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  1. Dark Articuno Experience: 679,448


    Auction ID: #0002784506 


    Price : 1,000,000 

  2. Auctioning Top Metallic Basculin (Red Stripe) with Exp:3,401,740 for 5,200,000 poke cash only

  3. Limited Time Offer 


    Selling pokemon at Pokebay at the price equal to the exp of the pokemon. 


    eg. Metallic Rattata (Alolan) with experience 153,000 priced at £153,000 only. 


    Auction ID = B1B 

  4. Nov 9th to Nov 16th - Auctions that successfully sell will not be charged the usual 10% tax



    Not active yet. 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. sas


      But my successfully sold auctions are still showing 10% deduction. 

    3. Auke1993


      They still show it, but the deduction will not have occured.

      This was in the event details announcement.

    4. Auke1993


      "It will still show the tax deduction in the final sale price but it was not taken from you."

  5. Can anyone post the event details please? 

    Please share your Hunt journey for the present event. 

    Thank you. 

    1. Auke1993


      You can find the event details by participating in the event.

      I believe it is a good idea that what challenges are in the event is not something that's spoken about.

      After the event is over I'll be glad to tell you, but not while it is going on.

      If you want to know, please participate in the event.

  6. Selling Ice Stone Ice Stone@ 2,000,000 each


    Auction IGN = B1B 

  7. My Ign= B1B 


    Message from= 1Balotelli



    1Balotelli has to say something about my mother. Can you please look into the matter? 

    Please do the needful. 

    Thank you. 

    1. sas


      I have received 3 bullying messages from ign= 1Balotelli



      Kindly look into the matter as soon as possible. 

      Thank you. 

    2. Patrick


      ...block them o.O

    3. sas



      Hope he doesn't abuse and bully others. 

  8. Beast Balls Beast Balland Vortex Balls Vortex Ball for £ 625,000 only. 

    Already posted on Pokebay. 

    Seller Ign= B1B 

  9. Free Chill Drives 


    Anyone interested in transforming their Regular Genesect to Genesect (ICE),please contact IGN = B1B 

    1. maelstrom1622


      Hi sir. Can I have one of those? the server is down as of now. But I will pm you as soon as I log in.


      IGN: maelstrom1622 9_9

    2. inteleon


      Im Interested im going to add you

  10. 3 Chill Drives available 


    Anyone interested in transforming their Regular Genesect to Genesect (ICE), please contact IGN= B1B 



    1. Auke1993


      The event should have ended already.
      I don't know how long the Event Center will stay open to change the Genesect.

    2. Patrick


      The auctions have ended, yes. (No more will be listed)

      The event center will remain open until next Friday.

    3. holmes4869


      Basically all the chill drives auctioned on 23 august 2019 for 2 -3-4-5 days are still valid...

  11. Selling Burn Drive @ 1,000,000 pokecash each. 


    Only 1 available. 


    For more details, contact my IGN= 11sas1 


    Thank you 



  12. Selling Burn Drive @ 1,000,000 pokecash each. 


    Only 2 available. 


    For more details, contact my IGN= 11sas1 


    Thank you 



    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. llsentinell


      this guy didn't understand that the event is closed for now, it's like trying to evolve the pichu (christmas) now

    3. sas


      read the timeline. it was posted on june 19

    4. llsentinell


      I see it, great carelessness of mine

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