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  1. Beast Ball Auction


    Cheapest Price


    Only 200.000 pokecash per ball. 


    Started by = c1c


    not much time left to bid. 

  2. Cheapest Beast Ball on Auction 

    Price = 200.000 only. 

    Started by = c1c

  3. sas

    Answered Seasons

  4. sas

    Giveaway [Ended[

    ign= 11sas1 favourite food= biryani favourite place= Madinatul Munawwarah
  5. Hi Pat, 

    I have complained about getting multiple log-in bonus in the past. 


    Now I have received multiple bonus on different accounts today. 


    Please see to it that you don't start banning my account/s for this. 


    I have not done anything illegal to the best of my knowledge.

    So please don't ban my account/s. 

    Thank you. 

    1. Patrick


      The bottom line is - You will be banned for abusing events by multi-claiming.

      You talk as if you "reporting an issue" makes you immune but it does not. You're very well aware of how daily logins and claims work and you abuse them with multiple accounts. You have no reason to be logging into 10+ accounts other than your motive to abuse the system.

      I have not forgotten you had 600+ accounts that got banned last year for this same reason. I know you know how it works and your intentions to abuse it. Do not play the victim, if you are caught, you will be banned.

    2. sas


      After the previous ban, I have tried my best to play as fair as possible. I reported to you so that if something is wrong, you should either correct it or inform me that its not allowed. 

      But You have mentioned that there's nothing wrong with it and I don't have to report it. 

      I am not using any proxy or any software to claim multiple gifts. 

      I think you can see that yourself. 

      I don't want to play a victim as well... I am still not sure why my so many accounts got banned.Some of the accounts were just created and never used at all and they were banned for no reason.

      If you can just post what is wrong and what is right, then you will never find me on the wrong side. 


      Making multiple accounts isn't wrong. So I haven't done anything wrong. 

      Logging in and out multiple times isn't against any rules. I do this and sometimes get the prize and sometimes get some message that the prize was claimed. 


      Having multiple devices isn't against any rules. 


      Playing on at various places, like my home, my friend's home, my shop and using hotspot from friend's and family member's mobile isn't against any rule.

      So Please let me know what is wrong. Just don't ban my accounts. Banning won't help either of us. Unless I know what is wrong, how will I avoid doing it. 


      And I am sure that I haven't used any bot, software, proxy software or anything which is illegal after the previous ban. 

      Hope you will judge the situation fairly.

      Hope to get a fair judgement from you. 


  6. eurstin. Sexy lady, queen of Budews and poor elitist... pls be my girlfriend. Shiny Vullaby 1.5 million + exp ign= 11sas1
  7. sas

    Giveaway giveway

    ign= 11sas1 number = 11 favorite pokemon = pikachu
  8. sas

    Contest Mystery Pokemon giveaway

    11sas1 11
  9. Offered Shadow Alomomola. Thank you.