banned

    Mate, start over again. Ban is permanent. Regards, Ex-botter
  6. Hey guys, I am of the view that cost of certain pokemon, avatar, item or promo code should be kept to the least possible figure. Since 10% of the selling price is deducted, hence the least price should be £10 only. Most of the regular pokemons, avatars and items are very difficult to be sold at their current basic cost. Please share your views. Thank you.
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    Contest Cosmog Giveaway

  8. sas

    Giveaway final giveaway

    please allot me a spot in the giveaway. My ign= 11sas1
  9. Beast Ball Auction


    Cheapest Price


    Only 200.000 pokecash per ball. 


    Started by = c1c


    not much time left to bid. 

  10. Cheapest Beast Ball on Auction 

    Price = 200.000 only. 

    Started by = c1c

  11. sas

    Answered Seasons

  12. sas

    Giveaway [Ended[

    ign= 11sas1 favourite food= biryani favourite place= Madinatul Munawwarah