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  1. sas

    Update New Gen Mewtwo (Armor)

    Mewtwo (Armored)
  2. Selling Burn Drive @ 1,000,000 pokecash each. 


    Only 1 available. 


    For more details, contact my IGN= 11sas1 


    Thank you 



  3. Selling Burn Drive @ 1,000,000 pokecash each. 


    Only 2 available. 


    For more details, contact my IGN= 11sas1 


    Thank you 



    1. Auke1993


      How do you intend to do that?
      I don't knwo of any way to put Burn Drives up for auction.

    2. sas


      Burn drives are used to evolve genesect to blaze form. 

      I will evolve the genesect of buyer in exchange of pokecash. 

  4. sas

    General Pokemon Vortex Memories

    Atomic Bombs were fired by Patrick on my accounts during Banathon. There was a mass casualty of several hundred accounts and thousands of event pokemons, tens of thousands of legends, millions of uniques, tens of millions of pokemon, billions of experience.... several years of time and energy. Accounts, pokemons, experience, pokecash, etc perished. But luckily, I survived the calamity. And I am still around, though not so active.
  5. Immune pokemons level 6-9 for auction. 


    Starting price = 25,000 only


    Check ign= B1B 



  6. sas

    Answered Unown event

    Unown (zero) and Unown (one) are available on map.
  7. sas

    Pokémon Vortex 10th Anniversary


    I have played pokemon crater. Was rank 8 when it was shut down. Played all the versions of pokemon vortex. Came under bannathon. Lost almost everything, yet still playing. Won't quit any sooner.
  8. sas

    Contest Kittykats Giveaway!

    ign=11sas1 search a particular unown series with the same unown avatar. eg. with your unown avatar (a), collect all the varieties of unown (a). prize would be a random unique avatar of the same alphabet.
  9. sas

    Resolved lost account

    Goto Sign Up and fill the form. This is the only fix available.
  10. I would like to suggest that the base price of pokemon and avatar be cut down for Auction. It is practically impossible to sell non-special normal and unique pokemons at the auction at a humongous base price of £25,000. Almost all the time, the auction goes unsold. Same thing with most of the avatars. So, I would suggest Patrick to seriously consider this suggestion. Keeping the base price to least possible number like 10 or maybe a bit higher like 100 will allow 10 % deduction as well as 90% transfer to the sellers account easy. Please do the needful. Thank you.
  11. sas

    Christmas Hatchathon


    @Patrick The Event Center for hatching will open on December 5th and close on January 7th (This is also where you will be able to list your eggs on PokéBay). This is mentioned in the above post but the button to list eggs on Pokebay is now gone. I have invested a lot of pokecash in eggs. Now I want to sell them. Please do as was committed in the article . Thank you.
  12. sas

    Answered Fast Bid

    "You are bidding too fast, please wait a while between bids." Not able to bid sometimes. I am getting this error. How to fix it?
  13. ign= 11sas1 i don't like to display my good deeds.
  14. sas

    Universal Community Trading Thread

    Trading Shiny Arceus (Fairy) Looking for Events. Message me here with your offers. Thank you.